So the other day I was looking on the App Cute by Wish and had bought some of the Lime crime Velvetines ( which is a big mistake do not do!) After believing I was not going to get my dupes I ordered another batch from Ebay. The next day the one from Cute arrived and all the colors were the same color of pink and smelled horrendous. A month later I received the ones from ebay, to be honest as I opened them at first I thought I was going to be very disappointed but I was pleasantly surprised how pigmented and how close to the colors they were!

On the Left is my arm with the colors that I got from Ebay in the photo, but as you can tell The colors are very very similar but is it spot on? Let's See.

  • Cashmere original is lighter than the dupe, the dupe is just a bit darker.
  • Shroom is honestly spot on.
  • Riot is a bit more reddish in the dupe, though it's more pigmented in the red side it's not as bright as red velvet and wicked.
  • Salem is almost just as the photo but a bit darker but pretty spot on!
  • Last but not least, Faded the original is very close to cashmere in the muted color aspect but the dupe unfortunately is not very close.. I would say maybe it's a mixture of cashmere and utopia, that isn't really a bad color.

Now for the pros and Cons:


  1. Color is very very close
  2. Very pigmented
  3. Packaging and the bottling looks just like the original
  4. Kiss pecks proof.


  1. Must apply translucent powder on the lip glass in order for it to kind of become matte, also will be very sticky if you do not do this.
  2. Drying, unless you wear chapstick before hand.
  3. Does not last more then four hours unless you do not kiss or eat.
  4. removing is difficult, you must use lotion to help remove it.
  5. Long shipping time.

So in the end I do say yes, I believe this is worth a buy if you want to see how the colors of the actual Velvetines would look on yourself for only $2 a piece, and would I buy more colors? I believe I would, even thought the wait is a bit unbearable, I just pretend once I get a package it is a surprise gift from a far away friend.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed my review Click here for the ebay link to buy your own! If you like this review, leave a comment and a follow to show your support,💓