We are now in the second biggest city of the southeast coast of South Korea.
I really love this city. We live 2 min from a huge and beautiful beach called Haendae and this city just feels very young, fun and careless.

Our hostel is not very good though. It's called Hi Busan and we're paying the same amount as the other hostels we've stayed at all though this place is very poorly managed. First of all we couldn't find the place at all even with the directions they gave us online. Once we got there, the guy working there was really confused and not very polite. It seamed as if we were the least important thing in his not so busy job. The hot water was broken, there's cats running around and we've had to move rooms twice even though we were booked in ... Haha anyway ...

Day 1:
I had the best start to this morning. I went up early and took a nice power walk along the lon beach in the sun and had breakfast at starbucks :-)

Today we took the metro to the old cultural village, Gamcheon. A lot of refugees during the Korean war settled down here in the 1950s. I was very surprised by how this village looked so similar to the chilean city Valparaiso that I was in a couple of years ago. It was amazing!

In the afternoon we took the meteo to the famous KSU which is a university area with a lot of shops and restaurants. We played pool and had a really nice dinner! :-)

Day 2:
Today we started off the morning in the sun, walking along the beach. We walked a little track along the waterline over to a little island. It was stunning! On this walk we walked into a building were presidents from a few different countries had had a political meeting a few years ago :-)

After lunch we bought some grapes and some Kimbap (Korean sushi rolls) and sat on the beach. We also watched a street show for about an hour. As we were the only westernes watching together with a canadian, we became the stars of the show and the busker had a "Sweden vs Canada" show! Very funny actually!

In the evening we walked for about an hour to find a gym but everything was closed cause of the chinese new year so we just had some dinner instead.
We also took the metro to the famous fish market but it was also closed :-( But we still walked around and bought some very good foods at the "normal market". I had suger strawberries and a special korean pancakie thing with nuts and chocolate :-)

Day 3:
We started the morning on the beach again. So nice to sit in the sun! We listened to a podcast called Serial that we have been very into lately!

After lunch we went to find a gym again. We were so lucky to find a really nice one and we got a good 3-day-deal! So nice to sweat again :-)

After the gym we went out for a cheap
Rice and chicken dinner and then took the metro to Spaland!

Busan is famous for having a lot of spas so we though we had to try one as we have never been at a spa before!

It was so relaxing. We paid for 4 hours and we could try the different things. We had bery nice spa clothes on! They had hot springs outdoores and indoors, an outdoor foot bath, probably 10-12 different themes saunas in different temperatures, massage, massage chairs, snack bar, resting area and a cinema. We had such a good evening there!

Day 4
Today is day 4 (12/2) and we've had our first rainy day in Korea so far! We've literally had 15 days of sunny weather so i guess we can't complain on ONE rainy day.

We spent the whole morning at the Aquarium called Sea Life. It was surprisingly good and beautiful! So many different fish! And after lunch we even came back to watch the shark feeding.

Now we're having a rest at the hostel before we go back to the gym again.

I'll update you in a few days again!

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