Believe it or not but we did 90 min of yoga this morning ... We were really excited when we entered the yoga class until the instructor started "stretching", as he called it, us one by one ... He was standing on our legs "massaging" and pushing us down really far to the ground hoping that we would manage the splits and after that he grabbed us around our chest and pulled our backs in so many directions that i didn't even think were possible. It was painful but kind of nice in a way.
I tried really hard not to laugh in the beginning of the class as i wasn't expecting every one to suddenly start screaming out "uuuhhhmmmm" noises ...

Lenkes Birthday was amazing! Me and Sandra surprised her in the morning with breakfast in bed, balloons and a cake! We spent most if the day on the beach.
The night was so awesome! We met a few guys from Israel who helped us celebrate in their bungalow. When we were done there at around 12:30 am, we took the tuk tuk in to the party streets and started the night at a huuuuge beach party! After the beach party we danced the rest of the night at a really big club. It was amazing. We got home at 5 am and decided to go for a morning swim and then decided that we needed some sleep at 6 am.

As you could guess, we were so lazy the next day and just slept on the beach all day. Although we did go shopping at the markets in the evening and had a lovely dinner.

Today we are moving hotels and moving ok to the party beach on the island :-)

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It's just after sunset and i'm sitting here on the beach a few meters from our bungalow, looking over the ocean and appreciating our paradise island that we've been longing for.

Too bad that Malaysia ended the way it did. It was kind of stressful but like I said, we still had a good week there.

We took the bus from Sandakan to Kota Kinabalu. I was sitting next to a Malaysian guy on the bus and I was falling a sleep all the time and every time i fell a sleep, my fell into his shoulder. It was kind of awkward until the point when we both got used to it and we stopped caring. I actually ended up pretending to keep sleeping and slept on his shoulder. I must admit that was really weird. And we never said a word to each other.

We took the scariest plain from Kota Kinabalu to Kuala Lumpor. We honestly thought that we were going to crash the whole time! Luckily I watched Despicable Me on the screen so the minions calmed me down.

We landed at 11:30 pm and found a nice carpet at the airport and ended up sleeping there for 8 hours straight. Although my but was hurting when i woke up. Haha.

Finally we jumped on our last plain and flew to Thailand followed by a 1,5 hour bus drive and 1,5 hour boat trip until we finally came to Koh Samui.

We loved it straight away! So happy to be here, honestly. Thailand has a special atmosphere that i've been missing in the other countries. I don't know what it is.

We have the cutest little green bungalow right on the beach. Aaahhh love it! So we're staying here for about 1 week i think.

Tomorrow it's Lenke's birthday. Me and Sandra will have to think of a nice way to celebrate her tomorrow!

Don't really want to leave the sandy spot that i'm sitting in right now but i really need some sleep. I'm going to get some looooong hours tonight! I need it.

Goodnight X



I've never ever experienced this hot weather before! I mean i've been in tropical heat a lot but never in a country just near the equator. It's sooo hot! I have to be honest, I really don't like it haha ... BUT since we've been doing amazing things here in Malaysia, I keep my mind off of the heat :-)

We took the bus at 8 pm last night from Kota Kinabalu and arrived in Sandakan at 3 am. It was kind of tough finding a hostel at that hour so we thought for a while that we were kind of screwed. Although we found a nice hostel after all!

Today we went to the Orangoutang Rehabilitation Center of Sandakan. We walked through the beautiful rain forest and got to see the orangoutangs swinging around in the trees! I must say that i'm amazed by those creatures!

Ever since we got to Borneo we've had a kind of un easy feeling about the place. My gut feeling has been telling me that something isn't quite right. Not only because of all the men staring at us but there's just been an uncomfortable feeling about the place.
Every time we've been out after dark, all the shops have been closed and hardly any people have been outside.
We told the hostel owner that we were going to an island called Sapidan, tomorrow and he warned us for going there because of kidnapping.
So I googled about it and found out that the whole east coast of Borneo, which is where we are now, is not recommended to travel to right now because of kidnapping and terrorism of some sort. People aren't allowed to go out after the sunset.
To be on the safe side, we are catching the first flight out of here tomorrow. It will be two long days of traveling so i'm not expecting much sleep. But to be honest, I'd rather do that then staying here.

At least we had a good week in Malaysia!



We left Kuala Lumpor two days ago after two nights of partying. We were in big need of sleep although we weren't going to get any the next night either.
We arrived in Borneo and stayed at the first hotel we could get which was a dorm with no fan and no AC ... Malaysia is so far the warmest country we've been to so it was not the best place to sleep without these two, at the moment, life saving items. ;-) It was a sweaty night.

The next day we had breakfast at the markets near the beach. We were so lazy all day just walking from the towel to the water at the beach all day. It was well needed!

In the evening we changed hotels and we are now staying in a pink room, so i'm happy. Haha.
After some dinner and a nice ice-coffee at a cafè, we had an early nights sleep.

Today we had one of our better days. We were picked up at the hostel at 8 o'clock this morning. We walked to our speedboat which took us to one of the islands out side of Borneo. Absolutely beautiful. We finally got our paradise island. We had our snorkeling gear and saw so many fishies! It was actually amazing! And the water was so clear.
We stayed at the first Island for a few hours and then we took the boat to the next island were we had lunch, more snorkeling and sun baking. I managed to see a really big lizzard! :O
Sandra has tones of underwater shots on her camera so you will get to see then on facebook when we're back in Sweden :-)

We just got back now and are soon getting ready for going out for dinner.
Yaay i'm enjoying myself here too!



It was a long and kind of lonely journey from Vietnam to Malaysia. My first time traveling on my own so I thought i did pretty well.

Took the night train, slept for 3 hours and woke up with a rat in the bed. So I stood up the rest of the journey. I did not enjoy that rat!
Flew down to Ho Chi Minh City and then to Kuala Lunpor, Malaysia.

I was quite surprised while sitting in the taxi from the airport, how modern Kuala Lumpor is. Heaps different from the other big cities that we've been to in Cambodia and Vietnam. I actually really like it here. And it's nice to be back in the warm, tropical climate!

I arrived in China Town and met the girls at the hostel. It was so nice seeing them again! I won't be leaving them again for a veeery long time!

We had a nice and cheap dinner (1-2dollars/meal) and then we went out to check out the night life of Kuala Lumpor. We had such a good night! We started of at the Reggae bar and then we danced 3 hours straight on a roof top! We had a blast.

Slept in til about 11 o'clock. I really needed that sleep in. We headed in to town and spent the whole day at the shopping center. I must admit that I went a little bit crazy with the shopping. Very crazy to be honest ... I'm not going to tell you how much money I spent but let's just say that i've never spent that much money at once in a shopping mall! But after I get over the money part of it i'm sure i'll be happy again. Haha.

Tonight we are going our dancing again and tomorrow we are flying to Borneo!



Vietnam is coming to an end and i'm already on my last day here. Can't believe how fast time flys by. Reality catches up so quickly. I have to say that i'm really happy that I stayed these few extra says in Vietnam. But now the exciting part begins. I'm traving to Malaysia on my own.
I'm taking the night bus at 00:20 tonight, arriving in Da Nang around 6 Am, flying to Ho Chi Minh at 10 am and changing the flight there to meet my besties in Kuala Lumpor, Malaysia.

After Sandra and Lenke left I kind of had a weird feeling but after a good nights sleep I felt lot happier the morning after. I spent the morning on my own. Slept in, went for a powerwalk and had a nice breakfast.
After one of my friends here, got of work, he took me up to the markets and we strolled around there for a bit. The evening was spent at the Farmstay hotel with nice food, Ice coffee, live music and card games.

Yesterday I took some time to write some lyrics which was good and then I took an hours walk up through a little village. It's not every day that you get to see the country side of Vietnam. Pretty beautiful. Cows walking around on the dirt roads, farmers working on their little land with their little huts. Although some people have real houses. But the best part is all the children running around and being very excited about a white person entering their village. They were more than excited to talk to me. They actually know english surprisingly well!

After that, me and Joel went to Phong Mah Caves after lunch (we had the best pork sandwich in the world). We a shared a boat with two other aussie blokes. I'm so overwhelmed by the nature here! It's so beautiful! Mountains everywhere you look along the river. And not to mention the caves! Omg. I was honestly quite mesmerized. You have to check the pictures out although the pictures doesn't make any justice what so ever.
We had a really nice evening at the Lake House.

Today is my last day and i'm leaving tonight. Let's make the best out of it. I'll miss this place to bits. But now my adventure continues in Malaysia. I'm excited to meet the girls again.



Even though I liked Hanoi, I must say that i'm a little bit relieved to be back on the country side. I must say that I really like Phong Nah. Not just because of the awesome people we're hanging out with here but also because of it's amazingly dramatic landscape.

The guys took us for a ride on the bikes after breakie. We drove to an amazing place in the jungle. It was a challenge to walk through the bush on the rocks, into the water and over tangly bridges but it was amazing. We got to a river were we had a nice swim and a huge lunch that a local guy brought down for us. I felt like a queen sitting in that little hut near the little lake.

In the evening we went to the Farmstay hostel, were the guys work to celebrate a birthday. I haven't seen such luxury for ages ;-)
We played pool, got free drinks, ate cake and just had an awesome time.
Me and Lenke actually ended up performing on the little stage they had.

Last night me and the girls split up for a couple of days. I'm staying here for a couple of more days and then i'll see them in Malaysia on Thursday. Can't wait! Miss them already.



Since the weather is kind if chilli here in the North, we decided to fly down to Malaysia on Tuesday. So we have a few days to spend before our flight.

We're actually on the night bus right now on our way back to Phong Nah. We figured that we will have more fun doing nature activities there than being in a big city for that many days.

Although we've really enjoyed our time here in Hanoi.
Walking around on the busy streets. We've probably walked the whole city by now.

We discovered street food for the first time today. We should've noticed it earlier but we didn't ... It's so cheap!! And so good! We're changing our food budget from now on.

For our last day here in Hanoi, we went to the cinema again. Haha. So good! We saw Terrible Bosses 2. I really enjoyed myself ^^

Going to try to relax on the bus now! New update from Phong Nah in a couple of days :-)
Nightyyy Xx

Ow!! We went to the War Museum of Honai! Have to be a little cultural too :-)



I've never experienced freedom in such a big doze before. I'm so incredibly free right now. I can do what ever i want. This is when I make my choices. This is when I shape my life. Freedom gives me the chance to shape my life in any way I'd like.
I could go home right now if I wanted to. I could stay here forever if i wanted to. Or i could continue and just see where i end up. I'm so incredibly free.
I'm overwhelmed. I'm stunned. I'm so small. I'm so incredibly tiny in this world. I've never been this small ever. I'm so far away from home in every way. It's almost as if I forget where i'm from. I forget how I usually feel when i'm home. I'm so far away from pain. And i'm so far away from comfort. There are so many unknown feelings filling my body. It makes me so small but it makes me so strong. I feel s
o strong. I'm over the clouds.
I'm so small. I'm so strong. I'm so free.



It's time to adjust to the big city life again. Motorbikes and cars almost running over you every time you cross the road, people screaming from the other side of the street hoping that you'll by something and just people everywhere.

The temperature dropped a lot during the past two days and it's actually really cold :S Our plan was to stay here for two days and then go to Halong Bay but since the weather is going to be pretty bad here we're thinking of going to either Laos, Malaysia or Thailand. We'll see tomorrow.

We've been walking for about two hours today, through the beautiful city and managed to find a big shopping center with a cinema. That was our goal for the day.
So we got really excited about the really low prices and went to see Mocking jay. REEEEAAALLLYYY GOOD :-) And I had caramel popcorn for the first time in ages!
Let's just say it was a really good day! Again.

Having an early night tonight :-)
Can't wait for tomorrow.
See you soon X

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