Hey guys!
Hope you are all doing well. Im doing fine unlike Aisha, she is not doing so well. The cold got to her, that poor thing. It got to me as well but not in the same way as it got to her. Insha'Allah(god willingly) she will get better soon!

The two pictures are of the two things I genuinely love. I love writing and I love basketball, haha. Btw yeah I wrote that, if you wanna share gooo a head no need to ask!

Anyways today I am going to talk about remedy not as in "medicine". But remedy for like when I get super angry or sad. You know when things get toooo much and you don't really know what to do. I will share what I personally do.
I think maybe some of you guys will be able to relate and some won't. Btw if you do things differently and you wanna share please do in the comments below.

Me personally I'm the type of person when I get angry I really just want to cool down for a bit before I talk. I like to drink water and sit down or just take a walk. I personally feel like it is better to keep quiet at times of anger because you really don't know what will escape your mouth.

When thinks get tough or just to much I like to play basketball and focus on the game rather then what's burdening me. I used to play basketball from a young age so I've got it with me. For me it also holds a lot of memories as well so it it safe to say it is dear to my heart.
So you'll find me playing basketball but especially during summer time. That's when I spent most of my days playing basketball outside.

I also have a habit where I write dairies. I don't write as much as I used to when I was younger but it really helps writing down your thought. Nowadays I have gone over to write a little poetry. I feel like it reveals some of your emotions and you can express yourself in a very beautiful way, haha.

Anyways this is mostly what I do. Apart from eating ice cream and junk food, hahah.

I personally enjoy doing those things I stated above. I usually do this when I wanna clear my mind or there is something disturbing me. Usually my life is stress free and drama free which I love but sometimes people come into our lives and are just full of themselves, haha. That's when I love to get away.

Anyways my life is good right now, thank god. I just hope it stays this way as well.

Anyways I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Maybe you found something you actually relate to if so , yaaasss sistah or brothaa!

Until next time!!


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Hi beautys!
I hope you all are doing well because I'm doing good thanks to god.

Today I don't wanna to talk about deep stuff because I find myself every time I wanna write something I go all in. I'm trying to be basic because usually in blogs people share about basic things in life that we communicate about it. For example how our day have been, or what we did today etc. Well I just wrote down what I have think about for the last couple of minutes.

I just wanna share with you school quote since I'm so tired of school now. If you guys are wondering I go to high school and my high school is different from others because it's free FN school and that mean we work together with FN. To be honest a lot is going on now in school.
But guys if you want to know more about my school feel free to ask and I will answer.

Here is my reminder and perhaps also the motivation for the day

In some parts of the world students are going to school every day. It's apart of their normal life. But in other part of the world they are starving for education... it's like a precious gift. It's like a diamond.



Hey guys!

Today I thought I'd catch you all up on how school is going. It's going alright I'd say.

As some of you may already know I go to a online high school. That means I do all my assignments and tests through the computer. But when I have lab I go to my school which I strongly dislike because my school is like a 6-7h drive.. But you can take train there it will take you approximately 4-5 h or flight which will take you like an hour.
The school is in a city called Kalmar and I live in Stockholm.

I'd say that it actually much more easy studying this way because you'll have a time line and you'll know of all the assignments in advance. By the way the assignment per cours are from 3 to 5 so they are not many. Before the cours ends you'll have a final test which is oral. On the oral part I've got maximum 5 questions and it's not that hard.

Since I go to a online high school I would soooo love to travel and leave the country. This year is my last year so I will basically only have chance to do that next term. Tbh tho I don't think it will happen, but I low key still have a little hope.

Going to a online school is a little tempting at times. It can get tough and super boring. Especially since you are in "class" everyday all by yourself. But it's manageable..

I ain't gonna lie I still don't do my assignments on time! But that's life you know... hahah.

Anyways I will do another post on what exactly it is I am studying another time. If you have questions feel free to ask!

Much love, Fatima