One of the most common issue, people are facing today is heartburn and acid reflux. This is the most grievous health issue where a person feels uneasiness and restlessness, this not only disturbs physical health of the body, but also mental state of mind gets disturbed.

What is Acid Reflux?

A digestive disorder that creates irritation of the esophagus in the stomach is termed to as acid reflux. It is scientifically termed as Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). It creates acid in the stomach and makes a person restless.

Esophagus is the tube in the stomach that imports food and drink from the mouth to stomach. When this natural process gets pushed by the acidic flow of esophagus into stomach, it creates heartburn.

Generally, this acid reflux is normal and harmless, but when this normal disorder use to attack on a daily basis, then inner walls of esophagus starts burning. This burn is quite painful. On the contrary, when one of the forms of acid reflux i.e. heartburn, then you feel as if chest or throat is burning. This sensation makes you irritated and it becomes a severe health problem.

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Ginger: Ginger contains a substance- Gingerol which helps in improving regulation of the flow of juices in the digestive system and reduces inflammation in the body. It has a tendency to absorb extra acids, improving the digestive system. Be it in the juice form or grated form, consuming it would surely help in reducing reflux acids.

Enzyme-rich Foods: Food items such as pineapple, papaya, raw nuts, ginger, raw vegetables and all the fruits are rich in enzymes. This type of compound has the power to combat acid reflux and improving digestion. It has the power to break food particles in the stomach and enhance the digestion.

Aloe Juice: Aloe vera is such a powerful plant that not only helps to soothe your stomach but also it improves your skin and health. Helping digestion, it clears the harmful toxins from the guts. Simply extract clear gel and the translucent content of the aloe vera and blend it with the fresh orange juice. This drink would prove to be the healthiest breakfast.

Chew Gum: One of the fastest and scientifically proven tactic as a home remedy is chewing gum. This is because when a gum is chewed, the flow of saliva increases. This increased saliva is greatly helpful in alleviating acids and washing it quickly. You can see the result within 30 minutes.

Warning: Don’t go for a chewing gum that contains mint, otherwise the remedy would reverse back increasing heartburn. Ensure that chewing gum is sugar-free to get the efficient results.

Apart from these home remedies, there are few Do’s and Don’ts which you need to keep in mind and consider them in your day-to-day life to prevent acid reflux.

Here are points you should keep in mind.

  • Don’t take too much Alcohol
  • Don’t overeat
  • Excessive Caffeine intake is NO-NO
  • Avoid consuming Raw Onion
  • Say no to carbonated drinks
  • Leave a gap of 3 hours between meal and naps
  • Excessive Consumption of Citrus Juice would harm
  • Follow a diet that includes low carbohydrates
  • Lose weight

Considering all these points would be very helpful in preventing acid reflux in the body. While talking about losing weight and following low-carb diets, it would be easy to go with a diet plan. Furthermore, relieve the burden of pocket by getting your hands on various Nutrisystem discount codes for weight control plans to work.

Final Notion : An issue of acid reflux is a more severe disorder of the stomach acids than you think. So, it is necessary to maintain acid levels of the bowels and avoid production of the acid reflux.

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