In 1977, Audrey Hepburn got the role in 's The turning point, to stare opposite Princess Grace Kelly. This would have become Grace's comeback movie. The script had been sent to Grace to hear her reaction. Director Herbert later on said; "Grace loved the story, and said she'd come out of retirement to play the ballet dancer who opts for marriage. Then Grace showed the script to Prince Rainier and he told her he didn't want her to go back to work." Such pity huh?

Grace had to say no to the role, and so did Audrey. Audrey didn't want to film the movie without Grace, but Audrey later on admitted that her biggest fil regret was not getting the Anne Bancroft role. "That was the one film" she admitted, "that got away from me."

The actresses who got the roles were and .

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So, who is Olivia Hussey?

Olivia Hussey is an actress, singer, activist and a great inspiration. Olivia was born in Argentina 1951 in April the 17th. Her brother Andrew was born the year after. Her father and mother divorced when Olivia was only two years old and later on, when she was seven her mother took Olivia and her brother to England, her mother's home country.

Her film career started already when she was fourteen in 1965, in The battle of villa florita and also Cup fever. But her big hit came in 1968 after Franco Zeffirelli had found her, when she played Juliet Capulet in Romeo and Juliet. This was the very first movie I saw with Olivia and it will forever have a special place in my heart. Also, she won a Golden globe with co-star Leonard Whiting for the role.

Olivia later on married singer and tennis player Dean Paul Martin, the son of the legendary Dean Martin, on her birthday 1971. They had first met in 1968 as Dino (Dean Paul) had fallen in love with the young actress from the movie Romeo and Juliet. But to remember, they were nineteen and twenty years old when they married, two kids, and with the years as married the grew up. And also, grew from each other. But before a divorce in 1979, they had a son named Alexander Martin in 1973.

After the divorce with Dino, she would come to meet Akira Fuse, a Japanese singer. They would come to marry in 1980 and in 1983, Olivia had her second son, Maximilian Hussey Fuse. Beautiful name, isn't? In the 80's, she played the role as Rebekah in my second favorite movie with her, in Ivanhoe (that came out 1982). It's a lovely movie that is played every new year in Sweden. Too bad, in 1990 she and Akira divorced.

But Olivia had met her true love already in 1989. The rock singer, David Eisley. They got married in 1991 and had a daughter, India Eisley in 1993. In the 90's, Olivia came to stare in my favorite movie she has played in: Psycho 4. It's a great movie, and so very good played by Olivia. She really scares me in that movie each time!

Later in her life, she has spend most of her days as a animal activist. Olivia is very caring for animals and share a lot of dogs (other animals as well) needing home or help on her social media such as Twitter. I must say, I admire her for being such gentle human being. She really cares a lot about animals, but also her fans and people in need. And for me, having a beautiful heart and mind is the most precious in this world.

Olivia with co-star Leonard Whiting playing around on set of Romeo and Juliet 1967. The picture is taken from my Instagram: @hepburnhussey