Hey guys, Its Mira, and welcome to my blog *^* I'm a young artist at the age of 15,(or weeeell in like 2 weeks and 3 days =~=")Aaaaand, im Transgender! (my real gender is female but i prefer to be called and seen as a male)

I'll soon start highschool *^*, since i live in Sweden we have this thing called gymnasium that is like highscool, so yeah.

Lmao either way, Ill be posting random stuff, like art that i drew, or talk about me being trans lmao, nah but like, i wont post too often, just once in a while, mostly because i have nationals in school atm and lots of homework, but ill post whenever i feel like it!

I mean i need to start a hobby besides drawing, so why not start a blog where i can write out my thoughts and feelings, post art and other stuff? im thinking of starting a YouTube channel as well, where i can do animations, vlogs and other stuff, but I'm still too shy ;/////;

BUT, i promise you that, IF i havent created a channel before the age of 16, I WILL start a YouTube channel and try to post videos.. either way.., thats it for this blog, Cya in the next blog! ^ ^