For a couple of month my mom, sister and I stayed at a crisis center. It was a big house which on the outside didn't look like much, but on the inside it felt very safe. Obviously living at the crisis center was much better and much more different from living in my father's house. I think it was good for my mom too to live at the crisis center for a while, since she met other women who were in the same situation as herself. When you go through a tough time in life, sometimes the most helpful words you can hear are "me too". It really help a lot when someone knows what you're going through.
At the crisis center I got to play almost all day long. I was very young, so at the time I did not know that we were actually there because our lives had been in danger and still were. But I was lucky not to realise how awful it all was, because I would have been terrified.

After a couple of months it was time to move again. This time we moved in with some family, and of course my father found us...

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