So we arrived in our second city in Korea, more like a little town called Gyeongju. It was so nice to get out of the big cities for a change.
Really not much to thus city but it just had a really nice vibe and a few nice things to so.

The best part was our room mates and our amazing hostel called Homo Nomad. The toilets where outdoors which was really cold but cool and the hostel was like a home. I really really lived it!

Day 1:
Today I was the tour guide and I had to locate us on the map. I decided that we should go see the royal tombs and I was very sure of the location. We started walking out from the city (i was still sure it was the right direction) and after about 40 minutes walk we got to the tombs ... But the wrong tombs. We were the only once there and I think Eric was a little annoyed with me ... But this is what happens if you give me a map. And I had a very good morning walking in the sun :-)

After the tombs we went to the right tombs which turned out to be a 5 min away from our hostel ... Hahah.
We walked through the traditional village and the historical park. We also bought a kite and had loads of fun flying it on the big field!

Before going to bed we had a long chat with our room mates. A South African, a Scott and an aussie :-)

Day 2:
Today we hiked up Namasan mountain. The hike up to the peak was only about an hours hike and it was pretty enjoyable and not too tough. Also, you could see a lot of sights on the way up such as a Buddha and historical sights.

Once at the top we had a beautiful view and the best part was the next 30 min as we were actually walking along the track up on the mountain.

The walk down was just as beautiful as we walked down in a valley along a river.

In the evening we went out for a traditional Korean dinner together with our room mates. We also had churros for dessert ;-)

Day 3:
This day didn't really go as planned. We went back to the big field to fly the kite again but the string ti the kite was all tangled up. We were standing trying to untangle it for about 1 hour! I was really annoyed as I was doing all the work all though Eric was the one that insisted that we had to fly it! Haha it was pretty funny though. And so though the Koreans! The people passing by found us really amusing and some even stopped to help us!

After a while a nice man came and gave us new string! But after 10 min of flying, the string broke and our kite flew away ... Haha

After lunch we actually headed to the bus station and got on the bus towards Busan.
We have now had our first day in Busan. I'll update you about that in a few days :-)

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