I was wondering if I would count Hong Kong as a separate country or not. First thing we noticed was that they drove on the left side, obviously from when Hong Kong was a British colony.
Second thing we noticed was that they all speak english.
They don't speak mandarin but Cattaanese. And also, the tourist Attractions compared to mainland China was so much cheaper or for free.
It's obviously a lot more modern than mainland but it still feels like China I would say. And I guess the Chinese would be upset with me if I called it a separate country.

Day 1:

We arrived in Hong Kong in the afternoon and had to struggle a bit to find our hostel.
Luckily we had nice room mates in our very tiny dorm room. Two Norwegians and then our irish friend Rebecka.

We didn't have time for much today so we just had a quick dinner and then took the metro to see the skyline.
Woow, the skyline just hits you. It's so big and so beautiful. There was a "lightshow" over the skyline at 8 o'clock but it really wasn't much to brag about. I wasn't even sure if it had started or not.
Anyway, I have to say that Hong Kong skyline topped Shanghai skyline!

We walked around a bit in the area and oh my how out of place we felt! Massive shopping malls with only the most expensive things in. We would be broke after buying a single thing. It was very impressive though. But I liked our little area more as it was more chinese and filled with cheap restaurants.

Day 2:
As we only had one full day, we had to pick carefully what we wanted to do. So after breakfast me, Eric and Rebecca took the subway to the Big Budda.
We had to take the bus up the big hill on the little island and it was a beautiful drive up! I was amazed that "even" Hong Kong had nature like this.

We walked around the big Budda for a while, checked out the view, went in to a temple and then had lunch in form of noodles of course.

In the afternoon we took the subway to see Victoria Peak and get a good view of the city.

We had to take a tran up and oh my was the line up long?? We waited for more than an hour and I was thinking to myself "this better be good ...".
So we get up to the top and we get into this huge shopping mall ... What? It took us about 10 minutes before we found the way to the lookout. And guess what ... This was the view:

It was so foggy and i didn't know if I wanted to laugh or cry after waiting for that long.

As we were going to take the tram down, (it was now dark and windy btw), we discovered a line up just as long as on the way up. Aahhh! Haha.
So we decided to walk down. It took us about 2 hours to get back home but at least we saw a bit of the view on the way down.

We had a little chat to our room mates and the next day we boarded the plane to our third country, Korea!
So we are now in Seoul!

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