Hello, my little dolls, and welcome to my home~

Today's post is actually just a small little q&a that a lot of YouTubers actually do with a sibling or a friend, and since I don't do Youtube I'm going to make it one of my posts for this blog. And the person that I did this with is my older brother Peter, so let's get started!

Who is most likely to have the most brothers or sisters?

Even though we are brother and sister, we are only half-siblings. We both have the same mother, but different fathers, and my father actually has four other children, so I have two younger brothers and two younger sisters; whereas my brother only has our other sister and I.

Who is most likely to have the most piercings?

I would; I have plans to get my septum, medusa, vertical labret, and navel pierced along with some extra ear piercings.

Who is most likely to be married first?

Me; my brother has no desire to be married, and the same would go for having children.

Who is most likely to get in a fight?

Probably both of us, depending on the situation.

Who is most likely to punch a wall?

Probably me, I've done it at school before (whoops).

Who is most likely to get arrested for walking around naked?

Me. Definitely. I technically walk around in public shirtless 24/7.

Who is most likely to be the first to die in a zombie apocalypse?

Me. 100%.

Who is most likely to worry about small things?

I worry about everything and I'm told countless times a day to take a chill pill because of how much I worry.

Who is most likely to talk to animals?

Both. We will have full on conversations with our animals on a daily basis. It;s ridiculous.

Who is most likely to be a supermodel?

That would be me; I actually do very minor photoshoots from time to time with the photographer who did my senior portraits while I was in high school, and every now and again I'll set up a little set-up area and just use my phone for a DIY shoot out of boredom.

Who is most likely to move to a different country?

Probably me more so than Peter, honestly. I've actually had plans to move to Europe and even looked at jobs and housing, plane tickets, etc. And I do still want to, maybe when I retire or something.

Who is most likely to have been the first to kiss a guy/girl?

Both; I kissed a girl before he did, he kissed a guy before I did.

Who is most likely to do plastic surgery?

am! I have actually looked into getting a breast augmentation done because I absolutely hate the size of my breasts, but I've gotten slightly more comfortable with it, and I would probably never actually go through with it anyway.

Who is most likely to live in a zoo?

Both of us. My brother had four ferrets, two cats, two guinea pigs, a whole bunch of rats, and a rabbit at one point, and I currently have two dogs, a cat, four rabbits, and three horses.

Who is most likely to spend their money on something stupid?

I have no control over my spending money. And I will end up buy $150 worth of those stupid little num-nom collectible things you find in the toy section of your local Walmart.

Who is most likely to run around yelling Harry Potter spells?

Both of us; we are huge Harry Potter nerds.

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Hello, my little dolls, and welcome to my home~

Today I'm actually going to talk about something a bit personal. For the past year and a half or so, I've been dealing with a lot of pain throughout my entire body. When it first started happening, I thought that I was just sore due to overworking myself or not drinking enough water. But over time, the pain just progressively gotten worse, and worse. It has gotten to the point where I can't grab my phone or open a can of soda because my hands hurt so immensely when I close them. I cannot lift anything more then 10 pounds, and sometimes (more like 75% of the time), I am unable to hold my own body up because everything hurts.

The pain is mostly in my joints, such as the knuckles in my hands and toes, my knees, hips, shoulders, collarbones, etc. The degree of pain varies, in all honesty, but on a scale of 1-10, it's usually always 5 or higher. Every now and again the pain will be less than that. Unfortunately the degree of pain has broken the scale incredibly, to the point I will wake up from a deep sleep crying, or I'll get up in the morning and I wont be able to walk or even stand and if I do, I end up screaming in agony. The pain has truly become so unbearable, it's caused me to think about ending my own life because the pain is so great.

I have gone to my doctor, and I had an appointment about a week ago to have blood work done and got some pain medication.. The test results came back yesterday and it said that my inflammatory levels were higher than they should be. Now, I had blood work down before back in February and everything was fine, so knowing that there is now something showing up is actually a bit comforting due to having no answers whatsoever. Due to my inflammatory levels being high, my doctor wanted x-rays done as soon as possible. Well, thankfully I already scheduled them for this morning. After the x-rays were done, the nurse who did them told me that they will call me with results. Within 6 hours, they called me.and told me that everything was normal. We are now back at square one, right were we started before. Lovely.

I do need to continue taking my medication and hopefully everything will resolve itself out, but I absolutely hate having to waste my time at the doctors office only to get no answers as to why I am in such constant agonizing pain. To be pain free sounds like an unrealistic dream to me at this point.



Hello, my little dolls, and welcome to my home~

I thought it would be a good idea to have just a small general q&a post on here for you all. I tend to be very reserved when it comes to revealing parts of my life to others, and I'm trying to keep it primarily positive the best I can. Anyway, let's get started!

Are you named after anyone?

If you are referring to my current legal name, yes, I was named after my great-grandfather who passed away before I was born.

What is your favourite colour?

Black, obviously. But I really do enjoy all the colours of the rainbow, in all honesty. But if I had to pick an actual favourite, I'd have to say the colour spectrum of reds, blues, greens, and purples.

Where were you born/what state do you live in?

I was born in New Mexico but raised in Arizona and have been in Az ever since.

What nationalities are you?

I am Native American, Mexican, German, English, French, Scandinavian, and Italian. The Native, Mexican, and English traits are stronger than the rest though.

What is you religion?

I try not to really be part of a religion, but I do strongly believe in the beliefs and culture of Paganism.

What is your eye colour/natural hair colour?

My eyes are usually a vibrant forest green with brown around the pupil and blue around the outer edges, but now and again they'll turn chocolate brown or even blue, which is actually incredibly rare for me, along with one eye being green and the other blue for whatever reason. (shh, I'm secretly a husky in disguise). My hair is naturally a dark brown, almost black, but ever since I graduated high school I've dyed it red, black, and somewhat blonde. I'll actually be dying it again here relatively soon, something I've never done before, so keep a lookout.

How tall are you?

I am 5'9/5'10, depending on the doctor, I guess.

What type of music are you interested in?

I honestly listen to a lot of different kinds of music, but I prefer the heavier/gothic/metal style more than others.

If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?

That is actually a really good question. I'd have to say the odds are 50/50.

What is your dream job?

I don't think I really have much of a dream job anymore, but I did want to go to college for forensics while I was in high school, and as of late I've been wanting to go to school for veterinarian, especially for exotic/farm animals.

Did you go to college?

No, but I am currently working on getting re-enrolled at the community college here in town and possibly going to a university, but I haven't decided yet.

Do you use sarcasm a lot?

Nope. Absolutely not.

Scary movie or happy ending?

Both. I love being scared, but I also have a soft side for happily ever after.

Who are some of your favourite youtubers?

Nibbles, Tabby, and Stef Sanjati, all the way.

How would you describe your fashion sense?

​I honestly couldn't really tell you. I honestly get most of my style inspiration from people I follow on instagram, twitter, and tumblr, so it's never really just one set of styles.

Do you have any social media accounts?

I do, I have facebook, twitter, instagram, and tumblr, although I don't use tumblr as often as everything else. I also have at least two of each due to stalks and harassers that have nothing better to do with their time, so one account would be open to the public, and the other would be private and more personal than the public account.

​Have you thought about making YouTube videos?

Yes, actually, I have, and still consider making them. I have a channel set up, it's just a matter of getting a good enough quality camera to make the actual videos and whatnot.

​Does your tattoo have any meaning and do you plan on getting any more?

​Meanings come and go, but art lasts forever. I plan to have every part of my body tattooed.

​What makes you feel the happiest?



Hello, my little dolls, and welcome to my home~

So, I'm just going to jump right off the bat and tell you that the reason behind me even starting this blog in the first place isn't because I'm trying to be a "poser" or trying to be an edgy wannabe like a lot of people that I know have started up their own blogs in the past. Straight up, I could honestly care less whether people find interest in reading what I post on here or not. Read it, share it, don't do either, I don't care honestly. Anyway, the reason I even started this blog to begin with, is basically because my doctor told me to. Odd, I know. But my doctor believes that since I'm not entirely comfortable talking to a profession psychiatrist, but I'm comfortable talking to myself in my head as if talking to an audience, that posting what I feel and what is going through my head, would help as a coping mechanism and for me to actually express everything, especially without feeling pressured to do so. I don't have to feel pressured to talk to someone about anything if I'm not ready to talk about it, I can just type and post whatever I want, whenever I feel ready, and I can agree with my doctor on that part regarding the idea that this would be best and help me a bit more than sitting in a room for two hours or so with the chances that I'm not even going to say one word to my psychiatrist. I guess you could say that this blog is basically an "online journal" for myself, although that sounds very idiotic and childish and makes me want to end this whole blog right now, right now. I also can't exactly say that this whole blog idea is really going to stick that well, or even be consistent, but we'll give it a shot and see how it goes. As for content, I can't even tell you what anything will be about, but I do have a few topics in mind.

Anyway, that's all for an introduction, and I feel this is all going to crash and burn before it even begins.