At this moment I am sitting in my 9th grade classroom and looking at my classmates. Next autumn we will all be starting at new schools with different study programs. Our future may depend upon the choices we make during the next few years.

Some of us already know their chosen path, and others, like me, are still unsure of which path to take. My blog has taught me that this is ok. Some of us take a lot longer in life to figure out how we can make an impact on our personal history or even our world history.

My hope is that my classmates and I will make a positive impact on our world. Perhaps it is enough to start off with making small choices such as showing empathy to someone in need or recycling our trash at home. I believe that these small acts can actually make a difference in our world if we all work together.

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Answer: Mother Teresa

Brief facts:

Birth: August 26 1910

Death: September 5 1997

Country: Skopje, Macedonia

Occupation: Nun

Trivia: She choose Teresia as her namesake because her favourite saint was Theresa of Lisieux,( the Little Flower of Jesus) She liked her because Theresa was simple and did ordinary things with extrodinary love.

Extra trivia: She was rewarded with the Nobel Peace Prize


Mother Teresa (1995) A Simple Path. New York, New York

Pictures:​( from 1 blogpost  on A simple Path)​(from 2 blogpost one A simple Path)

Be kind to one and another!✌😘



Have you ever dreamed of becoming famous? That famous that when you walk down the streets people know exactly who you are and what you do??

Well there are some people in our world that spend theír whole life just wishing to see their name on that billboard.Then there are others like our next woman in the Herstory who had never any intentions of becoming famous but actually did.

Our next woman in the Herstory was a very simple woman who learned at a young age not to take things for granted.The main reason for this was that at the age of 8 her father died. This lead to her becoming extremely close to her mother.

Her mother taught her many things throughout the years but it was one thing she continued to remember for the rest of her life and that was: My child, never eat a single mouthful unless you are sharing it with others.

As a girl this woman attended a Catholic school and sang in the choir, but it wasn't before the age of 18 her life started to take a different path.

This path involved leaving her old life behind and devoting her new one to God.

She started to travel and see the world for what it was. In other words a place with happiness and sadness, wealth and poverty, health and hunger.This woman saw so many sides of the world that she became confused about what she wanted to do with her life. This all changed on the day she got her second calling.

Her calling stated that she would aid "the unwanted, the unloved, the uncared for." Although this calling was a bit unclear on its details she managed to turn it from an idea into an action.

She started an organization which purpose was to care for those people who needed help, but she also started an orphanage, a nursing home, a family clinic and some mobile health clinics. This woman truly accomplished a lot but that doesn't mean that it was always easy. At times she was forced to beg for food not just for herself but also for the poor.

She has asked herself and others :Do we look at the poor with compassion?They are hungry not only for food, they are hungry to be recognized as human beings. They are hungry for dignity and to be treated as we are treated.They are hungry for our love.

What I believe is quite astonishing with this woman was her ability to accept everybody.Although her faith was in Christianity she believed in the importance to recognize all religions as she said:

There is only one God and He is God to all therefore it is important that everyone is seen as equal before God. I`ve always said we should help a Hindu become a better Hindu a Muslim become a better Muslim a Catholic become a better Catholic.

I find it amazing that one person can be so caring and selfless that they leave their old life behind to begin a new one by helping others.

Now if your done reading this I recomend you to think who this woman could be and try to do something nice for               somebody else!👋😊



A couple a weeks ago an interesting report was brought to my attention which addressed how women are missing in the Swedish history books... Hello, could this be more fitting to what I am writing about?? So now I am going to change things up a little bit. This blogpost will not be about a woman from the past like the other posts, but instead about women's position in society today.

I read through the article from Dagens Nyheter (2015-01-15) and it was basically about this woman who did research for the Swedish government. Her task was to find out how many women are mentioned in the Swedish history books and well her results were quite astonishing- but in bad way! Of the books she examined only 13% of all mentioned people were women which is a quite low number if you ask me.

My first instinct after reading this was could not be correct - there must be more women mentioned in the books, right? But after a second glance at the text in front of me I started to doubt myself because this source came from Dagens Nyheter. This website in Sweden is a respectable paper and is considered a reliable source. How could the fact be correct that only women were mentioned 13% compare to 87% men? I thought that Sweden had come further in matters of equality between the sexes. Could the female reporter have decided to deliberately exaggerate this statistic in order to start a debate? To deal with my scepticism towards this report, I decided to take things into my own hands and do some research myself.

I started by asking my social science teacher ( thanks Ms Wiking) for a history book. I sat down with it and then went through each and every woman that was mentioned in the book, and it was a total of 17 women vs 91 men which meant that women were mentioned 18.36 percent, not even a fifth.

However, this book I researched actually had more women mentioned than other books, but the thing is that out of those women most of them were Swedish women. This makes me wonder why there is still such an unbalanced view of women when Sweden is supposed to be one of the most equalized countries in the world.

According to BBC news, Sweden has been fourth in the world since 2009 when it comes to the least difference between the sexes in regards to equality.

I can see now that there is an unbalanced view of the sexes in my country, but that doesn't make it any easier to accept. In the end we are all just made out of the same things - cells and tissues which make up a body which should then just fit into one human race.



Answer: Juliet Gordon Low founder of the global organization "girls scouts"

Brief facts:

Birth october 31 1860

Death january 17 1927

Country: USA Savannah, Georgia but travelled and lived all over Europe

Occupation: Philanthropist

Trivia: was called Crazy Daisy

After spening time and researching about Juliette Gordon Low I have learned a lot, but the one thing that I thought was really cool was that the Girl Scouts have a special handbook. This book is filled with rules and ideas on how they can makethe world a better place - they are taught how to use resources wisely by reducing, recycle and then reusing them.

So here are some tips on how you can help our world:

- Recycle ( such as plastic bags or just everything)

- Leave the car at home (it's better for the environment and it's healthier for you!)

-Turn off all electronics ( such as the tv, make sure it's not on stand by!!)

- Take shorter showers (This may help a lot especially fights with your parents and siblings over the hot water)



Until next time eat a cookie and drink some tea☕



Some people know quite quickly what they want to do in life but others such as our next woman take a long time figure it out.

The next woman in the herstory you could say was a restless soul. She always was on the move and coming from a wealthy family she could basically do anything she wanted to. She travelled a lot and even dabbled in the arts desperately trying to find meaning in her life.

At the age of 26 she fell in love with a man and married him despite her family's disapproval. Unfortunately for her he turned out to be a scoundrel, and while they were in the process of getting a divorce he suddenly died leaving her a quite wealthy widow.

After the loss of her husband she started to travel around the world always searching for something to give her life purpose. During one of her trips in Europe she met a man who would change her life forever, not in the way that you are probably thinking, but rather he gave her the inspiration for what would become her life's mission.

After World War I he started an organization for boys which would help them be better prepared for their future life. This in its turn struck a chord in our woman who decided she wanted to do the same thing but this time for young girls.

Her first group of young girls was actually in a poor district in Scotland. They were taught basic skills such as cooking and cleaning but also many practical outdoor tasks. In true British fashion the highlight of every meeting was the afternoon tea with their sweets, so of course this lead to her expanding the organization to London and then to the United States.

An important thing to remember in all of this is that she used her money to fund the organization, meaning she bought all materials and uniforms herself. In order to help the organization grow further in the United States and internationally, they needed more funding than she could provide herself, so therefore she got help from her family and friends.

At the age of 66 she passed away after many years of fighting breast cancer, but still today her legacy continues. In the short 15 years from when she worked in the organization to her death, over 10 million girls and adults have participated in the organization which has now expanded to over 145 countries.

For many years now this organization's goal is "to promote a global voice for girls and foster responsible global citizens who make the world a better place." It strives to achieve this by helping girls to participate in international traveling where they can learn about other cultures, and share ideas with other women and girls from around the globe. They are also encouraged to participate in special days such as the thinking day which is a day where the girls think of each other and what it means to be a part of a world movement. And last but not least, they are highly encouraged to take action on global issues which they do by raising money from selling delicious cookies.

So if you are done reading this I recommend you to start thinking of who this lady could be and and then buy me some of their delicious thin mints! (haha just kidding)

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Answer: Rosa Parks Cival rights activist!

Brief facts:

Birth; February 4 1913

death: October 24, 2005

country: Tuskegee, Alabama, USA

occuption: Civil Rights Activis

trivia: first woman to lie in state at the Capital Rotunda


skolverkets lägesbeskrivning 2013


Now after reading this I suggest you to take a seat and enjoy the ride! 🚌



While some people take a stand others just sit.That was at least what the next woman in the herstory did.

Our next woman in the herstory grew up in the deep south and when I say deep I mean deep.Her grandfather even had a shotgun on hand and that should tell you something.

She was taught how to read at young age and was later sent off to school which she attended till the eleventh grade when she needed to quit to be able to take care of her sick grandmother.This may seem quite sad but even today in her country only 40% of the girls like her graduate from high school. In my country, Sweden, 70% of all students graduate from high school which is actually somewhat low in Europe.

She never returned to high school but she did actually get a job as a seamtress at a local shirt factory.At the age of 19 she met a young fellow and later that year they got married.This lead to her getting involved in things she never dared to think about even in her wildest dreams.

By becoming the secretary of a certain organization she started to get an outlook on the world around her. Not everything was right according to her and many others. Why did most people live in this so called black and white world? What was wrong with mixing and creating grey?!

She was taught at a young age not to question the system. Everybody was taught not to question the system, and if anybody did there would be severe consequences. When others went right she was forced to go left, when others sat, she had to stand. Nobody said anything about until the the day she sat down.

"People always say that I didn't give up my seat because I was tired ... the only tired I was was tired of giving in."

That was one action which defined our world for what it is today- it's not a perfect world but it is less segregated and therefore more accepting of the people living in it. Of course there are things we still have to work on, for example, treating everybody equally by showing and giving respect to one and another. However, I still believe there will always be some sort of racism in our world because us humans tend to focus on what makes us different rather than what we have in common. Daring to do the right thing even when others say it is wrong, should be the path we all choose.

So who may this woman be?? Click on the next post to find out!😊

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Answer: Queen Hatshepsut who ruled as Pharoah of Egypt

Brief facts 

Birth: 1508 BCE

Death: 1458 BCE

Country: Egypt

Occuption: Queen

Trivia: Some poeple called her the first great woman of history!

Sources: Picture)

And to all the rest of you, in the words of the Bangles' song, "Walk like an Egyptian"!



As I wrote last time, the first woman I shall write about was a woman who tried to rule in a man's world. She grew up in a society where only the men had a say about what was right and wrong. This may seem odd in our world today, but in her world there was never a question about it,so therefore nobody ever asked.Well that is until she came along...

She was born into a very wealthy family, and it must have been to her advantage that she was born first. In the year she turned 12, her father suddenly died and this lead to her leaving her childhood behind and stepping into the adult world. This meant that she would become a wife to her half brother and a queen to her country.

After 15 years of being queen, things changed. Her husband, the ruler, died, creating a whole new situation for the country. With no ruler and the male heir far too young to make any decisions for himself or for a whole country, somebody needed to step in, but who?

Well She, she did.

With all the power and courage that she had, she took a stand and declared herself ruler of her country.

She became fairly popular with the people, despite being female, by going to foreign countries and bringing back gold and exotic goods for her people. However, there was a problem in her country which bothered her and many others.

She did not automatically have the respect of the religious and political leaders because she was not a man. Knowing this must have been disturbing for the competent leader because what could she do about this? It`s not like she could change into a man over night, or could she?

She did the unexpected and ditched her kalasiris (a long linen dress worn by females) and welcomed the shendyt (a skirt worn by males) along with a false metal beard. In other words you could say she dressed as a man.There are many speculations about this action but it is said that she believed that she would be taken more seriously and given more respect if she portrayed herself as a man,

In 2015, this tactic seems a bit silly. Today we are taught to be proud of who you are and not let the opinions of others affect you. However, she lived in another time where a woman was not allowed to be the supreme ruler of a country, and I do admire her for trying her best to secure her position as a leader.

So who is this woman who dressed as a man in order to rule her country?


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