Wasting days the way i like to best. Cold beers, sunsets, beach-chilling, meeting new people and getting slightly tipsy in little treehouse reggae bars decorated with fairy lights. Lanta life is the best life. This island im on is called Koh Lanta and it is heaven on earth. It is so laid back, the people are amazing, the travelers this place attracts are amazing and life is just very, very good. Compared to island life, nothing else can ever measure up. It is the BEST. I cant even begin to try and explain how perfect life is here.

I love asia. I love not knowing what day it is. I love not having anywhere you have to be. Living life so freely, and just taking in every moment. Traveling and meeting people that are on the same wavelength as you in that area is so refreshing. Everyone is just about living life. Nobody cares about money, success, the social climb. We are just people, whether we are forming deep connections, making brief friendships or just sipping cold beers for a few hours in each others company. Whatever relationship comes out of every encounter, we are still just people. People connect. And people are amazing, mostly.

Now im just about to head out with my awesome Icelandic roommate who ive been hanging out with the past few days, and our new Australian roomie who arrived yesterday. We will grab some breakfast and chill on the beach and then see what happens from there. Ill sprinkle you guys with a few more pictures, trying to make you feel the vibe but pictures just dont do this place any justice. The atmosphere is truly something else.

xx love

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Next stop, Phillippines!

Spending the last 3 months in Asia has truly been a lifechanging and inspiring experience. Seeing people just live the simple life. I want that. The feeling of freedom you feel knowing you have the whole world at your feet, and everything you need in your backpack is really underrated.



Okay! So, i booked a bus to Siem Reap early, my bus left at like 7.30 or something ridiculous. Came to the bus station. Nobody there except Khmer people. Nobody spoke english. Suddenly a tuktuk with three (not to be racist), but white travelers. Two guys and a girl. The girl got pointed to the direction of a minivan, the guys stood there waiting. A man came and took my bag and put it inside the minivan aswell. The van filled up with a little Khmer family, husband, wife, little baby and one of them's mother. Haha. And me, and the girl from the tuk tuk. Her name was Heather. Since the minivan was so empty i got three seats all to myself, and it was very early in the morning so i just lay down with my sarong wrapped around me and fell asleep listening to podcasts. The drive to Siem Reap was supposed to be around 3-4 hours. After about 3 hours or so the van suddenly broke down in the middle of f****** nowhere. They tried all sorts of tricks but it just wouldnt start. We were stranded outside the house of a family relaxing in their hammocks, so me and Heather went out to talk to them, and play with their puppies. We were stranded for almost two hours. So i got to know Heather quite well. We arranged to go and do the Escape room in Siem Reap, and exchanged our numbers so we could keep in touch on WhatsApp. We were staring to get a bit worried about being stranded, as the drivers didnt speak a word of english, and neither did anyone else that was around. We saw them running back and forth with waterbottles, jumping on scooters and coming back with cans of gas, washing car-parts, trying to start the van an x-amount of times. No luck. We were just like... oh well. Siem Reap is 20 km away so if all else fails we'll walk. Everyone from the village around were coming to help start the van, and we got served some watermelon and bananas from the family whos house we were outside. Again, Khmer people are so friendly and helpful.

After a few hours, while me and Heather were still sitting trying to communicate with the locals we were called over to help push the van. By this stage there had been like 10 men working on trying to get the van started. We all pushed the van down a little hill and suddenly we heard the motor start! YAY. Success! We all jumped in and off we went the rest of the road to Siem Reap! Fell asleep again, and woke up when we were there. Jumped in a tuk tuk and found my hostel, chilled out for a bit. Got a msg from Heather, saying she was staying in the same hostel as the boys from this morning who got on a different bus, and that they were all going to see se Angkor Wat temple at sunrise, if i wanted to join. Ofc i want! So got an early night and set my alarm on for 4.30! The plan was to be outside their hostel at 5.

Next day, woke up in the pitch blackness. The guy in reception was asleep on the chair. I sat in the bar area trying to get ahold of Heather, but she was offline. It was like almost 5 at this stage. Had they gone without me? How do i get to their hostel? Was confused and getting stressed. And a rat ran across my feet. Finally at like 5.10 Heather was like "oh i just woke up, come to us and we will just eat breakfast and then leave." Walked outside and caught a tuk tuk right away, he said he could wait for mye friends and take us all to the temples after aswell. Came to the hostel, Heather was not there. Found the boys, they were annoyed. The sky was getting lighter. They said they had been waiting for her for an hour. The plan was to leave at 5 and by this stage it was 5.30. They had all finished their breakfast haha. "She really wasnt kidding when she said she needed some time in the morning" they were saying. Could feel their frustration. The boys were Jakob and Lee, two londonboys. Finally Heather came out of her room with an apologetic look on her face. She ate her breakfast, and the tuk tuk driver told her she should put something on that covered her shoulders, so she went back in her room to change. That took like 10 mins. She came back out, couldnt find her ATM card, panicked, went back to look for it. Took another 15 min, now the sun had come out and we had officially missed sunrise by far. She ended up not findind her card, so we just went anyway. Got to the place to buy tickets, whe she realised she didnt get her change back from the guy this morning when she paid for breakfast. We told her she could borrow money from us, but she was like "Okay its not my day today you guys, i think ill head back." So after all the trouble and making us miss sunset she didnt even join us afterall. Haha, but whatever. So it was just me and the boys! We got dropped off at Angkor Wat temple. Was still very early in the morning so it was not THAT crowded yet, still a lot of people, but it got worse during the time we were there. And OMG. So mindblowing that that place is built in the 17th century. the size of that place is ENORMOUS. Cant even start to try and imagine how long it mustve taken to build that thing.

I think we walked around for almost two hours in Angkor Wat, walking through empty hallways, ruins, climbed up into the towers. I have so many pictures i dont even know where to start. Was amazing. After we got dropped off to another temple, and i think all together we saw about 7 different ones. So was a long day with a lot of walking.

Me and the guys! Jakobs sweaty back <3 HAHA!

This temple had like 5 flights of these steep stairs. Not skipping leg-day today! Was dead when we got to the top.

When we arrived at Angkor Wat is was like 7 am and we were only done at around 2 pm. We got some lunch at this really local place (i think the tuktuk driver was friends with the owners! haha) And then finally back to the hostel. I just fell asleep right away and woke up and had some dinner and talked to three australian guys at my hostel.




Hey guys. Sorry, its so time consuming to write all the time and im either,

1. Having too much fun/busy socializing
2. Too tired and couldnt be bothered
3. Wifi is to crappy to even try uploading pictures

But anyway, now i can tell you a little about what ive been doing after Kampot. I took a bus to Phnom Penh at about 3 pm from Kampot, arrived there in the dark and jumped on a tuk tuk to my hostel. Had only booked 3 nights there, as i wasnt planning on spending much time in a busy dirty city. I arrived, found my hostel and went straight to sleep. Booked a tuktuk for the next day to take me to the killing fields and genocide museum, which was really the only thing i really wanted to see in Phnom Penh. The driver worked at the hostel so it was very easy! He first took me to the killing fields, about 20 min ride out of town. Drove through some tiny villages and into nature, and arrived at this beautiful park. Weird to think that such horrible stuff has happened in that nice place. I didnt know THAT much about Cambodian history, and i really wanted to find out because i have heard a lot has happened, and heard its pretty dark. Bought a ticket, got handed some headphones and a type of tape-player and had to press a button at every "stop" to hear what i was seeing. The Killing Fields are basically where Pol Pot took all the prisoners to die because they were traitors to his new system. The whole history is very complicated and i learned more about this at the genocide museum. Anyways, the prisoners didnt know they were going there to die and trucks and trucks of people, men, women, children were brought to this place, stuffed in small dark rooms where they couldnt see a thing, and then lined up over open graves and shot one by one. There was an eerie feeling to the place, just seeing all the butterflies fly around and everything looking peaceful, but then listening to the different tracks on my player. Made me very exhausted.

A tower full of human skulls.

I think this was what gave me the most goosebumps. The music they played, sounded like peaceful chanting. They wanted it to sound seremonial to avoid raising suspicion from the people who lived in the villiages nearby the area.

After walking around in the fields for about two hours my driver was waiting for me outside. "How do you feel?" he asked me. I was drained. But little did i know that the genocide museum would be much worse. We drove back into town and he dropped me off. Bought another ticket, got handed another pair of headphones and in i went. The museum was inside a school, or what used to be a school in the 70s. Until Pol Pot took over and used it as a prison and a place of torture. He didnt believe people should go to school. He wanted everything back to how things were in the rural Cambodia, everyone being farmers and living off the land. Anyone who had a degree, were artists, students, anyone that was not needed in Pol Pots utopian fantasy world were seen as traitors, together with their whole families.

I didnt take so many pictures in the museum because i was just walking around in shock. Inside the "classrooms" of this building was just photograph after photograph of victims, soldiers, young boys, young girls, men, women, foreigners, anyone who they have records of being tortured in this place. Basically they had to confess, and were tortured until they confessed their "crime" and once they confessed they were sendt to the killing fields. One of the rooms had a glass box with torture devices they used, and paintings (made by an artist who was a survivor) of these torture devices being used. It was absolutely horrifying and i felt sick to my stomach the whole day. This was in the late 70s people, most of the survivors are still alive today. I cant believe i never knew about this before. It was so sad. As i walked out there was an old man selling his book. He has a survivor. We had eyecontact for like a few seconds and i just didnt know how to react. So, so sad. It amazes me how happy and smiley the Khmer people are, even after this terrible thing that happened to their country not so long ago.

I got back to my hostel, had some lunch and passed out on my bed until around 8. Was so exhausted. Ate some dinner, chilled out in the common area (no internet in the rooms, haha) And went back to bed! The next day i spent doing absolutely nothing and just chilling out by the hostel pool and drinking smoothies.

Booked an early bus to Siem Reap for Siem Reap for the next day, but can write about Siem Reap and the road there in another post.

Remember to be grateful of how privileged we really are and stop being stressed about stupid shit, peple have been through hell. xx



Hey guys. Been in a little town called Kampot for the past week. I really, really liked that place. So relaxed vibe, very clean, nice little cafes and very friendly people. A river divided the "busier" side with cafes and bars and pastel builings in yellow, orange, green, and then the more jungly side on the other side of the bridge. The side with riverside guesthouses with hammocks and bamboo huts. The town was so small you everything was within walking distance. Not touristic at all, and it seemed that the type of tourists the town did attract were chilled out cool ones (like myself) - and not the snapback partyboys. So it was nice. The first few days i spent just walking around town, stayed at a hostel with not so many people, so just chilled out and did my own thing. The one night there was a huge thunderstorm that took the electricity, so the fan didnt work. It was a pretty hot night.

​I initially only booked 3 nighst in Kampot, but enden up changing to a different guesthouse because i wanted to stay longer. Found one with a pool in the Kampot guidebook at my hostel, and ended up booking 3 nights there aswell. It was in the even less backpackery part of town, and owned by a very enthuiastic australian guy. Booked a room in a 10 bed dorm, but i was the only one there for the whole time. But that was cool, the internet was pretty good because of that. Spent another few days just chilling, walking along the river with my headphones in, observing the asian way of life. So simple, yet people are so happy. Much happier than at home. We have to many stupid problems and just take ourselves too seriously. We have to stop, and learn how to be happy that we are alive NOW. And not worry about stupid stuff. I suddenly was chatting to a tuk tuk driver by the river, who tried to make me take his tuk tuk, i said no and we started talking - and he said that the buddhism way of life is to live in the now, and that if you ask a buddhist if they want a bowl of rice for their family tonight, or if they want a whole ricefield next year, they'd choose to feed their family tonight. I kind of like that. I think people in the west can learn a lot from that kind of mindset. In a way..

At my guesthouse there was a group of guys that were friends of the owner who hung out there everyday, and the one day i was in the pool they started talking to me, and i ended up hanging out with them for two days after that haha. They were english, australian and french-canadian, and had been living in Cambodia for years. The canadian went traveling at 23 (haha, like me) and hadn't been back since. He has a son in Phnom Penh, and they all had asian girlfriends. They kept talking about how much they hated western girls and would never go back to western girls (obviously forgetting i was sitting there, haha) I tried to ask them why, and from what i understand western girls talk too much. HAHA. The canadian spoke perfect Khmer aswell, so it was really weird to see a white guy speaking in an asian language. They started drinking at like 9 in the morning every day and didn't stop from there, and apparently thats what everybody does in that town. I just sat there talking to them and listening to their dumb conversations for hours before they took me out to see a live band across the river, the english guy tried to make me get a ride on the back of his scooter but he was so wasted i made us all walk instead. Here i come and suddenly turn everyone into outstanding citizens. It was about a 10 min walk, but they were so drunk and entertaining it went fast. Got to meet all of their wives at the party, which was at a really nice guesthouse, so there were other backpackers there aswell and not just locals. Was a good mix. I started talking to a girl from switzerland and she became my friend for the night when i had to get away from the loud drunks for a while. 

The next day i woke up and was greeted by these guys again, and there was a danish man and his little daughter, Bodhia, downstairs. They all were going on a boatride. They invited me to join, so i went with them. We waited for hours for the boat and this poor little girl was getting so impatient, eventually after an hour or so her dad didnt think there was a boat afterall. He said that happens in Cambodia, haha. He said we could go to his friends guesthouse rather, and we could play foozeball and minigolf there, so we drove down the road (i sat at the back with the slightly buzzed australian guy, sorry mom). We got to their friends place, and it was so peaceful and laidback there. Right by the river, a little way out of the town and they had hammocks and cats! I played minigolf with little Bodhia and we ran around looking for cats and finding secret tunnels. And then she found a french dictionary and wanted us to read that book, much to the amusement of the french-canadian guy. "Why would you want to read that?!" he kept asking. We looked at maps and i felt like a babysitter while her dad and his friends were having fun haha. But it was cute. She was cool. Really clever and grown up little girl. Her parents seemed pretty alternative so thats probably why.

Jonathan, the french-canadian passed out for a while. Thats what happens when you start the day with 4 tequila shots, kids.

We stayed there until sunset and then i forced the boys to come and eat at a vegan restaurant with me, which they surprisingly agreed to after giving me shit for it for 2 days, haha! Then the english guy had to go to work, so we all went to his bar and i had a glass of wine and went to bed. by this stage they had been drinking constantly since 9 in the morning so they were kind of all over the place. So i went home and watched gilmore girls, and this morning i booked a bus to Phnom Penh. So now im writing from the capital, after spending 4 hours in a packed minibus. TIRED.

See you xx



Arrived in Koh Rong yesterday evening. The boatride was good, not many people on the boat so i fell asleep across 3 seats. Was a bit cloudy and rainy, and my expectations were pretty low after the bad first impression of Cambodia, but boy was i happy as i stepped off the ferry. Back to the islands! The vibe was so nice, little beachfront cafes and bars with colourful signs, palmtrees, clear water, reggae and just everything that i have been missing! Except for the sun. But it will come back! My guesthouse was a tiny walk from the pier, and the room is very bungalowy. No aircon, but the ceiling fan was good and actually a bit cold so im totally fine.

I put my bags down and changed clothes and went down to the restaurant to get some water, and i also found a friend there! A tiiiny little baby kitten. It was so small and it just cuddled up onto me for ages and it was the cutest.

My room for 3 nights

My new baby!!! <3

I just sat there for a few hours chilling and catching up on facebook and instagram and other social media, before it started to get dark. No sunset because of the cloudy weather, which was a bummer because island-sunsets are the best. My mood was so good at this point i was happy just chilling in my bungalow for a bit before i went out to get some food. I walked a bit down the beach but all i saw was crowded burger or pizza places, and the smell of meat and smoke - so i went back to the restaurant at my guesthouse and they were showing a movie. I ordered vegetables in sweet and sour sauce with rice, and sat down in a comfy chair and suddenly The Junglebook came on. Yay. Spent the evening watching junglebook and eating dinner alone, together with couples and families haha. But it was nice. I'm chillinnnn. It is something else to sit on the beach watching a movie on a projector. Really nice first night!

Sorry about the bad lighting but it was dark!

After the movie it was about half past 11 so i just went back to my room and watched netflix until i fell asleep. The rooms have like cracks in the walls where light comes through and are open on top, so its not very quiet. At least its not right in the party area but still a bit loud, heard a lot of whiny drunk girls, one who was crying a bit too much over a stubbed toe, and also heard a bit too much of the Australian couple next door. But its fine, plugged my earphones in, cranked up the volume and fell asleep to the sound of Gilmore Girls.

This morning i woke up and ordered breakfast on the beach outside my hotel. Not to bad having breakfast looking out onto the beach.Just had a fruitplatter, as it was the only vegan breakfast on the menu. But it was good. Except i told them no yoghurt, and they gave me yoghurt. So then i told them i ordered without yoghurt, and they came back out again with another one with yoghurt hahaha. Eventually the 3rd time they managed to just give me fruit. I feel so bad when stuff like that happens, but there is no way i am eating yoghurt. So... yes. Still cloudy today, but really warm (about 29 degrees) so i just sat in my comfy chair and read my book and listened to podcasts for a few hours until i got bored. Sorted out some clothes that needed to be washed and handed that to the man in the reception.

Breakfast with a view

Ahh, the island life you guys. It sucks you in.

I could probably spend weeks here but it is quite expensive on the islands, unfortunately. And i refuse to stay in hostels, walked down the beach last night and its just noisy and drunk people everywhere in the main bar area. So guesthouse for more than 3 nights will blow my budget! But i have booked 3 nights in a hostel in a town called Kampot that i've heard is really nice, so will see how that is. Just have to figure out how to get there haha.

Hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow so i can top up my tan. Haven't tanned properly since Uluwatu. I feel pale. #tanorexia



Ive just packed up all my stuff and now im waiting for the bus to take me to the ferry that goes to Koh Rong. Ive booked 3 nights in a private bungalow with no electricity from 10-6 (haha) and ive heard wifi is hard to find on the island. So will be a bit off the grid for a few days. My expectations are not that high to be honest. I am still not feeling Cambodia and i went for a walk to the atm this morning and all i see is orange dirt roads and ugly shacks that are supposed to be bars and restaurants. The smell of weed and mud is everywhere and the only people at the bars are veryyy hobo-looking stoners. So. I dont think ive found my place. Haha. The Koh Rong island is a party island, which is why i chose to not stay at the hostels. A friend of mine was there in september and she stayed 2 nights in a hostel before she went mad, so she recommended a place called Smile Guesthouse. So i booked there. But guesthouses arent the best place for making friends so ill just have to be lonely for a few more days. But being lonely on an island is not that bad. Ive read about some glow in the dark plankton in the sea around Koh Rong so i really want to book a tour to see that. And thats about all i really WANT to do there besides lay on the beach and chill. I think the happy pizzas and shakes will have to do without me this time around as well! Haha.

Hopefully ill have some quiet days to think and just be. Would be nice to make some friends but im not counting on it. I think if i obsess too much about making friends it will never happen, so ill just chill. Never know when some friends might come along. #loner

All my stuff......




Hey friends. Im on my own again. Left Bali on the 31st, stayed one night at the (REALLY EXPENSIVE!!!!) airport hotel in Jakarta (the capital of Indonesia) before i left for KL at 05.45 the next morning. From KL i flew to Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) and then Vietnam so Sihanoukville Cambodia. My layovers at the airports were just long enough to grab some food and get to the gate so it was an okay trip. Long, but okay. Arrived in Cambodia around 17.00 at the smallest airport i have ever seen. And had to wait in line for my visa for quite a long time. I didnt have money for the visa so i was allowed to go OUTSIDE of the airport to the atm, just leaving my passport by the visa-desk. Walked past passport control and they were like "Can i see your passport miss?" and i said "The man said i could just leave it there while i find an atm" And they just smiled and let me through haha. So weird. Anyway, i took out 100 USD (they use USD here as well as their own currency, but they prefer USD) and then ran back in to pay for my visa.

Waiting at the gate in Vietnam.

Walked out and got a taxi right away to my hostel. Looking out the window while driving it was very different from Bali. Very third worldy. Flat. Not as jungley. Not as pretty. Everything looks shabby and the skies were all cloudy and it started to rain. Something else from sunny Bali. Haha. At this point i dont think any place will top Bali. But it definitely wont help with this mindset so i have to shake it off! I arrived at my hostel and had a shower and chilled out for a bit, then met two english girls who stayed in my room and chatted to them for a bit. They were heading out for some beers and then to a fire show or something, they invited me to join but i was so tired from my trip i decided to just stay inside and watch some netflix and relax. 

The next day i woke up and had a smoothie for breakfast at my hostel, and just sat in the common area scrolling through insta and facebook. The sun was out, so decided to go down to the beach. The roads here are so muddy and bad, and the surroundings look very shabby. Muddy roads, rubbish everywhere. But the walk took me about 5 min and when i got to the beach it was almost empty.

Bar at my hostel, where i had breakfast.

This is what the road down to my hostel looks like.... pretty shabbyyyy.

The road to the beach!

The beach was okay, nothing like the beaches in Bali (<'3) but still nice. I walked for about 10 min more along the beach before i found a spot under a little tree and i spent a few hours reading my book and chilling out. After a while i realized my wallet was not in my bag and freaked out a little, walked all the way back to my hostel just to find it lying on my bed. Haha.

This is important and why i hate snapchat. And being to obsessed about snapping pictures of things instead of being in the moment. A quote from my book.

Got back home to my dorm and fell asleep for a few hours, obviously still tired from the night before. Was planning on going down to the beach for sunset but it started to rain, so just chilled at the hostel. I had left my converse outside by the door so when the rain was over they were soaked. So that was dumb. Tried to go for a little walk to find this vegan place i saw on google maps, but it was SO dark outside. There are no streetlights here, and just muddy roads full of puddles and my feet got like stuck inside the mud and my shoes were covered in orange mud and it was just awful. I had to use my iphone as a torch and there were no people or houses with lights anywhere, except for empty bars here and there randomly placed. I just decided to turn around and go back to my hostel because it felt very unsafe walking around there on my own at night. I am feeling very confused and a bit sad to be honest. I dont know how long i will stay in Cambodia. My plan was to head for the islands but ive learned that its quite the party place and thats not what i am looking for. I think it will be hard for me to meet people in a place like that since i dont like partying and i am alone, i will just be the only one at the hostels not going out. So i am a bit worried about that. Will try and research a bit more today on Koh Rong but right now i kind of feel like i dont even want to stay in this country. Maybe i just chose a very far off place and that its nicer closer to the crowds. But still, i am a bit upset. Didnt expect it to be so anticlimactic to come here.

Anyway, dont know what ill do today, probably try to find somehere to stay in Koh Rong and plan that trip a bit. Heard there is no wifi on the island so will be off the grid for some time, maybe.




If only everything was as certain as the waves constant crashing against the shore.

If only i always could live not knowing what day it is, because days simply dont matter. If i could live a lifetime of not being a slave to the hands of a clock.

If only life could stay as beautiful as it looks in the light just before the sun goes down.

I'd stay forever chasing sunsets.



We have been in Canggu for the past week, and i absolutely love this place. Its not touristy at all, laidback locals, TONS of good vegan places to eat. Perfect. We stayed in an AWESOME airbnb the first two nights, but location-wise it wasnt that good. Me moved to one about 300 m from the beach and that was perfect. Much closer to all the restaurants and main areas as well. Canggu is basically a hipsterish surftown that still is very untouched, but also has some awesome restaurants and bars. A combination i can love.

To sum up life these days its pretty much beach, sand, beers, beachbars blasting reggae in the sunset, lots of sunsets, smoothies, great food and GOOD VIBES. <3

Havent really taken so many pictures because my phone memory is full so everytime i try to take a spontanious picture i have to delete a bunch of pictures first. But have tried to delete loads of apps and duplicate pictures to free some space.

The one thing about Bali is that you REALLY need to be able to ride a scooter to make the most of this island. I dont, and it is getting very frustrating. EVERYBODY rides scooters. We tried our airbnb-hosts one just to see what it felt like if it was easy enough to get our own. But didnt have a very big space to practice so couldnt really get enough speed to stop the whole thing from tipping over. Didnt feel so comfortable, so we dropped getting some since we anyway were close to the beach, shops and bars and restaurants. But it really would be nice to explore off the beaten track a bit more. Will have to come back and do that another time, for sure!

Here are a few Canggu snapshots!

Emma chilling in the pool at our first airbnb.

They really have the best breakfasts here. Chocolate-oatmeal with bananas, raisins and cacaonibs.

Most of the days we have stayed it has been pretty cloudy to be honest, so we are not spoiled like when we were at the gilis. But just sitting in cafes for hours and watching people come and go while sporadically scrolling on our instragrams is a perfect way to pass time in my opinion. Everything doesnt always have to be actionpacked. I like just observing. Observing people living their lives.

I have only a few days left in Bali before i leave, havent decided where to go yet but thinking ill go to Cambodia, head for Koh Rong for some island solitude and take it from there. Emma is leaving on the 31 for Malaysia, so we go our seperate ways really soon. Feels very weird, as we have spent every day together for over a month. People even ask us ALL the time if we are twins, even though she is like 4 years younger than me. Will feel empty, but also a new challenge to be COMPLETELY on my own.

until next time xx​