After about an hour on the slow boat and a lot of pain in my infected toe, we finally arrived in Nusa.

Nusa is very different from the other places we've been to on this trip. No backpackers, hardly any people, no bars, no taxis, no nothing. Just nature and peace. Just what we needed for our last few days on our trip.

Me and Sandra rented bikes. We tried to bike up the huge hills to get to the other beaches on the other side, but i just couldn't do it with my foot.

The pain became a lot worse and i decided to go into hospital. Not actually a hospital but a little clinic, with two older people who couldn't speak english at all. I showed them my toe and they just shook their heads and demonstrated that they would cut it open and push out the infection. I won't lie, I was kind of freaking out but i thought that they couldn't make the pain worse then it already was so i just closed my eyes and bit my hand and let them do what they wanted.
I won't go in to any blood details here, but let's just say it hurt like shit.
I got my antibiotics, paid 500.000 rupia and left with a even more swollen toe.

Actually i feel a lot better now. Although I can't swim :-( But, at least i got some help :-)

A couple of days Eric came to spend our last days together. Eric is one of the guys we met on Gilli Islands :-)

Yesterday we rented a scooter and drove to the other side of the island and spent time on the beach and had a really nice lunch with an incredible view.

Before our nightly routine (going to the local cinema and having dinner) me and Eric jumped on the scooter and drive to an incredible beach and watched the sunset. It was definitely one of the top three beautiful moments in this trip. Amazing sunset.
I actually drove the motorbike on our way back. It was dark, we were lost and the hills were up and down everywhere! But since i couldn't read the map, i drove the scooter instead. I was actually surprisingly good and didn't crash!
It was one of the best nights!

Yesterday was probably the best day so far! We rented two motorbikes, I drove one and Eric drive Sandra on the other one. I must admit that i was a little scared driving through all the hills but it was so much fun! Felt so free and it was amazing!
Drove to a beautiful beach and drove through some nice landscape. We came to a cliff edge where the currents were really strong and smashed up against the cliff wall and as we were watching, we saw a turtle pop it's head up! So beautiful!

I'm so relived that Eric was with us the last days since he's been able to carry me through sand and water since i can't get my bandage wet or sandy. Goood boy :-)

After a bumpy boat ride, we arrived in Denpasar and spent the night at the airport. We had such a good laugh all night!

We are now starting to check off our last steps before getting on our last flight home.
Right now i'm checking of Subway in Singapore.

Can't believe it's almost over. For this time at least.

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Strolling along the streets of Ubud is a sight by it self. Although i can't walk on my foot because of a stupid infection, i still enjoyed every second of the little antique town.
Temples and stone houses everywhere with people, bikes, motorbikes and cars moving along the hilly roads. With out a doubt the my favorite city so far.

We went to the monkey forrest and met all the curious little monkeys. They are so human and it's very fascinating.

We didn't do much more than the monkey forrest, walking around and looking for a pharmacy but it doesn't take much more than that to see the beautiful town and enjoy it. But since I can't walk properly, we couldn't do any trekking tours :/

So we decided to take the boat to Nusa this morning and here we are in a beautiful little bungalow, 40 m from the beach, getting ready for dinner and the cinema tonight.

Don't let me forget about our trip from Lombok to Ubut though! It's quite a story and defines why i believe in destiny.

We took a little local boat where we were the only white people. So we were sitting in this little wooden boat with heaps of groceries on it, trying to get to the other island through massive waves. The weather was really bad and the currents so strong and the waves almost tipping our boat every 30 sek. Luckily me and Sandra don't get sea sick cause gosh it was rough!

We arrived back at Gilli Trawangan, thrilled that we survived the boat ride, to get our boat to Bali and found out that the sea is too rough so we had to take the boat back to Lombok to then get the shuttle bus to the other side of Lombok.
So we got on the boat again, jumped of in Lombok and waited for about an hour together with all the other backpackers.
We were really lucky and got a mini van together with 3 Austrian guys and it turned out to be the most fun taxi ride ever! The driver put music on really load and we were singing and dancing until one of the guys decided to stop the car to get beer for all of us. So awesome! And we had such a good time!

Then it was time to get on the huge, slow boat that would take us to Bali. We were on that boat for a little over 4 hours but the time went so fast. We were playing cards with our new friends, watching the sunset from the boat, talking and lying under the sky, watching the stars. Beautiful!

Since it was really late when we got to Ubud, a nice man took us one by one on his motorbike for free and took us to a little too expensive hotel but it was really worth it!

Tomorrow our friend is coming to meet us in Nusa. Let's make our last days the best!



I don't really know how to describe this day in words ... The word that gets close enough to it must be, AMAZING. It even deserves a blog update just for this day.

We got to Lombok last night and spent the night in Senggigi.
We got picked up this morning by our own taxi driver who was going to take us through Lombok and show us the Sasak culture.

Lombok has a lot of Hindus and Muslims but the native people from Lombok come from the Sasak culture.
They live a very simple life and we got to go to two Sasak villages to see where and how they live.

For a woman to be aloud to get married, she has to know how to weave. In every house in the village, you would find a woman weaving a cloth with incredible details! If a woman can'read, she's not ready to get married.
Once you get married, you can only sleep together if you want to have children. Otherwise the man sleeps outside the little grass hut and the woman sleeps inside.

We also got to visit a Hindu temple with an incredible view of the sea.

Women have a lot of different activities since they get bored from being at home looking after the children, so they help their husbands to make money. One of the activities that we got to see today was pottery. They make pots out of clay and paint them with different designs and colors. We even ended up buying some.

In Lombok there are the Sasak people, which are the natives but there are also a lot of people from China and Yemen. The people from China and Yemen have a special building where they live. The Chinese on one side and the Yemenis on the other. They are from different cultures and religions but they talk a lot about how important it is to respect one and other and respect each others believes.

We noticed a very huge respect from the people towards us as well. As we entered the local daily market, we were the only white people in there and probably the only white people in the town. But still they smiled at us and were very friendly.

After the cultural visits, it was time to drive down to the place where everyone goes, Kuta Lombok. Kuta had an amazing beach. There were hardly any people and it was so big and peaceful.
We had lunch for about 1,5 dollars in a little hut. It was really good!

Our final stop was Mawun Beach. We didn't think anything could beat Kuta Beach, but this one sure did!
It was shaped like a horse shoe with mountains surrounding the crystal clear water. We could bot ask for more.

What an amazing day. And we learnt so much. Lombok is definitely in top 3 of our best visits! Wow.



Today is our last day on Gilli Trawangan. It's been 4 beautiful, sunny days around the islands.

We spent most of our days on the beach and the evenings we've met up with two swedish guys. Same routine here on the islands. Eat, beach, snorkle, eat, swim, sleep, be social, eat, go out, party, eat, sleep. Haha.

We rented bikes one day and biked around the small island. Around to shark bay, turtle point and sunset point. Gorgeous! We haven't seen any turtles yet but we will definitely see some today cause the german guys will show us the best spots for turtles!

Yesterday me, Sandra and two german guys we met on the plane, took the boat over to Gilli Air, which is the quite paradise island of the Gillis. We had a really good day around the islands! When we got back home we had dinner together at the sunset point. Awesome guys!
I was supposed to go to bed early but we sat on the beach, talking, until 2 am.

Today they are showing us the turtle spots so we have time to see some before we leave tonight.

The other night we all went to the little cinema and saw The Hangover 3! So funny.

We're catching the ferry to the big and beautiful island, Lombok. We've heard good things about that island!

Don't let me forget about the bed bugs... Me and Sandra stayed in a really cheap bungalow that was really nice until we found out we got bed bugs so we had to move. So the day after we had to wash all our clothes and bags which cost us a fortune! And because we had no clothes, we had to look for clothes all day which also cost us a fortune. Stupid bed bugs steeling our money! When we got some clothes, we had to sit and clean all our other stuff with anti bacterial wipes ... So we basically had a full on bed-bug-cleaning day ... And we had no clothes for two days. Let's hope the very stoned guys that we gave out laundry to, did a good job ...

It feels soooo weird that we only have 9 more days until we fly home. I don't really know how to feel about it. I'm getting really mentally tired from traveling so i could use a little rest at home but at the same time i'm loving this so much and i'm seeing so many places and meeting amazing friends and i don't want to leave that.
As soon as i get my money back together, i'm definitely leaving again :-)



Singapore is with out at doubt the weirdest city i've been to! But it was really cool.

We arrived in the evening and spent the night at the airport. We had such a good time! The Singapore airport has so much to do!
We watched a movie at the free cinema, did our make-up, went to the gym followed by the best shower ever!

We got up at 7 am and took the metro in to town. We jumped of in what we thought was the center but we ended up walking along the road with all the offices so not many tourist sights. Although it was a kind of surreal feeling to walk through the streets surrounded by huge skyscrapers after being in not so modern asian cities.

After a way too expensive lunch, we took the train to Marina Bay which is a huge shopping mall but if you walk through it and up the stairs to the Gardens on the bay, you'll see an amazing sight! Huuuge look out points on towers that looked like something from Avatar and you could walk between them on "bridges" looking out over the lake. We walked through the huge gardens and came across a stage where they were having a concert playing drums and traditional music. It was the coolest thing! They had a little dance while playing the drums.
We'll be back in Singapore in a couple of weeks and hopefully see some more.

We met a swedish guy at the airport that we're traveling with for a bit. We also met a coupke of germans that we had a good chat with on the plain and in the taxi.
We arrived in Bali last night and checked in at the hotel and the headed out in the city. Luckily our swedish guy new exactly where to go!
We had theeee beeeest food ever! And it was soooo cheap! A full buffè! Amazing!
We went to the skybar and to the reaggae bar and watched a live band. When we finally got home, we put John Mayers in our speakers and fell a sleep. It was a very good day and night.

Today we're spending the day at the pool preparing for an early morning tomorrow. The three of us will catch the ferry over to The Gilli Islands which will be our last destination before flying back to Singapore and Bangkok to travel back home.

Can't believe that it's already been two months ... Don't want to go home. I love this life so much.



I am now laying in bed after two adventures days in Bangkok.
I had time to forget about the hectic traffic and millions of people running around in the big capitals of Asia. I really enjoyed my time here but i must say that i'm ready for the coast again.

We arrived with the night bus at 4 o'clock yesterday morning and had to wait in the lobby for out room until 8 o'clock. I slept like a little baby in one if the not so comfortable chairs. After two more hours of sleep, we headed out on the busy Kohsam Road (sorry, I really don't know how to spell it or pronounce it ...
During the day the street is very innocently filled with little food and clothes stands but during the night it transforms into a massive party! Millions of people!
Anyway, we took a tuktuk into a big shopping center which is built like an airport with different "gates" that leads to a different floor that represents a different country. And ofc we ended up going to the movies again. We watched Taken 3. Actually pretty good i must say.
We got back in time for a nice Phad Thai for 30 bath and after a bit of walking we fell asleep in our veeeery comfortable beds!

Today we got up pretty early and had breakfast and a coffee, put in our sunscreen and went up on the roof top were the pool is. We were laying in the sun, looking out over the city and jumped in the pool when it got too hot. Amazing.

Another cheap lunch and then another tuk tuk in to another shopping mall called MBK. I accidentally bought loads of presents ...
After dinner we took the tuk tuk to the night markets and decided to go to a ping pong show. Now here's an interesting story ...
We were the only ones there and we had been told that we could watch the show for free if we got a beer each. So we did. There was two young ladies and one older woman who was putting up things such as ping pong balls, razer blades, opening bottles ect, with their vagina... Didn't really now how to react while watching that ...
So after the show we went to pay for our beer and got a bill where it said 3600 Bath. They wanted us to pay that much for watching the show. Gotta be kidding me! We knew we were getting ripped off and told them that we're only paying for the beer. So they started getting mad and grabbing our arms as soon as we tried to get out. After a hectic and a start to a probably physical fight, we literally ran out of the place.
Very interesting night.

I packed my bag once again and tomorrow we are catching a flight to Singapore. We're leaving our 4th country. Let the journey continue !



We woke up with a clear head on our first day in Koh Tao. For the first time in a long time we got a full nights sleep!

We decided to go hiking around the island. So we took of and were really pumped for a two hour walk! We walked for a bout 30 min (after a stop on the beach ofc) and realized that we lost the road that we were following. Instead we ended up at a jungle resort near the beach. It was absolutely beautiful! We were so glad we took a wrong turn and found this place.
We had an expensive lunch for once, while glancing over the beautiful view.
Then we met some german guys that we spent the day with and later on we met them for dinner and went out.

We went exploring Koh Tao's nightlife and ended up having a couple of drinks on the beach, card games, dancing and watching the fire shows. And of course we had our nightly pancake with peanut butter and banana! We always meet new people every time we buy something to eat! Food really does bring people together ;-)

Today we woke up early and got picked up by a tuk tuk that took us to our snorkeling boat. We bookes the Dimond Tour which is a full day of snorkeling.
We were on a little boat with some other people and stopped at 5 different places were we got to snorkel and see the beautiful underwater life. It's crazy how you end up in a completely different life as soonGiovanna constanza morales munoz as you put your head under water. So peaceful.

One of the stops was a beautiful island. It was the most amazing water i've ever seen! Not even all the million tourists that were there could ruin the experience. It was like snorkeling in a fairy tail. Absolutely amazing. If I could pause that moment, I would.

Tomorrow we continue our journey up to Bangkok! But first we're going out tonight of course :-)



We've been having different cravings in each country that we've been to and I must say that they are getting more and more un healthy ...
In Cambodia we had cravings for the fruit shakes, In Vietnam we had little bars of nuts that we had every single day, Malaysia was the ice-coffee place and in Thailand me and Sandra discovered banana cake.
You get them at the 7/11 stores for 13 bath... We're turning into bananas.

Our bodies are so messed up from all the late nights we've had during these too weeks. Waaay too much. Our bodies just gave up so we decided to leave Koh Pangan earlier than planned.
We met so many good friends in Koh Pangan that we've been spending time with all the time. So amazing people.

Two days ago we went elephant riding. We needed to be a little adventures to get rid of our party modes. In the evening we went to a Mui Thai fight with our latino friend. It was pretty terrible to see the younger kids fight, (i'm talking about 5-10 year olds...) but it was still a cool experience to go see!

Other than that and partying we've been spending days om the beautiful beach, playing cards, laying on the beach under watching the stars, hanging out at the hostel, watching family guy at our favorite restaurant and playing cards at the reggae bar. It's been an intense but amazing week.

We had our last night in Koh Pangan yesterday and everyone had dinner together at the hotel cause we got free indian food. It was aaamazing!! Especially since i had just gotten back from the gym.

Right now, we're laying in our new bed at Koh Tao. We just got here today after a two hour boat ride. I was sleeping up on the deck the whole trip so I was enjoying myself.

We have a few days here on Koh Tao before we head to Bangkok, so we will be doing some snorkling and possibly diving!

It's always just as exciting every time we travel to a new place.



We're so lucky that we came to this hostel here at Koh Pangan. We found the best people here! We're auch a good gang and i've been enjoying every second of it.

Every night we've been hanging out in different places, having a good time in different ways until the clock strikes midnight and we all go out. It's kind of hard to keep a group of 10-20 people together when there's thousands of people around you but somehow we manage pretty well.
Been getting home at 4-6 am every single morning, sleep for a few hours and then meet every one at the beach during the day.
I must say this life style is pretty tiering and not so healthy but at the same time i'm so carefree and happy all the time.

New years eve was a blast! All though the other night have been just as big and crazy. The only difference was that every single person on the island were in the same place. The best part must have been the fireworks. Amazing!

We had artwork on our bodies in neon colors and we had a blast painting eachother!

Sadly all the photos from new year are on Sandras camera so you'll get to see them later!

So free.