You ever wake up one morning and think, what is life?

Knowing you living wrong but can't seem to make it right.

Thinking that you are strong but you lost a couple fights.

See, life is unexpected so I got you thinking twice,

and you hate what you are but can't be who you want to.

Try live in the present but your past still haunts you.

And you the same person they all once knew,

but you changed because you started to see the truth.

And that's real.

Can never have an opinion, never show how you feel.

As soon as they know your different that's their cue to close the deal.

Cause a girl with a mind set deeper than sex appeal is a threat,

even to men but I still keep it real.

See most of you have opinions but none of you even know me,

acting like you my friends but we ain't never been homies.

Bragging you got it bad, like it be some kind of trophy.

I been in and out of home since 15, shit is lonely.

You would think I had it great, don't ever judge a face.

Can never judge a walk by the shoes they have laced.

Could never feel my struggle, unless you really had a taste.

But for now you could go ahead and hate

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Hon bara stack iväg,
utan att vända sig om.
Hon springer snabbt iväg,
kan inte vänta på någon.
Har alltid varit påväg,
men är hon framme någon gång?
Allting blev vackert när,
hon såg hur långt bort hon kom.