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Okay so now when that's taken care of, let's write about my trip to the US over winter break.. I think me and my host parents had been planning it since september/october and I decided it was going to be a secret because I wanted to surprise everyone over there (which I did) and it melts my heart to look back at all the wonderful, funny, loving reactions people got when they saw me. Not to be forgotten is how incredibly happy I became when I saw them too!

So what did I do? Well.. I didn't really plan things because I really just wanted to BE THERE. And it was amazing how normal everything felt, it was like I never left. I did have a lot of catching up to do though so I hung out with friends a lot, went kickboxing with my sisters and dad, went to some fctc practices and worked out with the Poudre track team which brought me to tears because I love that team so much. Sad to not be there for this season but I'll be cheering on them from the other side of the world.

For christmas, unfortunately, I got sick so I didn't have a lot of energy. But I recieved so many beautiful things from my parents(both swedish and american) and had an AMAZING breakfast which involved fruits and a crossiant. After breakfast and opening presents we went to Nora's to open a few more and then me, Mase, Turn and Dad went to the springs to meet up with the rest of the Wecks family. It was awesome and I had a lot of fun even though I slept for like 5 hours in the afternoon. It was so nice seeing everyone again!

The next day we went back home to foco to see Sam and Julie who had just arrived from Cali! I've missed them so much! We did a lot of fun things like working out, shopping, watching movies but mostly eating tbh, which is awesome because Sam and I would binge on cookies and cereal and it felt GREAT haha. And honestly I don't think I ever laugh more than when I hang out with them!

For new years we went bowling which is a family tradition I didn't have the chance to attend last year since I was in Cali but it was fun! We ate fries, pizza, burritos etc. for dinner and after this we went home to Nora's and ate cookies and watched the ball drop. We played a bit of cards againt humanity too which was as fun as always!

The last week I don't recall everything but I basically just enjoyed my time there and hung out a lot with Allie. I visited Poudre and said hi to teachers and students. For my last night Allie came over and then we ate Lamar's donuts (I ate 4 haha) and they were delish as excpected!

During my trip home I was so bored because it took about 30 hours... At the final destination, Gothenburg, Pappa and Lotta were waiting for me and we took a fika and then I drove home. It was roughly 11.30pm on a Thursday and they were both very tired but I (who hadn't slept at all) was perfectly fine. Probably because it was daytime for me.

Worth to mention is a funny thing and I almost got stopped in security because of this... My scented candle.

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​a longer post will come but I just wanted to update y'all and say that I'm back! The reason I didn't write about it here is because it was a surprise to my sisters so thay couldn't find out! I couldn't link their surprise video but here's one of me surprising my best friend AllieMore surprise-videos will come and I'll tell you everything! Stay tuned, xoxo

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Hey blog, and hey to whoever is reading this.

My life has been very good since I last wrote, and it's been super busy, but that´s a good thing according to me. I'm working at a BBQ&bar in town and that's a great experience. School is going pretty well and I'm trying to stay interested in every class to not lose focus completely, haha. Track pre-season is starting and I'm feeling motivated and in good shape for this coming indoor season. I also have a boyfriend whom I spend a lot of time with and I am very thankful that he's in my life aswell as for my friends.

Although I have a good life here in Sweden I miss America (No shit Linnea, that's literally all you talk about) and I know I say it all the time and people are getting bored with me by this time. I seriously don't know what to do though cause if I can't speak of it, I can't tell people about the real me because it honestly made me to a totally different person. Whenever I describe something I call the time period either "Before USA" or "after USA" because I changed and my view on things changed and I got a different perspective on a lot of stuff and I like that. But seriously it's whatever. I just needed to vent since I don't really feel like bothering people anymore. So thankful for both of my families everyday, it truly is a blessing to know people from all around the world, even though it hurts, and this couldn't have been possible without both of them. Love to you<3

EXCITING!!!! Isa (Finland) is coming here tomorrow and I'm so happy about that!! We feel the same^^ and we understand each other so we will definitely have a great time and we'll be able to just go coloradical all over the place! In 3 weeks I'm going down to Siri for a weekend with her and Jenny which I'm stoked about too! So we'll all be fine when we have each other. It's nice knowing you're not alone :)

Ima go to bed now, goodnight and have a great day!

Jenny, Siri and I

​Isa and I

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