With cars and scooters driving everywhere and almost hitting everywhere you go, construction work everywhere and people running around like they would in any big city, you would not believe what beauty this city is actually surrounded by.

We are now further down south in this beautiful country and we've been lucky to experience Guilin in mild, sunny weather!

We had such a hard time finding our hostel on the evening we came to Guilin. Although it was worth the struggle as this is the best hostel so far! We've met so many nice people and we noticed that this is were all the western backpackers come, as we've been amongst very few westerners during the start of our trip.

Day 1:
We woke up and had a western breakfast with fruit, yogurt and oatmeal. We were very happy to skip the noodle soup for breakfast.

We got on the local bus and jumped of at the famous Reed flutes Cave. It was a stunning cave. The chinese have a very childish imagination and it reflected in this cave. They had a different story to each part of the cave and the shined lights in different colors to make it look like a colorful story.
They found different animals, vegetables and creatures in the different rocks and I actually thought that it was very entertaining.
Our tour guide sang us a traditional chinese song as a good bye. :-)

After the caves we took a walk around the Elephant Trunk, which is a big hill shaped like an elephant.

We had dinner at a shopping mall with tones of local foods and had a very spicy stirfry, which was very painful!

Day 2:
It was a very sunny day and we took the bus up to the city center to look for a gym as we felt that it was time for a work out! Haha typical us.

It was not very easy to find but it was so nice walking around the Plaza and little food markets in the sun.
But we still managed to find the gym!

Our daily lunch is always at the cheapest local shops or markets and I recon it's the best food! I'm officially addicted to noodle soup :-)

In the evening we met a few westerners that we had dinner with at the hostel. Very nice people.

Day 3:
We got up early to get picked up by a very friendly and funny chinese guy together with our 4 friends from the hostel.
He drove us to a big bus that would take us through the most amazing scenery with green mountains surrounding the little villages.

After more than an hour we finally got to the Li River were we jumped on a bamboo boat that took us through the river. If your going to Guilin, don't miss this! It was amazing. Pictures below :-)

After getting of the bamboo raft we got picked up by a little golf car that took us to our bus. The bus drove us all the way to were we are now, Yangshuo.
This is supposed to be an amazing place. We're sharing a room with the people we met in Guilin.
Time to explore!

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