hey everyone today'¨s chapter is something under the category "gurnge" and the fan name for u guys

the firsrt thing is the grunge thing i wanna talk about.. it's about

how to tell if you're grunge in this theres 3 parts so here we go with the 1st one

so the first part is the look

you have a lot of flannels and ripped jeans

you do always have a beanie on

you don't wash hair often

you wear flannel boots

you don't even use that much time on your hair

your makeup is a mix of neutral and bold

you shop at thrift stores

part 2 the acting part

you protest the mainstream by opting out

you have learned how to appriciate unpopulr things

you have made your hobbies your life

you move to the city not the contry

the 3 and last part is the music part

you know what your listening to

you are familliar with the esstetial record and band

you are deeper down than the soft grunge

to the thing i want to discus with you is if this is a good name for our little fam

i have had this word on my mind sinse i started of thinking of a good fan name for this fam and here the name is

"grunge humans" it have been on my mind in months so is it good or should we find a total other fan name?

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hey guys im not sure if you now these 2 things about me. but im a dancer and I play the piano so yeah. uhm the dancing can be hard to learn but when I first started to try the steps and tried to do it then I was able to pick up every move and that is because I tried and it works..

and then I dance nearly every day but every Wednesday when I have a dance claas to get teach in I always play the piano to say that it can't go wrong and to say just be calm.

this is the most asked question to me when I say I'm a dancer and I'm sure that you guys wanna ask the same
what kind of dance do you perform?. yeah that's the most asked question for me and here's the answer and when I answer you'll think wow then you must be buzzy a lot of the time and yes I'm really buzzy
but I perform these dances:
hip hop
girly hip hop.
yeah that's a lot of time I spend on that I use most of my time on it its like a job I have!😅



You guys dont need to worry.. it's jist me that aren't sure if im a hipster I more feel like a grunge/alternative person. So the blog name is changing to grunge world... but it's jist I didn't feel like a hipster.. and I do more dress in dark toned clothe and im not like a hipster... im more like this is me im dark and pretty... how did I even change. Thatd a good question but just feel after my heart and look at my clothe and make up to see what kind of colours and what do I wear. The I changed to this indepent grunge girl who I love my boyfriend loves this sidd if me as welll so I can say I have found myself from now on..


Im a 14 years old dancer I have won Europe masterscape in hip hop and I have won a lot other things.. but its so good to be this grunge/alternative dancer girl I now feel COMFORTABLE.



these three pictures is something a perfectionsim deals with in the evey dya life.

one pen is the diffrent way

the grass is taller then the other pices of grass

i wrote something worng or my letter is ugly i need to erase that

the words i write keeps on tilting to a corner

that is only a few things that happens in a perfectionism´s life but theres a lot more they deal with..

lets find out how is it to be i mean how is it to be a perfectionism.?.

it´s not easy as i can say cause every time you see a mistake u piont it out and redo it and ur emotional feelings is f***ing with you when u get ur newest grade if u get below A ur gonna show your emotional fellings because you did some fails in the test.

Things in your life are either right or wrong, good or bad success or failure

some difficult sittuations..

being in a realtationship with someone can be difficult sometimes and us perfectionist people always says if u did any mistake and says redo it or write it on new

ur feeling anxious and exhautsed a lot

The perfectionist lives with continuous anxiety about what needs to be accomplished. Unfortunately the perfectionist's response to anxiety is to work harder and accomplish more and more and more. This leaves them exhausted and miserable most of the time.

you have a deeper sense of shame heres what i mean with that

The perfectionist is usually very intolerant of mess and disorganization. They believe that if they can make their outside environment look a certain way, that means that everything is good and safe on the inside

and I should not forget this thing Earning Your Specialness

A perfectionist's core internal belief tends to be they are not good enough or special the way they are. They believe their value comes from perfect production, achievement and service in every aspect of their life. When one feels like they have to constantly earn their place as “good” in the world, it means living with a deeper sense that you don’t deserve to just exist and be loved for who you are.

The key point is that perfectionism grows from a point of feeling not only imperfect, but deeply flawed and therefore, unlovable. If you have to constantly re-earn or re-prove your worth—even if it’s to yourself—you are running on a never-ending treadmill of external achievements that will not bring you a joy that lasts. The thing to always keep in mind is that true internal acceptance and peace does not come from changing what is outside of you. Remember lasting change always entails shifting and understanding what’s inside of you. You will never hustle your way into self-love.

and some pro and coins

Pro – You generally do exceedingly well on assignments and papers because you won’t hand in anything short of your absolute best.
Con – You cannot emotionally handle getting any grade less than an A. An A- might as well be an F, because an A- means you did something wrong. And mistakes mean failure.

Pro – You go the extra mile, even for things you aren’t necessarily interested in. For example, When I started weight-training, it was not my cup of tea, but I still worked to learn perfect form.
Con – You can never have that “I don’t care about this, so I’m not going to try” mentality. It doesn’t matter if you’re working on a diorama for an art class you had to take for your core credits even though you’re a PR major; you’re going to stress over it.

Pro – People think you’re someone who really has everything together and look up to you.
Con – You are constantly busting your butt to live up to that impossible standard and feel mortified when somebody realizes that you are, in fact, imperfect like everyone else.

Pro – You have motivation, determination, persistence, and drive – qualities that most people find redeeming and can make you a great candidate for landing a job.
Con – You stretch yourself thin trying to exude these qualities in every aspect of life, whether it be schoolwork or getting your hair to look perfect (seriously, that takes some persistence).

Pro – You’re excellent at correcting and editing things because you get a secret joy out of seeking out imperfections.
Con – You’re constantly annoying people around you by correcting and editing everything they do without being asked to do so.

Pro – People admire how hard you’re willing to work.
Con – People don’t understand why little mess ups that wouldn’t bother the average Joe can bring you down so much.

i know that i write a lot today but this is important to me i think its important for you to know what i live in in the daily life..

and if ur not sure if ur a perfectonism u can choose on what to day you can either go to a phsyologi or find this site

where i found the https://personalexcellence.co/blog/perfectionism/



heey guys I have been exited for todays first chapter which is my instagram and how I do it all

so the first thing I do is going on to "vscocam" and find the photos I wanna use in my instagram

so when I have got my photoes into the app om choosing a picture and begin to do eveything

so first thing is the filter
then I find the triangle which is sharpen and take that on +4
after that I take the tempratute so the temprature thing and take that on -1
and so is it the color
go to the very end of Choises to wat to do at the end there are these 2 circles with a "s" and "h" which mean
"s" = shadow color
"h" = highlight color
in both I take blue in both and they are both at +8

then I go in to planoly and upload the photo to see if it fits my theme if do I upload if not  I go to pics art to fix it...

sometimes u see those tings with a thing like a frame kind of that is on giddyfingers I get these and that is the the first thing if im gonna do that..

other apps I use is
pixlr and some more



hey guys today am i gonna answer some questions theres none who gave me questions but i found some on the internet wich im gonna use

1. do you like sport and if yes what so..

yes i like sport but only some sports i actually go to something wich is dance

2 are you a writer.

yes im a writer i actually have a story out on wattpad.

only those i could answer on

next time on the blog were talking about instgram im happy to show you what i do to my instagram and how i get this amazing feed and showing you the theme i have.



hey guys so theres a thing
no one got questions for me so beacuse of that im finding these questions by my self yup I know its hard but lemme try

and one other thing I dont live home im 14 I know I should live home but I live with my boyfriend instead cause there was probs at my home so I could not be there more and I just didn't feel like that "home" was home for me when I first got to my boyfriend I felt "home"

but I love him and love being with him



so todays chapter is about how it is for me to be hipster and grunge. cause sometimes it gets too far to keep the mask as a "fake you" as some says but this is the real me so just wait untill I get questions



guys were still finding the name so come with every fan names you have im still choose some of yours

but finnaly got to my school and were gonna have a temporary in next lesson

by the way next post is gonna be about perfectionism so keep up-to-date with my blog



hey everyone

this is my blog where you gonna see what´s going and and what im doing the most of the time

we're gonna have a good time together here in the "hipsterworld"

i'm a girl on 14 pretty short i'm fast gonna write something about me

i Have been Dancing 7 years, i´m a Wattpad writer 📖🖊 i love to be a lil Photographer sometimes 📸📷 i love Editing 🖥 i make Youtube videos (hipsterwolrd) yup the name is hipsterworld 🎥📹 i'm currently Taken❤ 13/1—17 ❤ i'm a hipster, i am dealing with Anxiety but i try to stay positive so i lose my anxiety and im a perfectionist

but guys i wanna take the first step at all of my medias or whatever you use but i thought of making a fan name so everyone spam the comments with your ideas to a fan name i'm gonna make a shoutout of the person who finds a good name