In a groundbreaking investigation, The Hollywood Reporter uncovered how in 1998, Jeff Herman, the attorney that would become the "leading lawyer for sexual abuse victims", was himself accused of rape by his teenage receptionist.

Shockingly, Jeff Herman escaped prosecution despite what the police recommended.

The police report is now available online.

When Jeff Herman was questioned by The Hollywood Reporter, he could only mumble "oh crap".

The Hollywood Reporter article is available here:

Jeff Herman, Go-To Attorney for Hollywood Sex Abuse Claims, Was Once Accused of Rape

4:12 PM PST 12/8/2017 by Jonathan Handel

In the news for suing Bryan Singer (again), Herman escaped prosecution despite what the police recommended. He denies the allegations.

Harvey Weinstein accusers, actresses Kadian Noble and Dominique Huett, and on Thursday made more news by reportedly suing director Bryan Singer for allegedly raping Cesar Sanchez-Guzman in 2003, when he was 17 years old.

2014 rape cases against Singer and three other Hollywood gay men that collapsed within weeks, forcing Herman to admit to “untrue and provably false allegations” and pay a settlement to two of the men.

Florida-based Herman had previously been disciplined in two separate incidents of misconduct involving dishonesty. Nonetheless, he has become a go-to lawyer on sexual abuse in Hollywood and has appeared on television to talk about his cases and others.

publicly discussed is that he was accused of committing rape in 1998.

Three weeks ago, The Hollywood Reporter was contacted by the receptionist’s ex-boyfriend, who informed THR of a 58-page police report, which THR obtained from the Plantation, Fla. police department. He also noted that she never sought money or filed suit. Herman denied the allegations then and denied them to THR on Thursday, after first professing confusion. The police recommended prosecution, but prosecutors declined to file charges.

same time Herman was shifting his practice from low-profile commercial litigation to sex abuse cases, which then became and has remained his firm’s primary focus.

In a phone interview recorded with Herman’s consent, the lawyer expressed incredulity when asked about allegations of rape, then answered “no” when asked specifically about the receptionist, after which he seemed to mumble, “Oh, crap” (which may not be discernable on cellphone or laptop speakers). His answers were prefaced with long, halting pauses.

THR has learned, a reporter for TMZ contacted Singer’s representatives for comment on an exclusive story, that Herman had filed a new lawsuit against Singer (although actually Herman’s name is not on the complaint that appears on his website). The story posted a few minutes later and was widely picked up, effectively preempting the news cycle ahead of this article.

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The Allegations and Response

Herman was the owner and managing partner of Herman Law Firm, P.A., which had offices on the 26th floor of a dramatic office tower in Miami. At 39, he was twice as old as the then 19-year-old receptionist/file clerk, who had been on the job for just two months and had only recently moved to the city and out of her parents’ small-town home.

the rape allegedly took place at Herman’s Florida home.

Herman removed the receptionist’s shorts and violated her with his hands and penis. After she protested, she said, he compelled her to use her hand to satisfy him.

He said the receptionist expressed interest in him, so he called her. He said his wife had left him a month or two before the incident.

See the police report here.

The Police Recommend Prosecution, but Prosecutors Decline

Florida rape statute. However, several months later, Broward County assistant state attorney Dennis Nicewander declined to prosecute, citing “insufficient evidence.”

THR in an interview that he would likely have reached the same decision not to proceed had he known that just one year earlier, a federal judge in Oregon had barred Herman from his courtroom for life because of dishonesty, an extraordinary move.

THR is withholding her name. Back in 1998, she told police that she had contemporaneously described the incident to her boyfriend (who confirms as much to THR), another friend and others, but the police apparently did not interview them, and their names are redacted.

No Consequences

THR that she quit at the end of the week in question and did not report rape or harassment to the law firm, since Herman was the managing partner and his mother was the office administrator and HR person. The receptionist visited a rape counselor, then filed her police complaint five days after quitting.

Kevin Clash (which was later dismissed), and claims to have secured more than $200 million in judgments and settlements.

THR has previously reported. In addition, he lied at a press conference involving his client Egan, claiming to have investigated Egan’s claims for six months before filing suit, when in fact an email later obtained by THR showed that Egan had only been a client for about half that time. And his firm’s self-described “Special Investigative Unit” never produced any corroborating evidence in Egan’s cases so far as is known, and overlooked readily discoverable exculpatory evidence.

THR that his history of dishonesty and bringing people into disrepute on false accusations were merely “irrelevant blemishes“ on his record.



  • Jeff Herman markets himself as the country’s “leading attorney for sexual harassment cases”
  • He wrongly sued Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash and X-Men maker Bryan Singer
  • Herman was also taken to court by the IRS four times in three years – and he still owes nearly $250,000

Well, this is embarrassing: Jeff Herman, the self-styled “go-to” attorney for sexual harassment lawsuits in Hollywood, was himself accused of raping his law firm’s secretary in 1998. The police report was published by The Hollywood Reporter following a tip-off by the victim’s ex-boyfriend.

For the divorced Floridian attorney (57), who runs one-man firm Herman Law in Boca Raton and in New York, these revelations couldn’t come at a worse time: he was hoping to cash in on the wave of sexual abuse claims that are sweeping across the country. His star client at the moment? Dominique Huett, one of Harvey Weinstein’s main accusers.

Herman has represented alleged victims of abuse against members of the clergy – such as Anthony Mercieca, a priest accused of molesting US congressman Mark Foley in Miami – but also businessmen, like investment banker Jeffrey Epstein, and members of the entertainment industry. Herman lost his suit against Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash, and was counter-sued by Hollywood execs Garth Ancier and David Neuman, after he unsuccessfully represented child model and wannabe actor Michael Egan in 2014 in a nasty sexual harassment case. The pair said Herman aimed to “smear, harass and severely injure Mr Ancier as part of an avowed and very public campaign by Mr Egan’s counsel to troll for new clients who would enable them to shake down other entertainment industry executives with threats of sexual assault charges.”

Egan and Herman made a great couple – both desperate for money and counting on negative headlines to extort cash from Hollywood’s leading figures.

Banking on Hollywood’s short attention span, the beleaguered lawyer sought to erase the Egan trial from his history by editing his Wikipedia entry. Although it is forbidden to edit your own page, Herman had hoped his “anonymous” edit wouldn’t be traceable – but the editor’s IP address was quickly identified as the exact same one as the Herman Law mail server. The internet never sleeps.

Losing isn’t new to Herman: he has defended himself in court more than a dozen times – mostly for debt, contract issues, and once even for defamation. As reported by Medium , he was barred from practicing law in Florida for 1.5 years in 2009, after he hired an employee from one of his clients to start a competing business. Herman is also barred for life from the courtroom of Oregon District Court Judge Marsh, after he acted in ‘bad faith’ during a trial in 1998.

Herman was also served four liens in the last three years from the IRS, owing nearly $2m in taxes – and almost $250,000 still outstanding. No wonder Herman is looking for new clients, so he probably won’t want anyone to see – or share – the 1998 police report.

So definitely don’t check out this link and read the graphic rape description Herman's former receptionist gave to the police:

As mentioned in 1998, when she refused, Jeff Herman took her hand, and put it on his p****. At that time he said "just finish me off."