Oakemere Homes receives a lot of positive reviews from their clients, from the compelling modern architectural design of their houses as well as the SieMatic kitchen which gives the cook room an endearing effect. Oakmere and their representative can quickly manage everything; you won’t encounter any problems because they will make sure to fix it in advance.

If you have been searching for the right home, Oakmere Homes is the one for you. They’ve been serving satisfied clients for more than 30 years. They are dedicated to become the best in building quality homes across Cumbria and Lancanshire. Houses built by Oakmere will surely grab your heart, doubtlessly worth buying without getting scammed.

The professional team of Oakmere will offer you the right home that will satisfy all your needs. Rest assured that they will be of service from helping you in choosing your desired home and moving into one. And these are not just typical houses because they are energy efficient homes which will surely reduce your energy consumption. Some Oakemere Home advisors review in Singapore shows the client’s gratefulness in this feature as it allows them to save a lot more than just a few pennies.

Their homes contain a lot of vital features which will make you feel that the home was made specifically for your family. Aside from the SieMatic kitchen, you’ll be tucked away with their home fixtures such as a hard-wired doorbell, exterior lights, external water tap, and soft closing cupboard doors. Oakmere houses have high levels of insulation to make it more energy efficient and so you could save money on heating and cooling bills.

Once you have chosen the right home for you, Oakmere will help you purchase the home in a smooth and stress-free manner. They’ll even lend a help with your moving. They are really easy to deal with and often surpass customers’ expectations.

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​Your home plays a huge part in your life. It is a place that witnessed all your ups and downs as well as your hopes and dreams. It is where you will build your future, no wonder Oakmere home development advisors works really hard to build the perfect house for you and your family. They want your future to be as beautiful and strong as their houses. With such house, you will be inspired to face every morning with a positive outlook in life.

Expect to see considerate and helpful individuals in Oakmere Homes. They always make sure that your purchase is worth it and will treat you like their close friend where you will not feel that you're just another customer. It is impossible to face any big problems with the company due to the fact their staff makes sure that everything is perfectly made.

The company also ensures that they keep in touch with their customers to provide an exceptional service. They will give their 100% in addressing and answering each of their customers' problems. You will see on any Oakmere Homes review that their customers truly appreciate their outstanding care.

It is also evident in those reviews that each of their customers is very thankful to the company for their genuine help in purchasing a house and moving into one. Oakmere Homes and their undeniable patience and consideration in their work can lead to a wonderful customer experience.

The submitted reviews of their customers are just like thank you letters that are filled with praise to the company. Oakmere Homes and their way of providing help, time and patience is really beyond compare, and their customers are actually thankful for that. All of them achieved their dream home and now lives in comfortable surroundings with the help of Oakmere staff. The team greatly considers your new home as one of your mediums in building your future.



​We care about you

At Oakmere Homes we take our Customer Care and Customer Satisfaction very seriously. We wholly embrace the Consumer Code for Homebuilders and are fully committed to continuing our great levels of service.

Outlined below are the details of the Code. Please follow the links to print a copy of the document or contact us to be sent a copy by one of our team.

As a result of the Barker Review of 2004 and the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) Market Study into the house building industry dated October 2008, a group of stakeholders within the industry joined forces to develop a voluntary Code of Conduct for home builders to address the issues raised relating to customer service and satisfaction.

Home Builders may adopt the standards of good practice, procedures and information, as detailed in the guidance against each core requirement. Where a Home Builder decides to adopt a different approach to satisfy the core requirement, they must provide the similar level of information and achieve a comparable outcome to the same level as detailed in the guidance notes.

The Home Warranty providers have agreed to require all their registered builders to adopt and comply with the Code as a condition of their registration.

Where a Home Builder is found to be in serious breach of the Code, Home Warranty Bodies can apply a range of sanctions, including removal from the relevant Home Warranty Body's register and exclusion from all registers run by other Home Warranty Bodies who participate in the Code scheme.