It all looked picture perfect. It was almost winter when I was born, and it didn't take long before my parents could take me home with them. We lived in a big house near the beach and there was also a bit of nature. Could it be more perfect? A couple (who seemed to be in love) moving to a beautiful house with their newborn daughter. Of course it all looked great (my father always made sure it did), but the truth was far from perfect.

You see, my father was an alcoholic (maybe he still is, I don't know that). He drank every single day, and obviously had anger issues since he used to beat my mother up every single day.. also in front of me, and it has scarred me for life.

This is where my story started. This is the house in which a little girl lived the first couple of years of her life, the house in which a woman daily thought for her own and her daughter's life and the house in which a "man" controlled the lives of his family with anger and violence.

So the next time you see a family living in a huge beautiful house, remember this: You don't know what goes on behind those four walls. What might look like heaven is sometimes hell in disguise.

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