Since we had such a lazy day today, we decided to go for a walk this evening and it ended up with a whole sightseeing tour. Valparaîso is truly an amazing city!
Full of colourful art. Check the pictures out!

Movie and food is on the schedule tonight!

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Sorry about my late update but we've been so busy! Even though I'm busy with all these music opportunities i've sill managed to get a daily routine here in Chile. I wake up in the morning at around 10 o'clock, hang around by myself while all the 6 boys I'm living with (the band and two other friends of Nico) are sleeping in their stinky room. Haha no, it's not that stinky ... Go to the local grocery store to get some breakfast. We have the worst food routine here! Haha, we're always hungry cause we only have one meal per day and then bread. That's okay though ^^ After spending our days we stay up all night and go to bed in the morning! That's good isn't it? ;-)

Anyway, I'm guessing you want to know about the concerts?

We had our first gig in a little town called Quepue (don't know if that's how you spell it cause I still suck at spanish). It wasn't a big gig but I think it was the best gig we ever played! Although we were so tired after waiting for 5 hours until we finally got up on stage at 1:00 am, we played for an hour filled if emotion and passion. It was such a cool feeling we had and the audience loved it! It's such a big difference from the swedish audience cause the chilean audience really show their appreciation for the music and it makes it so amazing to be on stage! We were so happy after that gig!

Yesterday we had our second gig in Valparaiso at a place called DUOC. It's a really nice place with a big stage and a lot of audience space. We were supposed to play at 20:00 so we went to the venue at 4 pm so that we had time to soundcheck. But there was a huge problem. The keyboard that was supposed to arrive at 7 o'clock didn't show up so we kind if panicked. Suddenly it was 20:00 o'clock and there was a big line outside the venue who was waiting to come and watch us. But there was still no keyboard. At 20:30 the keyboard finally showed up and we started the show 15 min after and managed to pull of a good gig with an unexpected on-core :-)

It's funny how the people here react to us "Gringos" as they call us. They look at us like we're aliens! Until we go up on stage, then we're suddenly royals to them! It's amazing how they make us feel so appreciated because of our music. And our keyboard player is now also known as Justin Bieber. He got to take the most fan pictures yesterday! Haha.

I can't believe i managed to write right now cause I fell a sleep at 6 am this morning and woke up at 9 ... Bravo!

Hasta lluego!



Trying my best not to fall a sleep in the sun right now. We've had a really lazy day today which we needed.
Yesterday was a busy day starting at 10 o'clock when we headed of to a meeting with a man named Patricio Gonzales who could be a very important person for our music career.
After that we had a nice big lunch and then headed straight to the rehearsing studio in Viña Del Mar. We were so tired when we got back so we had an easy night :-)

Tonight is our first concert! I'm really nervous but excited! We're going to play as the pre-band for Peter Jara who is a chilean musician. Going to soundcheck in a couple of hours and then at 10 o'clock we'll be on stage! :D



After a long and lazy morning we decided to make pancakes for breakfast. We spent the whole morning on the balcony with the sun on our skin.
Finally it was time to hit the city to head towards the radio station. We had our first interview on the Chilean national radio station. It's one of Chiles biggest radio stations. We were interviewed in spanish which meant that Nico was doing most of the talking. After a 20 min long interview, they played two of our songs from our EP, Disfunk Decadence (S.F.K.A Sweatman and Embrace). You can listen to the radio session on

After the radio session we jumped on the bus that would take us to Viña Del Mar where we rehearsed in a studio for 2 hours. We also got some new fans which was cool! We're heading back there tomorrow.:-)

After a long day and a very fun night in Valparaíso, it's finally time for me to go to bed!



Overwhelmed by the beautiful view from our balcony and listening to the guys playing music, I'm now going to write about our second day in Valparaíso.

The morning started of with a nice breakfast and sun baking on the roof and spending time with our chilean friends.
Then we headed out to the city of Valparaíso and once again saw the flags of Race The Sunset. So exciting!

We went home to Nico's mum to pick up our CDs of our EP. We had some pineapple and then left to go to the national radio station of Chile. We had a meeting at the radio station and booked a second live interview session next week! I really need to get my spanish flowing ... Still working on it ... Muy bien!
Next off was to go see the technician of the venue that we're playing at on sunday. We got to see the stage and we're even more excited now!

After almost two hours of grocery shopping, we finally headed home for some banana milkshake! It really tastes good with some energy after walking up all the hills of Valparaíso.

Now I'm spending the rest of the evening and night on the balcony with nice music and awesome people!

Buenas Notches!



After a 27 hour trip through London and Miami with a lot of stress we are now finally in Valparaíso at Nico's (drummer) grandma's house.
The first thing we saw while driving a long the beautiful cost of Valparaíso, was 3 big flags a long the way with Race The Sunset and our logo on it! We're actually getting a name for our selves down here! I will try to get a picture of them next time we're in the city. But right now I'm to tired ti walk down the many and steep hills to get to the city.
We've it the most beautiful view of the city from the hill that we're living on.
We've been spending the day in the sun with our new chilean friends and hoping that they will call from the airport and tell us that our missing luggage has arrived. We lost the guitar and base on the way ...
Right now i'm in bed trying to take an afternoon nap after a nice meal cause tonight we're heading out in the shadows of Valparaíso to celebrate our first night here together with some family and friends of Nico.
Tomorrow we are having an interview on one of the chilean radio channels!
I'll write about that tomorrow!
Adios Amigos!



The reason why I started this blog from the start was because I wanted to write about a certain trip that I'm going on ... I'm going on tour in Chile with my band for 5 weeks. I will be posting updates as often as I can so that the people who want to have a chance to follow my journey on tour in Chile!

Race The Sunset

In April 2013, three extremely talented musicians asked me if I wanted to be the singer of their band Race The Sunset. I tried rehearsing with them and we figured that we completed each other pretty well. I'e learned so much while I've been playing with them. I've discovered a capability of my voice that I didn't know I had.
The funky jazz/pop music suited me well although it was a challenge since it was way out of my comfort zone.

We released our first EP this summer that we call Disfunk Decadence. You can find it on or you can find it on iTunes and spotify (just type in Race the Sunset).

The EP was a success and because of our contacts down in Chile we were offered a lot of gigs and we managed to get a 5 week tour. We're flying from Copenhagen tomorrow!!! (8th Dec)
Like I said, you will be able to follow our journey in my blog and I hope you will!



How It Really Started ...

I started writing music when I was about 14 years old. I had just made the auditions for a music school and for the first time in my life, I really felt that I belonged somewhere. This was when my real passion for music started.

There was a lot happening in my life at the time. I quit the one thing that was the most important thing in my life, horse riding. I sold my horse and found other ways to keep myself happy. That happiness came from music. I had always been singing and performing my whole life but this was when it really started.

I started writing music. I was inspired by everything that made me feel depressed and sad. And since i was in my worst teen years, I had a lot of depressing stuff to write about. I produced my first original songs with a producer. It turned out like this:

Booked For Being Me:
Moment In Heaven:

I started sharing my music and covers on youtube and in 2011 I ended up in the finals of a swedish music competition.

My old youtube channel:

I had a music teatcher in 6th grade (when I was 12) who heard me sing once and made me perform Hallelujah on a school show. I was so nervous that I was shaking the whole time on stage. But still I loved it. He was the first person who told me that I had a good voice. I remember one time he sat down with me and said: "Hilda, I know that you'll become I really good singer when you get older." I'll never forget when he said that and I think that is one of the biggest keys to why I became so determined that I was going to sing for the rest of my life. That's the reason that I'm still fighting. Cause he made me believe that I can do anything.

There's a lot of other reasons to why I kept going with my music. There has been so many times that I just felt like giving up. I still feel that way sometimes. But I know that it's NEVER worth giving up because if you believe in your dream, you will make it. No matter what.

My family and friends have helpt me through all my "I want to give up" periods. They have always told me the things I need to here. I'm so grateful for my mum, dad and my brother who always comes to my gigs and shows support. Even during the most boring gigs. And they always push me even when I'm grumpy and through the times when I just don't want to sing anymore. I love them so much.


With some help from my amazing singing teacher and all my different music teachers, I have developed a stronger voice and a unique style.

Music With My Brother

I started changing my way of writing. I'm not a very good guitar player so I started to get frustrated when i wrote music because my playing skills weren't as good as my singing skills and I was sick of writing pop melodies over G and Em chords. So one day, my best friend at the time, wrote a guitar verse for me. It was blues. So I started writing lyrics and a melody. But we never got the time to finish it so my brother helped me finish it. We discovered that we had a really good way of writing music together. So we kept going.

So summer 2012 me and my brother Lucas, created an acoustic little duo band. We kept on writing music influenced by each other. We came up with a sound together that we really liked and we describe it as acoustic blues/rock/pop/funk. We started playing at local gigs in our city and we're working our way up. This summer (2013) we played at a big event in front of 8 000 people. We've been posting covers on youtube and we also released our first album this summer.

You can find our album on iTunes, spotify or amazon.

Here's a link to our youtube channe:


Under this category you will be able to read about me and my brothers journey.



The World Is A Gift

I love traveling and seeing different places, experiencing different cultures and surroundings and meeting different people with different ways of seeing things. I've been very lucky to have a family who shares the love of traveling.

Me and my dad are having a traveling competition. Who ever reaches the most amount of countries in our lives wins! haha. I've been to 18 countries in 18 years and he's been to probably over 65 countries in 50 years. I've got some catching up to do ...

So ... In this category "Traveling the World" I will share my experiences in different countries with you. I will write something about every country but I can't give you any details since it's hard to remember everything and since I just started this blog so this is the first time that I will have the opportunity to write about it. Unfortunately I haven't got pictures of all places.

Let's start from the beginning


Most Swedes say that it Denmark doesn't count as overseas since it takes an hour from the city I live in to get to Denmark. But it's still a different country! I can't even count all the times that I've been to Denmark. I go there several times a year. Normally to Copenhagen or Helsingör.

Helsingör is a small city with cozy shopping streets and they have the best hot chocolate! I actually went there with my friend yesterday to see the christmas markets and drink hot chocolate!

When i was 16, me and my friends used to go over to Helsingör to by alcohol and to go to the night clubs since the age limit is 16 over there instead of 18. Haha, cheeky wasn't it? ^^

Copenhagen is the capital and it's a beautiful city! Me and my family have a tradition for my birthday which is to go to the Copenhagen amusement park called Tivoli. I've had a lot of fun there!

Last time I went to Copenhagen was about a month ago for John Mayer's Paradise Valley tour! It was amazing! :D


When I was 2 years old, my family moved to Australia and lived there for a little more than a year. Since then we've been back every second year. So I've been there quite a few times!

I've got a really big family in Down Under and we want to visit them as much as possible! My plan is to move to Sydney in 2015.

Australia is a beautiful country with so many things to see. The wildlife, the outback, Sydney!

When I was little I used to love going to the National Parks to feed all the kangaroos and koalas. I remember one incident when me and my family parked our caravan in a national park and my dad took me out to see the guana. It's huge lizard that's really dangerous but still me and my dad insisted in following it. haha.

Now, one of my favorite places when it comes to nature, is a place called Kelly's Falls in Sydney. It's a beautiful forrest with a really great view near a waterfall. If you're lucky you'll see lizards and platypuses there!

At Circular Key in Sydney they usually have street musicians, mostly aboriginals playing on digeridoos. And if you want to see the hookers and drunk people, go to Kings Cross. AND Kings Cross has the best pie shop! :D

The only time I "surf" (At least I try to surf) is when i go to Australia. We've got the best waves in Oz!

We celebrated Christmas and new year in Sydney last year and Sydney has the most beautiful fireworks!

But the best thing about going to Australia is seeing my beautiful family. Xx

Here's a link to a movie I made from our last trip home to Sydney:


Thailand is normally our stop when we travel to Australia. We normally stay there for a couple of weeks. Last time I went there was in 2011.

Thailand is a good meeting point with our family in Australia. So almost everytime we go there we meet someone from my family. It's a really nice place to have a vacation together.

The thai people absolutely adores little children so I used to be very popular there when I was little. I remember me helping the hotel staff in the restaurant, serving food just because they thought I was so cute. So while my family went to the beach, I was in the restaurant. But they don't quite adore me as much anymore... haha.

We normally ride elephants when we go there and last time me and my cousin got to ride bareback on the elephants and we jumped in the water with them! It was so cool now that I think back on it but in the moment we were freaking out and screaming our heads off!

Apart from the kind people, warm weather and beautiful beaches, Thailand has got the best food! Except one time when I got food poisoned ... I was laying in the too warm bungalow room for two days throwing up that stupid pineapple rice ... It took me a while to like thai food again after that. At least we had a good while I was eating it. We were sitting on the beach watching men do tricks with fire. It was cool!


When I was 7 years old my dad took me on his working trip to Belgium. It was only me and him and we spent 2 days in Belgium. We spent most of the time on the ship that my dad was working on but we spent some time in the city one evening too. I remember that I ate a disgusting spaghetti Bolognese... It had carrots in it and I didn't like it. And i remember getting really excited when I heard that they were serving pancakes for lunch on the ship but when they served it I realized that the pancakes were stuffed with something disgusting. Why do I only remember the bad food from that trip? 😱

I can't tell you much about that trip unfortunately. BUT what I do remember is that I through up at the airport on our way back home. That's a good memory.


I've been to Spain twice. I think I was about 10 years old the first time and maybe 12 the second time. We spent a lot of time looking for a hotel to stay at since we hadn't booked the hotel yet. So we were driving around for ages until we finally found a really chabby hotel to stay the night at but we left again as soon as we woke up and found another really nice place. We ended up going back to the same hotel both trips.

We walked up the Gibraltar mountain and saw the little monkeys on the top of the mountain. Gibraltar is an english colony in Spain and it's really beautiful.

I remember that my dad wanted me to practice my spanish since I was learning spanish at school at the time. He wanted me to order the food in spanish but I sucked.


When I was about 9 years old we traveled to Portugal and spent a week in Lisbon. I don't really remember a lot from this trip more then that it was terribly cold since we were expecting warm weather and had summer clothes in our luggage. And I remember staying at a really cool apartment and buying the most comfortable socks that I had up until a year ago!

That's about it from my memory :S


When I was about 12 or 13, we spent a beautiful spring weekend in Paris. We had a great weekend eating snails and frog legs ... No, just kidding. No snails! But we did climb up the Eiffel tower and saw the beautiful view from up there! We also saw the Louvre :-)

Paris really is a beautiful city. And the city was surrounded by creepy street performers dressed as clowns and mimers :S I remember a clown kissing my hand because he wanted money. It was fun though 😄


Autumn 2010, we spent a few days in Milano. We went to see a football game at the huge football arena San Siro. It was so cool! There was about 80 000 people in the crowd and I was enjoying watching the crowd more than the game!

Me and my mum also spent a day on the shopping street. We spent 6 hours shopping that day!

We also had some good Italian pasta and pizza! Can't miss that!


Summer 2009 we spent a week in Greece. We had two days in Athens. It was a really hot day when we went up to see the Acropolis. But it was really cool!

Then we took the boat over to one of the little islands called Agistri. It was a very peaceful and nice place. Beautiful surroundings. Clear blue water and nice beaches. We rented two mopeds that we drove around the island with. I remember feeling so excited that my parents let me drive it.

Every night we ordered a greek salad with feta cheese and white bred with olive oil and salt. I was addicted!


Christmas 2010 we spent a week in Morocco. It was very different from the other places I had been to. I had to cover my legs and arms since they were muslims and not very used to tourists in the little village we went to called Taghazout (Don't know the spelling of that).

We stayed at a really nice place near the beach which was the only place I could wear a bikini. We got there the only rainy week they had in the whole entire year. They told us that it hadn't rained for ages and of course it had to rain the only week we were there! But we still had a good time.

Me and my brother got to ride a camel. We also got a favorite restaurant that we ate at every night and we always got free pancakes for desert.

We went to visit the souks which is a special market with different herbs, jewelry and fabrics. We got to go in a little wooden boat to get to the souks.


In 2012 we spent a week in Dubai. It was one of the coolest places I've been to!

It's a really modern country built in the middle of the dessert! The women walked around in full coverage in 35 degrees!

We spent almost everyday on the beach or on the hotel sealing deck. We went to a huge super mall that contained a room with fake snow were you could go skiing.

We went a whole day out in the dessert. We drove a four wheel drive through the dessert and the driver was insane and we all thought that we were going to die! They took us to a nomad camp where we got to see how a nomad camp looked like. We got to eat arabic food and watch belly dancers and other acts.


I've been to London twice in my life. The first time I was only 3 and me and my mum went to visit my cousins.

But last year (2012) we spent a weekend in London for my birthday.

We spent a whole day on Oxford street shopping and eating! We also went to the Madame Tussauds. We saw all the famous wax dolls which was pretty cool.

But the best night of all was when we saw Slash live! It was actually my first concert ever and I was so excited when Slash played the old Guns n Roses songs!


Iceland was one of the coolest countries I've been to! The whole island is built out solidified lava from volcanos.

We spent a few days in the capital, Reykjavik. It's a really small little city. It almost looks like a lego city cause it's got really small and colorful houses.

We spent one day to see the beautiful nature in the snow. We drove up to see the geyser which is a "whole" in the ground and it splashed up water from it. It's got the same effect as the volcanos. We also saw a huge waterfall!

We had a spa day at the hot springs. It was freezing outside but the water is heated up by the lava so it was about 40 degrees in the water and it was snowing while we were swimming! They also had special mud that you put in your face and it was supposed to make your skin smooth.

And of course we went riding on the Islandic horses! :D


I was chosen together with 8 other people in my class to be in a project that we are doing together with students from Finland and Holland. It's an entrepreneurial project where we are supposed to form a concept that we are going to perform on stage. So we have 4 workshops in the different countries. The first workshop was i Finland Nov 2012. We went to a small town called Jakobstad.

It was a really boring city so I can't tell you much about it. All I can say is that I got to meet some amazing friends and I learnt (still am learning) a lot from the El-Art project.

South Africa

I was chosen together with 9 other singers to be in Sweden Star Choir who got to go with the organization Star For Life (read more about me being an ambassador and what the organization is under the category "Star For Life") to South Africa.

I went there together with the 9 other singers and the ambassadors of Star For Life. We performed at two opening ceremonies for two new Star For Life schools and also a few other small concerts.

South Africa has always been a dream of mine and it was so unreal that I was there. I got to meet all the wonderful children of the schools and got to see how they lived in their little villages.

We went on 4 different safari tours and saw all the wild animals! Every day was full of excitment and our tour bus took us to all the places! We went to a big beach called Sodwana Bay where I also met up with two of my aussie cousins. We spent the evenings around the campfire and got some nice african food. We got to see the amazing nature and meet amazing people.

The africans are so happy and outgoing. Everywhere we went we started singing and dancing with the africans.

But the best part of all was performing at the schools in front of the enthusiastic children.

See the more pictures under the "Star For Life" category.


Me, my brother and my dad spent a night in China by mistake. We were traveling back from Sydney in Jan 2013 when our flight got canceled in a town called Gongzu (Don't know how it's spellt). We spent the night there and then we flew to Beijing. We didn't get to see that much but it still made me want to come back and really visit China!


Me and one of my best friends went on our first trip together. We went to the obvious party city called Alanya the summer of 2013. We had such a great time and we spent everyday on the beach or in the restaurants eating Ceaser Sallad cause we couldn't afford anything else. And the nights were spent in the crazy city at all the night clubs!

One day we got lost and walked for two hours and we were all sweaty and yuckie and bored so we decided to pull faces towards all the turkish men who stared at us. It was fun but still very sweaty. haha.

The last day we spent on a boat. We were supposed to go on a 5 hour cruise but I got sick after an hour so they had to pick us up with a life saving boat... Fail.


The 3rd workshop of El-art was held in the dutch city Leewuarden in Nov 2013. It was a really nice little town and as usual we had a great time with the El-art people. We got to tast some real dutch candy.

We spent the days working on the project and the evenings spending time either in the room together with a beer or at the nightclubs!

That was my little story of the countries i've been to so far. It took me 2 hour to write... haha. Next countrie will be Chile!!!! I will try to do a weekly update of that trip!

See ya! Xx



I thought I'd tell you a little bit about Star For Life and my role in Star For Life.

Star Choir Sweden

In autumn 2012, I got an opportunity that changed my life. I was chosen to be one of the 10 swedish singers in Star Choir Sweden. This meant that I got to come with Star For Life to South Africa and perform at schools together with Star Choir South Africa. I had the most amazing time there! You will be able to read more about the South Africa trip under "Traveling the World".

A couple of months after the South Africa trip I became an ambassador for the organization.

Star For Life

Star for Life is an organization who spreads knowledge about HIV and AIDS amongst students in South Africa. Star For Life has opened schools in South Africa to help children get the education they need and to help them reach their goals and follow their dreams.

We collect money for Star For Life in different ways. We have big concerts in Sweden where Star Choir South Africa performs together with students from different schools. We teach the students the Star For Life song and they get to be in the choir behind Star Choir South Africa.You can read more about Star For Life and how YOU can help us help the people in need on

Star Choir Sweden, Star choir South Africa and the ambassadors of Star For Life