​As, a substantial amount needs to be invested by you for buying a building, it is of prime importance that, thorough inspection of the construction is done prior to sealing the deal. The reason being, there have been many instances in the past, wherein a little precaution taken for getting the building inspected before buying, would have saved the owners from facing a loss of millions of rupees. However, irrespective of the budget, it is essential for the building, you are planning to buy, to undergo structural inspections by a qualified civil engineer or a building inspector. The professional will take a detailed look at each and every aspect of the building before certifying its strengths and weakness.

The procedure of structural inspection of the building is not only about taking into account only those factors which are visible to naked eyes but there is much more to it. If that would have been the case, one would have done the structural inspection on his own without requiring services of a professional hand. Most of the times, the well maintained external appearance of the building can easily fool the person into buying it, thinking that it is the best he is getting.

However, the structural design engineer auditing the building in entirety will help you identify of any cracks in the beams, which are otherwise difficult to spot or will seem like a crack in the paint line. Also, there are other independent areas of the building like pillars and foundations, which would need to be looked into in detail by the structural auditor. As, pillars and foundations provide support to the roofing, it is necessary that they be in good condition. Many a times, furniture is seen installed in the walls, which is done with the purpose of hiding faults in the construction layout. All these discrepancies are difficult to locate until and unless the building is thoroughly inspected by a professional and experienced building inspector.

Prior to buying a building, getting it structurally inspected is a wise decision as, all the key areas are looked into, for identifying any sort of problems to the construction layout. The building inspection also helps in correcting and rectifying issues if any. The procedure of structural inspection includes activities like inspecting electrical, water connections or any other connections which are important for the smooth functioning of the building. Also, septic tanks, water storage systems and bio-degradable systems are looked into, in detail.

Each country has specific standards and inspection criteria to be followed when it comes to building inspection. The building inspector ensures that each of the aspect is adhered to seriously and the building passes these norms set by the governing body before being purchased by you.