Just thought it would be nice to share some of the latest news and pictures. We just came back from the cabin. I just love cabin life so much, I could spend my whole summer there. Luckily it was a very sunny days there so we were outside a lot. It was also nice to be at the ''beach'' cause there was so calm and quiet.

Ajattelin, että ois kiva jakaa vähän kuulumisia ja kuvia. Tultiin just mökiltä. Mökkielämä on tosi ihanaa ja voisin valehtelematta olla vaikka koko kesän mökillä jos vaa ois mahollisuus ;D Oli onneks tosi aurinkoisii päivii, että pystyi olla pihalla paljon. Vähän oltiin myös rannalla ja siel oli ihan kiva viettää aikaa ku oli nii hiljasta ja rauhallista :)

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I usually have cravings for sweets and since I don't really eat anything that has sugar in it I sometimes have a hard time to think what to get to ease my cravings ha ha 😂

Good thing is that you can always make yourself something if you don't have anything at home (since I already ate my Pandy's and everything else as well)

So yeah luckily I always have gluten free flour and sugar free sweetener so the pie was ready like in half an hour or so, Plus it's like the easiest thing to make EVER 😊

In Finnish (I couldn't decide whether to write in Finnish and English or only with English so giving this a shot)

Mulla tulee todella usein karkin tai makean himo ja, koska en syö mitään sokeripitosta (poikkeukset lukuunottamatta) niin välillä on vähän vaikeaa ku pitää miettiä, et mitä suuhu pistäis mitä auttais makean himoon 😭

Onneks pystyy aina ite tekemään ja leipomaan kotona ite jotain jos ei mitää pient oo varalla mitä vois nopeesti ottaa ( kun menin jo syömään kaikki mun Pandy karkitkin (sokerittomat proteiini karkit)

Onneks kaapissa on aina gluteenittomii jauhoi ja sokeritonta makeuttajaa ni piirakan teossakaan ei mennyt kauaa, varmaan vaan joku puolisen tuntia tai sinnepäin ja piirakka on oikeesti varmaan helpoin juttu ikinä leipoa 😊

Gluteeniton ja sokeriton mustikkapiirakka.



I just recently discovered this product called Pandy the protein candy.

I came across with this product when I searched for sugar-free sweets. It's entirely sugar-free. Sweetness comes from stevia and glycoside. So you could say that this is a bit healthier candy. And yeah 16 g of protein per bag. 😉

My favorite was Sour plates/(sura vikter). I love fruity flavors so this is the one I would pick from all three of these if I want to have something sweet.

Soda shaker wasn't bad either. It has lime and Cola flavors in it.

The Salty kettle-bells on the other hand is something I wouldn't pick for second time. We love licorice here in Finland and this is far from the licorice I'm used to have.

So really not bad for sugar-free candies. Im just gonna take these and continue my Harry Potter marathon. 😉



We had a fun day yesterday. We visited Pajulahti adventure park.

There you can really challenge your balance and arm strenght cause the whole thing is made to the tree tops. I have a little fear of high places, but after you climb there it's not so bad and it actually is a lot of fun. Sadly we didn't have time to go through all the routes so we only did three of them although Im definitely going there again someday so at least there is some routes left to finish ;)

Too bad I don't have any other pictures. You just don't even remember to take any when having a blast ;DD




Finally decided to do my very first blog post although it took a long time to even start :D I created this for my own fun I and try to keep this kind of like a diary type blog. So I could start by telling a little something about myself.

I live in Finland which is said to be a land of thousand forests. Our nature is amazing...well at least if you love trees and lakes like I do. Gotta post a pictures of our nature someday. Forests are so soothing.

I love FOOD :D I love going out to restaurants (great photography material ;D) but I also like to cook myself. Usually though I don't cook anything special, but only basic foods. I could just fill my Instagram with food pics and restaurant pics.

I love animals, I have a cat myself that is currently living with my parents cause our landlord doesn't approve animals in our appartment.

I read a lot of Fitness blogs and magazines and follow them actively. I love working out and I do as much as i can a body weight training as well as gym training. Helathy lifestyle is something I try to maintain.

Well i guess that's good for starters. Let's see how often I will post something new. I just hope it doesn't take as long as it took to post this one (a month or so xD)