Never accept an offer of help or request help from a suspicious man or woman ahead of you at the machine. Robbers almost always approach from the rear on the side of the driver. Many, like me, did our utmost to bypass the darn machine and use the live teller. Take your card and walk away.Even if it is a couple of miles out of the way, choose a machine that looks and feels safer. Using a teller machine safely requires awareness and a little planning. Try and limit your use to daylight hours.If you or your family members use auto-teller cash machines on a regular basis, the following tips can make the process a little safer. If anyone suspicious or seemingly dangerous approaches terminate your transaction and leave immediately, even if it means running away and leaving your bank card in the machine.

Get to a safe place and call the police immediately. If you see anyone suspicious standing nearby or sitting in a car, drive away without stopping. Just because these machines are open and available 24-hours a day does not mean that they are safe to use. First, tell the suspicious man or woman in a loud, firm voice to back-off and leave you alone. Memorize your personal PIN number to prevent loss and speed the transaction. If possible, take someone with you after hours. Most teller machine victims are women and were alone when robbed.

Most robberies at teller machines occur at night between 8:00 PM and midnight. Keep the car in gear, with your foot firmly on the brake, while using the machine. These robbers usually position themselves nearby waiting for a victim to approach and withdraw cash. Muffin production line If you see anyone suspicious approaching, drive off even if you have not completed your transaction.When you approach a teller machine on foot be prepared and have your access card ready. They all like good escape routes such as nearby freeway on-ramps or high-speed thoroughfares.Use only teller machines in well-lighted, high-traffic areas. Do not count your cash in public. If an armed robber confronts you, just give up your money without argument.Christmas is coming up and many will rely on ATM machines to get them through the busy shopping season.Do not fight with or attempt to follow the robber.

After inserting your card and your PIN number keep an eye out behind you. Keep a close eye on your rear and side view mirrors during the transaction.I can remember a time when the only method of doing any transaction in a bank was on a personal level with a live bank teller. ATM cash machines [hereafter referred to as teller machines or machines] have been incorporated into our way of life.I urge everyone to make sure everyone in your family is made familiar with these protocols to avoid any problems when using ATM machines.