Heyy guys!

I hope y'all are doing good. I've been great if your wondering, hahah!

Soo in my last post I talked about how I haven't read any of my many books that I was supposed to read for the summer. Anyways I got started on one, aahh finallyyyy! And I really liked it, matter of fact I loved it. It has been so long since i actually read a book because I want to and not because I had to. It has been even longer since I really enjoyed reading a book. Sooo it honestly feels great to be back to reading.
🙈 If any of you are wondering what the book is called it's called 'Homegoing' and it is written by Yaa Gyasi. A friend of mine recommended the book and I am seriously sooo happy that I took it. Soo thxx Mona!!🙈💕

If we go on to my day I have not been so productive apart from when I made some pasta and then later on got my sister from daycare.

Some of you may wonder how life in Sweden is whilst some may wonder how it is living in the capital. Well lemme tell you guys that firstly living in a big city may come off as stressful for some of you that lives in small cities. Especially when it comes to the subway. Me personally because I have lived here for most of my life I'm used to the city and I am used to the hustle , lol. 

One thing I love with big cities is that when you go out you find different things to do since it is so big and you get a lot more options. So it's basically always something you can do or same place new you can visit. I really love living in a big city. Stockholm isn't that big if you compare it with London but still it's big enough so that there are still places you haven't visited. Or at least my lazy ass haven't, haha.

Speaking of London. It's sooo much different compared to Stockholm. I loved how the clothes and food were cheap, my fat ass is always thinking of food btw
😭, but I just didn't like the environment and their nature. Anyways I love U.K. but I would seriously never consider living there. It's a place to go to when you wanna go shopping and food, haha.
So if I ever moved to another country I would most definitely settle in da big cities u knooo, haha.

Anyhow imma stop ranting about London and big cities now, hahah. I'm just soo tired guys because my sleeping schedule is just to messed up right now.... so today imma go to sleep early. I'll catch y'all lovlies in two daysss. Until then stay slayingggg!!!

Much love//


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What is The law of attraction? And how can it change your life? It's not something that we always talk about but I find it super interesting so I thought I'd talk about it. 

The law of attraction is a deep basic understanding and 
you can see it around you in your own society. You can find that those that speaks most about illness will most likely be sick or become sick. You'll  see that the one who speaks mostly about success will succeed. The one who speaks money has it. You'll also find those talking about drugs most likely dealing. 

The law of attraction is happening every where around you if you understand what it is and how it works then you'll understand that it works like a magnet. You'll understand that you attract what you are or what you want to be. For example if you wanna have a future with someone that is educated you most likely won't find them in the streets no, you'll find them studying in libraries. The law of attraction makes you understand that you attract what you are. 

The law of attraction is where your thoughts becomes alive. Whatever it is you think is what you will experience in your life sooner or later.

The laws of attraction’ says, we live in a vibrational universe, and our own bodies are constantly sending out vibrations into the universe that we can engage with. So in order to live a happier and healthier life we have to learn how to tune into our thoughts. The way to manifest with one’s intention is to create a visualization of what you desire in your mind. Creating a feeling that you already have that product/house/money etc. So, if you want your dream house, you simply create an image of it in your mind and then experience living in it. As if you already have it. You imagine all the joy, the satisfaction and the pleasures of living in it. The more you let your self experience this, the more you will attract that reality to you. Because, you will become a vibrational match for that existence. The good emotions have a high frequency, and the bad emotions has low-frequency. This is why, you feel down when your in a bad mood or happy and elated when you are in a good mood. The universe will shape itself around your vibration, and sooner or later your dream will manifest. In essence, things will fall into place, and eventually the result you want will happen. The power of our emotions and thoughts shaping our own future.

If you liked this post there is a movie too explaining the law of attraction even further, it is called 'The secret '. If you found this post interesting then I highly recommend this movie to you because it will explain it all in a easier way. 

There are also some books about The law of attraction:
1. the secret book by Rhonda Byrne.
2. The Magic book by Rhonda Byrne.
3. Ask and it is Given book by Esther Hicks and jerry Hicks

 If you have any questions feel free to ask. See ya 👋.




Is it just me or dose every day during summer breaks feel like Sunday. I legit get sooo lazy it's ridiculous. I forget what the date is and what day we're on ,haha. I forget all of those things so you better not ask because I won't have a clue. It's as if I am in my own timeless world, haha! 😂

You know what guys I've always thought that leaving Sweden during the summer is kinda stupid in a way since it's during summer that the weather gets really nice here. Sooo I really don't understand why we all want to leave during this time of year insted of leaving during winter when vacation is actually really needed and we are supposed to leave for sunnier places. Me saying this I sooo wanted to leave this summer. And as summer break is coming to an end I stand before you without having traveled outside of Sweden, which sucks!! Yeah I've had lots of fun this summer but I really wanted to leave... 😤 The funny thing is that I had many chances of leaving but I simply never took them soo it is basically my fault for being stuck here ,hehe. So this summer I've not caught any flight nor feelings, hahahah. But still I soo wanted to travel and to go on adventures do something fun and maybe be a little reckless. But Insha'Allah (god willingly) I'll go on a trip during the winter break insted!

Anyways I don't know about you guys but I've had a boring and lazy ass morning and I basically didn't do anything. During the after noon doe is when I baked for my sisters and went out with some friends after that. We went to the library to leave some books and after that we had an amazing time talking. Speaking of library I have soooo many books I was suposed to read during the summer but I have not come around to read them yet. Aahhh I seriously feel ashamed of my self, haha.😭

Thats all I had to say for to day!

See y'all sooonnn




Hi beauty's!

I am Aisha and as my sister mentioned yesterday we will take turns to write different blog posts. As she posted yesterday that means today is my day to write.

So I guess now is my time to introduce my self. It feels like it's sooo much introducing going on, but yeah we want you guys to get to know us better.

Anyways as I mentioned I'm Aisha and I am 18 years old. I live in Sweden, in a small town that's called Borlänge. I go to gymnasium or as you may know it High school. I'm in my second year studying Social science, politics , History and also Economics and all that it's called Community knowledge(samhällskunskap)

Why we decided to blog is because we are both big fans of the blogging thingy, haha. We both love to read other blogs and so forth. Because we didn't find many hijabi sisters blogging in our Swedish community that we can look up to as our role models, we decided to be the ones to take on that role. Hence the reason for the name hijabi.

You guys will find us blogging about different topics such as Issues in the Society, Colorisim, Feminisim, Animal rights and our life style etc. Racism is basically one of the major topics that we are in to as you find it in every society. Since we also love books you'll of course find book reviews as well!

I hope you guys will like following our blog and if you have a interesting blog for us to read comment down below so we can check it out 😜

And if you have any questions just leave it down below as well.

See you soon👋


Here are som pics of me to get to know me better 👋



Hey guys and welcome to our new blog!
In this blog me and my sister will take turns to write different blog posts and sometimes we will write together.

Anywaysss today is my day to write so I figured I'd introduce myself so you'll get a hunch of who I am.

My name is Fatima and I am 17 years old going on 18 soon insha'Allah. I live in Stockholm. For those of you who don't know where Stockholm is it's in Scandinavia and it's the capital of Sweden, yyaaasss!

As our blog name states we are obviously hijabis and sisters. Some of you may not be familiar with hijab. It's a head coverage we muslim women wear. You'll find hijabs in beautiful colors , different materials and shapes. So you'll find us looking really pretty and almost never having a bad hijab day, lol.

I started wearing hijab when I was really young due to the reason that I found it beautiful and not for religious purposes. But when I grew older my intentions changed and I continued wearing my hijab for religious purposes proudly, which you are supposed to.

Any-who I am a student and I go to Gymnasium some of you may know it as High school. Im in my last year and studying in a online high school. When I say that I study through a online high school everyone goes shocked, haha. Let me just say that it' s not bad, at all. It's kinda chill and lots of fun. Sometimes to fun...

I decided to study through a online high school after my first year in a normal one. Don't think that I was bullied or that I did really bad my first year in school, naah. The reason why I decided to switch was because I felt that my grades could get better in a online high school. The reason for that is you have teachers that focuses on you and you feel really comfortable. So yeah , my reason for changing was to get even better grades and focus on myself a little more.

Soooo as this is my last year of gymnasium I seriously have to start looking at Universitys... But that's for another post.

If you guys have questions regarding online high school in Sweden feel free to ask questions. Or questions regarding school.

Until next time😘




Hello guys and welcome to our new blog!

We are two Hijabi sisters that lives in Sweden. We live in two different cities and this is now our way of connecting while being away from each other.

We are so excited to start our new blog here and would like you to take part of our lives and maybe inspire you with our life style. We will blog about everything from fashion to education, books and travel. Everything there is to talk about we will talk about here in our blog.

So stay tuned.

//Hijabi sisters