Day 4 in the studio! We finished all the guitar parts and now we're recording the keyboard :-)
Tomorrow I'm recording the vocals :-)

Probably skipping the gym today for once so that my voice is in shape tomorrow :-)

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Sitting in the sofa, eating non stops and watching tellie hoping that a whole day at work didn't make my cold worse :-( Hopefully I will e able to go out with my friends tonight as well! I'm trying to forget about work at 9-17 tomorrow :p I probably should stay home.

Had a gig in Denmark last night. In Helsingør. It was weird being back on the stage in Scandinavia but still a great feeling as always being on stage with my second family.
We had a lot of our friends supporting us at the gig and they all said the same thing. That we've developed a lot! Also our old keyboard player Oliver, came to watch us which meant a lot!
As much as we love our new keyboard player, Oliver will always have a part in Race The Sunset :-)

After the gig we celebrated our bass players 20th birthday! We had a great time in Denmark!

Chile really pushed us to the limit in every possible way. We are beyond grateful for every opportunity we had in Chile and for everything it has given us.

In a couple of weeks we are entering a music competition in Helsingborg called popcorn. So for you who live in the Helsingborg area, come support us and vote for us if you like our music at Tivoli on the 13th of Feb at 19:00! :-)



We're now at the final step of our journey. We just landed in London after a long trip.

Yesterday morning we landed in Miami. We had 12 hours between our flights so we decided to take a cab into Bayside, Miami. We spent the whole day there. Finally I've been to the USA! Well ... At least seen something from the USA ;-) We had lunch at McDonald's and then a second lunch at hooters followed by a nice sleep on a grass field in the sun.

I caused some drama on the Miami-London flight ... Haha. I started feeling really sick and dizzy, started to sweat and loose consciousness. So the flight staff got a doctor for me and put me in the back of the flight. When I got back my consciousness again, I woke up to about 7 heads looking down at me and someone pouring juice into my mouth, pulling my legs up and desperately trying to ask me questions to bring me back.
I'm really thankful for the people who helped me even though they probably made it a bit more dramatic than it needed to be ^^

So anyway ... We're in London right now, waiting for our last flight.
What a trip we've had. We've learnt so much about each other, about our selves and about other people. We've grown as musicians both individually and as a group. We can only grow stronger from here.

Boy, am I going to miss this.

Race The Sunset <>



This had been one busy week for sure, but i'm enjoying every second of it!

During the day I met up with Dariel and his mum to have lunch at the Casino in Viña . That filled our stomaches pretty well ;-) After that we headed home to get ready for the gig.
We had a gig at a place called Mascara which is in Valparaíso. We managed to fill the place with people and ha a really good atmosphere while playing. The people really loved us and we sold alot of EPs!

The day was spent on the beach followed by a typical chilean dish called Chorriana which is a big plate of chips, meat and cheese ... I know ... Sounds pretty greasy ^^ But it was good until after the meal :-)
In the evening we had a concert at the radio station. My voice wasn't really on top that gig but we sill managed to pull of a pretty good gig and sold a few EPs again :D

I took a nice powerwalk a long the beach and then took the metro to Viña to meet Dariel and fix a few things for his work. After McDonald's (ye I know, i'm really unhealthy here ) we came home and got ready for the third gig of the week. We played at a bar called Ele Bar.
We didn't play until 1:30 am so We had some time to walk around. We actually stopped by at a memorial service at a theatre where they had a memorial for a musician who past away a couple of days ago. It was a happy and weightless service and it was nice to here some typicall South American tunes.
Then I had some tea and toast at a restaurant and met a finish girl who was a girlfriend to Dariels friend. It was nice to talk to a girl for a change and someone who speaks english ^^
We had a really good gig, with good sound and a good vibe.
After the gig we celebrated on the dancefloor and got home at 4 am.

Now I'm sitting on the balcony hoping that the sun will peak out behind the fog that's covering the hills of Valparaíso today. It's beautiful. I'm just thinking how much i'm going to miss this place when I leave next week.




We're having a band meeting at Nico's mum's place with tacos !
Preparing for 4 gigs this week, starting tomorrow :D



Thursay, 2 Jan
We had an meeting at the radio station about another gig. We were booked for a gig at the radio station next week which is awesome :D

In the evening we had a concert at La Vela bar in Valparaíso. It was far from the best gig but the sound was really good and we had a lot of fun since many of our friends came to see us.

We had a birthday party for Xavier the night after and it was a good night although I hardly got any sleep since my alarm went of at 6 am, saturday morning.
Me and Dariel took the bus to Santiago at 7 am. We had a really good day in Santiago with his family, celebrating the birthday of his two cousins. We ha a nice bbq followed with live music, jumping on the trampoline, playing with the puppies and swimming in the pool.

We woke up this morning at Dariels dad's place and drove to Fantasialandia, which is an amusement park in Santiago. We had a really good day and I think I had several heart attacks after this day ... I got a big wave of cold water over me, went on a really scary roller coster (i almost cried haha), the walk of horror in the ghost house AND I lost 7000 peso :-( But part from that, It was awesome :-)

Now i'm going to do some homework ...
Next week we've got 3 gigs ahead of us!

Goodnight Xx

I will upload the pictures from Fantasilandia later cause they are on my other phone :-)



New Years eve in Valparaíso is definitely a night that I will remember!

We had a lot of guests at the house and we performed for them on the balcony and for the other hundred people that came up the hill to see the fireworks. We ha the best place with out a doubt!
With nice food and champagne, we watched the amazing firework show! Valparaíso was lit up by the fireworks and it was beautiful!

After the fireworks we were a gang with about 20 people that went down to town to join the big street party of Valparaíso. At 5 am we headed to the beach and sat there until sunrise. A nice way to end a crazy night.

Today we are going to the radio station for another interview and later tonight we have a concert in Valparaíso. You'll read about that tomorrow!

After the concert we will be having a birthday party for Xavier!

Unfortunately my phone died just before the fireworks so i haven't got photos from the night :-(



We've been spending a lot of time on the beach this week and just having a good time since we had no gigs last week. 

We went to see The Hobbit at the movies and I really liked it even though I've never seen the first movie. 
This week we're back to work! :D 
We had a few meetings with some bars that we probably will be playing at during next week.

Tomorrow it's New Years eve and we will e having a gig on the balcony for the thousands of partying chilean people! Very excited about that!
Thursday we have a meeting with the radio station again and in the evening we have another concert :-)

Right now Xavier is doing my braids again while i'm trying to get all the pain off my body after painting the house all day ^^

After this i'm going to throw myself in the sun! :D



Since this is our "free" week, (as in "free" from music), we've been having a little too fun ^^ Haven't really gotten that much sleep so i'm looking forward to taking a nap in the sun right now.

Finally the sun is here! We haven't seen the sun for 2 weeks!

So yesterday me and Dariel went to the beach and spent the day there and in the evening we celebrated Nico's 20th!
As usual, I was awake early this morning even though we went to bed even earlier this morning, so I went down to the grocery store to get a cake for Nico ^^

Ow! And the day before that we had dinner at Nico's grandpa's place and then we went out to a pub :-)

Not that much more to say right now since there's nothing going on music wise this week. We've just been taking time to be tourists this week :-)



Merry Christmas everybody!
Just had christmas dinner and opened presents :D It's funny how i'm still as excited to open presents as when I was little.

The morning was spent buying presents for everyone :-)
I really didn't expect to get this many nice presents from my second family :')

I got jeans, chocolates, bracelet, body lotion, shimmy shimmy soap and bath bubbles, condom (haha) and the best present of all: Race The Sunset bracelet! Now the whole band has RTS bracelet in different colours ^^

Even though the christmas part is over for the night, the rest hasn't even started yet! Let's do Chile style!

Feliz Navidad!

Ow! I forgot to say that we took care of two turtles for the day ... Haha long and weird story ^^