Here you can see some pictures from our interesting visit and interview with Bombay Hemp Company.

In India they are celebrating a lot with different festivals and below is one of their festivals.

And next you see pictures from our trip to a national park, next to our place in Mumbai at NITIE University.

Inda and safety once safety at the train stations, a little bit of water and gravel.

Lovisas frustruation at the dirty sheets at the accomodation, first impression of Kovalam beach.

Today we have been visiting ALL the "hotels" in Kovalam, this resort is probably the winner when it comes to the most beautiful reception! If you ever need advice on accomodation in Kovalam we are the people to speak to!

And here comes our new accomodation at Kovalam Beach...the cleanest we could find to a good price, right in front of the beach. Hope you are going to enjoy this when you come to visit us, Joakim & Myles :)

Second tier sleeper to Goa! Actuallt nice and comfortable.

Lovely Goa!! Miss you already :)

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Sorry for being slow with the updates! We are two pretty busy women, trying to do both work and fun things while we are here :)

So, how is our project going? We can say one thing for sure, it is super hard to get something done in this heat (we need a lot of power naps during the days) and one of us is always a little bit sick! We have also noticed that to make one or two interviews in this country you have to book the whole day! To go one kilometer in this infrastructure takes forever! The other day we were going 25 kilometers by cab…guess how long? 2 hours! The price is better than home though, lucky enough ;) Here you can rent a private driver all day and still don’t get ruined, fancy it is!

We have made all of the interviews with the cotton farmers in Aurangabad. It was an exciting journey in many ways! First of all, when the cab came to pick us up the backseat did not have seat belts and we were going to drive for 4 days in India’s hectic traffic. We did not feel safe at all the first 30 minutes. When we stopped to pick up our interpreter we found the seat belts by our own J the driver claimed that the seats did not have the holes that were necessary and therefore they were hidden under the seat. Also the taxi drivers here just “use” the seat belt in the city for show, without buckling up. So to sum it up, safety awareness barely exists. Lovisa once got everyone to put the seat belt on, when she was telling them about the creator of the seat belt and how he did not patent it, because he wanted to save lives. As you can imagine she is a very good talker that could convince anyone! Lovisa also thought that we would be able to drive a little bit by our own on the countryside, but she quickly changed her mind ;) So from now on we promise to not complain of our husbands/boyfriends driving, perhaps not even our fathers in law ;)

Tomorrow we are leaving Mumbai and NITIE College for Goa. We are sad to leave our newfound friends but exited for new adventures! Also it is about time we start writing which is probably easier if we don’t have so many fun things on the agenda. So if anyone reading this has any ideas for things to do, see or where to stay in Goa, please let us know!

Another interesting thing about India is that everyone knows what their name means and therefore we get asked this frequently. So…

Lots of love from…

Lovisa- The fighter &

Malin- The faithful and thoughtful

Also we are interested in what your name means? So feel free to leave the meaning as a comment on the blog! =)

 Ps. Pictures are coming soon!



Hello everyone!

For the moment we are in Aurangabad, a six hour journey from Mumbai. We are here to do our interviews with the cotton farmers.

First of all we would like to share some pictures with you from our stay in Mumbai at NITIE University.

This is how our meals look like at the NITIE university. All indians really want to feed us!

Our working space in our room.

Who needs toilet paper?

The amazing bed, or as we call it "plankan". We might need physiotherapy after this trip!

Our first trip outside the university, alone!

We are in Aurangabad for the moment as mention, to do our interviews with the cotton farmers. As you can see we are pretty happy for this mattress.

On our first interview we expected to meet one person but instead the person had collected almost the whole village and it ended up being a group interview. We felt a very warm welcome as there first international guests. They served tea and a really nicely cooked traditional meal.

Unfortunately we dont have more pictures from the cotton farms to show at the moment because we have a problem getting the pictures to the computer.

So instead we show more pictures from our weekend. We were feeling better this weekend and finally we were getting out to see more of Mumbai, with our two "tourguides". There is so many fun things to do, and everything without alcohol!

Excited to go to the theatre.

The flashy theatre for 40 swedish crowns.

Visiting the beach in the evening, eating toasts and buying flowers!




We are still alive although our health is not the best. Today we have been eating at the yellow chili that houses Indias best chef. Malin had rice with yoghurt and a bottle of water, the very best lunch she ever had! Lovisa and Sanchay ate some cotton cheese balls in pumpkin and drank mocktails.

On our way back to the hostel we ran into a huge monkey chasing a bird, right outside our hostel. Malin ran for her life and Lovisa was a bit more confident and stayed a little longer until she followed and we found a guy that followed us the long way around to our hostel. This is how we have it here, a jungle right outside! As you can imagine it is pretty nice and exiting with all this but it also brings a lot of mosqitos, which we both have experienced and you can see signs around the campus that says; fight maliaria and dengue fever!

Yesterday was an adventurous evening. We took the local train to a well known italian restarant, to satisfy Malins need for pasta. The local train came a little bit late, which meant more people were getting on. We had to sqeeze in fast to get on and when we got on we realized that we were in the mens cart. It got very crowded and we are very lucky that we got off on a popular stop with most of the people. Otherwise we dont know if we would have ever gotten of! Lucky enough, we had two local men with us, that was guiding us the whole evening.

Lovisa has the cough from hell and Malin has the famous and well known "dehli belly" "montezuma´s revenge" "aztec two-step" we say in sweden: kärt barn har många namn. So if it continues like this our project won't move forward very fast as you can imagine. But since Indian people and especially everone at NITIE school have been so helpful, many things get organized for us. So on monday we are going to interview the farmers and stay in a village for three nights to manage this because it is quite far away from here. To accompany us we have a private driver and a translator. Thank god we are in India and not in Sweden or we could never affor this trip!

Hope everything is fine with all of you!

Lots of Love from India <3

Ok...we have been cheating.

"Ända mot ända kan ingenting hända"

Mumbai train ride

Excited to go on the local train



We recieved this "finest mounth refresher" on the flight from Abu Dhabi to Mumbai. We expected mints but instead we got a mix of spices. A bit different but interesting!

Rule number one - do not pet stray dogs - broken! Next - rabies!

Exclusive dinner - excellent food! On tour in Mumbai with our new friend from NITIE school.

Visiting Gateway of India.......

...with lots of other people.

Visiting a christian church to celebrate easter.

Our new friend introduced us to Indian culture, we introduced him to Starbucks as we are addicts to coffee. He had never seen such a big cup of black coffee and took a lot of milk and three sugars before he found it drinkable.

Trying to fight away all the mosquitos that want to bite us during the nights. This is not even the monsun period, when it is supposed to be more of them.

Our exotic environment arund NITIE campus

NITIE lake - perfect for walking

The beautiful environment.



​Here starts our journey! Breakfast before the tripp to Mumbai. First stop Berlin...