​As some of you know, while I have been living in Seattle, I have also been studying online through the Global Academy of Fitness. I have almost completed my Certificate 3 in Fitness and will be moving on to my Certificate 4 in a couple of weeks, as well as having finished my first Semester of my business diploma. I didn't want to admit it but I think we all know that I won't be going back to teaching. There's a couple of reasons for this and I'll explain down further exactly why I left uni in the first place. 

So I'm due to return home in June 2017 and I've been thinking about what I want to do. I'm hoping to finish my qualifications by the time I get home so I can score a job in the fitness industry. I've always been into fitness and learning about exercise and I'm so proud of myself for finally pursuing it. I have no idea what type of job I want so I have definitely been thinking about it a lot lately. My plan is to start personal training when I get home and eventually, I can see myself starting my own business. But this is where I was questioning myself. Do I want to open a gym? My own boot camp? Group fitness classes? There are so many options but I am also really set on having a focus group. This is when I started thinking about having a business just dedicated to women, or women who have just given birth, or mums still trying to lose their baby weight etc. But then I thought about the younger people in society. People my age. People, both men and women, who suffer from mental illness. Who suffer from body image issues. Who suffer from Self Esteem issues. People who are too afraid and intimidated to walk into a gym and start training around all of these fit and healthy people. I don't think it is spoken about enough but I truly believe that exercise can be such a beneficial form of therapy. No, it may not be the same as speaking with a psychologist and being treated with different medications, although I believe it can really help you both physically, mentally and emotionally. There are so many people in today's society who suffer from an internal battle with themselves and I aspire to do whatever I can to help change that. 

I myself have never been diagnosed with a mental illness. Although, I believe I have experienced some forms of anxiety. I have also dealt with a range of self esteem, body image and confidence issues throughout high school and even still to this day. By starting to exercise and gaining knowledge on how beneficial physical activity can be, I have really noticed a difference on both my physical and mental health. When you exercise, your body releases all of these chemicals called endorphins, which trigger a positive feeling in your body. When I return home, my goal is to help people achieve this and understand where I am coming from. I think exercise plays such an important role in the way you feel and how you perceive yourself. 

In 2013, I graduated high school and was accepted into a Bachelor of Primary Education. I was stoked. Little did I know that uni would make me so mentally unstable. I honestly don't know where it came from. In high school, I was totally fine with sitting in a classroom, answering questions, completing assessments and getting things done on time. In my first Semester of uni I would feel nervous every, single day. Sure, starting classes in a new place would make you feel that way at first but the feeling never disappeared. I don't struggle to make friends either so that wasn't an issue. I would be on edge all day waiting for my class to start. Even the classes where I knew I wouldn't have to answer any questions out loud, or speak in front of the class or any of that stuff that could make someone nervous. I knew something was wrong but didn't really speak up about it. In my second semester I made sure to be in classes with my friends but the nervous feeling still wouldn't go away. People told me that first year was always the hardest but then it got to second year and I was still so unhappy that I decided something needed to happen. I remember saying from that first semester I would defer my degree at some point but I just never went through with my plans. That was until one day I was so anxious about uni and everything going on that I had a "fuck this" moment and decided to sign up to be an Au Pair. I attended a meeting a couple of weeks later and was so set on moving overseas and getting away from it all that I started my application process without telling anyone. I don't think anyone believed me when I said I was set on moving overseas because I always talked the talk so much, that I never actually walked the walk. Well, a couple of weeks later I matched with my host family who said they would need me to start in August 2015. I wasn't planning to leave until January 2016. I was emailing back and forth with my host mum and basically said that I couldn't be their Au Pair due to my university commitments. She said she understood and wished me the best. All of these emails were taking place one afternoon while Ainsley, Carly and I were completing our assignments. I had this sudden change of mind and thought to myself about how unhappy I was at that point in time and if I didn't give this a shot now, then when would I ever? I remember Ains and Carly tried to get me to talk about it and weigh up the pros and cons of leaving in a couple of months or waiting until the next year to go. But I didn't want to talk about it. I just knew I had to go with my gut feeling. So I emailed by host mum back straight away and told her I had changed my mind and we organised a skype session immediately. A few weeks and skype sessions later, I had matched with my host family and was on my way to organising my visa for America. A year and a half later, after that sudden change of mind in Ainsley's living room, here I am living in Seattle and I couldn't be happier. 

It wasn't until I reached Seattle that I got so serious about training, eating right and learning even more about fitness. I have also learnt so much more about myself in this past year and I honestly think this experience has had such a positive impact on my mental health. Like I said before, I am about 1 week away from graduating my Certificate 3 in FItness and I am currently training 5 days a week at LA Fitness. I learn more and more every day and love trialling out new exercises and work out plans to see what works best for me. My body image, confidence, self esteem and mental health in general have improved immensely and I cannot stress enough how important exercise is for you. I want other people to see this and I want to work with clients so I can help them achieve the best version of themselves. I am still a work in progress but I want to provide inspiration and motivation for people to do so. Social media is currently filled with transformation photos of people all over the world who have started training and improving themselves physically. I want to focus on the mental transformation of people and how much better exercising has made them feel. Personally, I don't exercise to lose weight. I can see people mocking me for saying that but I have my reasons and I'll explain further. You see, I used to do this and I was so stupid at the time because I was facing a lot of body image and confidence issues. Now, I exercise to feel good. If I don't get my daily work out in, I don't freak out about it and cut down my calorie intake or do anything like that. I just don't feel as good as I would have if I did get the chance to exercise that day. I will always have more chances to exercise. But, at the moment I make it a priority every single day to get some form of physical activity in. It makes me feel so much better about myself. Like I said before, I don't exercise to lose weight because I hate having to reach a certain weight goal and beat myself up over it if I didn't get there. If I feel like I should be losing weight then I will work as hard as I can to do so but I will never, ever again beat myself up over the fact that I haven't reached a certain number on the scales to determine how healthy I am. I struggled with this for years and I am so happy, and proud of myself now that I understand how a number does not determine your health status and more importantly, your self worth. I will not allow my physical appearance to determine how happy I am. I will however, exercise to make myself feel good. 

I'm so done with people having to feel like they have to reach all of these physical transformation goals highlighted on every form of social media possible. I'm talking about these transformation photos posted every where. Sure, they have worked hard and definitely need to be proud of themselves for all that they have achieved. But if you're like me, some people will get so obsessed with their physical appearance goals that they forget about how they should be feeling mentally. I turned into a perfectionist and it was horrible. Now that I am focused on how exercise actually makes me feel, I have never been happier. 

My perfectionism started in Year 8. I had been competing gymnastics for several years and starting obsessing over my body. You wouldn't believe it now, but I'm pretty sure I was the 3rd shortest girl in my grade. I had also been quite skinny my whole life. But in Year 8 I started obsessing over my weight and food intake. I was training up to 14.5 hours per week at gymnastics so I would need a lot of fuel to get me through those tough workouts. But instead, I limited myself because I wanted the scales to stay the same or I wanted my number to decrease. I ended up having to take 6 weeks off school because I became too sick. I was so thin and so weak that my body couldn't handle anything anymore. I was almost diagnosed with chronic fatigue and was on the verge of anorexia. I remember laughing when my doctor told me this because anorexia was just something I had read about and didn't think it could happen to me because something had to be wrong with you mentally. Looking back, I definitely realise how screwed up my mental health was and I hate myself for putting my body through that. My lowest weight that I "achieved" was 32.9kg. I remember secretly weighing myself up to 20 times a day in hope for that number to change. My self worth was one hundred percent revolved around achieving a certain number. The amount of times I cried because I didn't see what I wanted to is uncountable. My doctor recommended these immune system tablets and protein shakes to try and get me back on track but I refused to take them. The number of fights I had with my mum about having to drink that protein shake was ridiculous and I apologise mum. Today, I am easily over 65kg (double that weight) and would happily down 2 of those protein shakes a day because my mindset has changed completely. I know how much my health as well as my performance in the gym could benefit from supplements like that. Fast forward to Years 11 and 12, I ended up quitting gymnastics and I started Pdh/pe and Food Technology. I think this is what spiked my love for Health and Fitness. At the end of Year 12 I started to become self conscious again about the amount of exercise I was doing. I didn't play a sport and I hate running. So I then finally decided to join a gym and it has been one of the best things I have done. I remember the first day I trained in Jetts Fitness in Figtree and I was so self conscious because I didn't really know how to use anything. Now I look at myself training in LA Fitness in Seattle and it is amazing how much I have learned. How much I have learned in regards to exercises, workout plans and how it makes me feel. I am so much more confident, my self esteem levels have improved and overall, I am just so proud of myself. This is why I want to share my experiences and help others to get a better hold of their own mental health. 

To all those girls and guys out there who have dealt with/or are dealing with mental health issues, who are too intimidated to walk into a gym and start training, who feel like they can't make time to work out, who have experienced perfectionism, who have struggled with body image and self esteem issues, or has faced anything along the lines of what I have then I am here for you! I have been there, and I believe a lot of people in today's society have been there too. I am truly passionate about this and want this to be my focus when I return to Australia. My goal for now is to take on board all of the feedback of anyone who reads my blog. Please, please, please don't hesitate to reach out to me or give me feedback on my thoughts and ideas. I would love to help people and I would also love to work with people to come up with personalised goals and workout plans if anyone is interested. As I said before, I am still a work in progress and I am constantly learning but I would love to share my knowledge and passion with anyone who is interested. 

I have almost graduated my Cert 3 in Fitness and will be looking for clients to help me complete my Cert 4 in Fitness so if you are interested then hit me up so I can work with you in designing a plan best suited for you and your schedule. Like I said before, any feedback (both positive and negative) will be taken on board. I really appreciate your time taken to read this and if you like, there should be boxes below for anonymous and non anonymous comments. If you are really interested in talking to me a little bit more then you can email me at: haylee.newman@hotmail.com

Thank You and goodnight!

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​I'm currently sprawled out across my bedroom floor in what will continue to be my American home for the next 9 months. Today is my 1 year anniversary of flying to the United States and starting my American Dream, and I'm feeling a range of emotions. Right at the top is happiness. My host family just took me out to dinner to celebrate my presence in America for the past year which explains the food coma I am currently in. Just ate my way through a huge american burger and shake and I can't possibly see myself making it to the gym tonight. Hopefully i'll recover in the next hour or so. My second emotion I am feeling today is excitement. I'm so excited for what America has in store for me in the next 9 months and I'm also a little worried at how quickly they will fly by. Last night I couldn't sleep because I felt so anxious about leaving this place and saying good bye to my host kids and I was also imagining my return to Australia and how happy I will be to reunite with my family and friends. I knew this week would be rough as I've hit the 1 year point and my host kids being absolute devils yesterday did not help with the feels. My last emotion was a little sadness or homesickness. Since I am poor, today would have been my last day to work for my host family and I probably would have been flying home tonight. I know how hard this is for my close friends and family at home but I chose to be selfish and stay a little longer because I love it so much here. I will be returning to Australia at some point, because my visa will expire soon and I have no money to fly anywhere else. But if any Americans are reading this then feel free to ask for my hand in marriage so I can get a green card. Thank you!!!

Today I received an unexpected delivery of gorgeous sunflowers off my family. They were in celebration of hitting the 1 year mark so that made me extremely happy and proud. As I was receiving the flowers off the delivery guy, I was saying how cute it was of my family to send them and then the delivery guy said that the same thing could be said about me. I said thank you ad shut the door before it had even registered so I probably blew his future confidence levels completely. My bad. My host mum and her sister thought it was hilarious and I told them that this is the reason I don't go on dates. Because I'm mean to all the nice guys. 

I know I haven't blogged in a really long time but it's because I'm keeping a journal and I'm trying to write in it at least every second or third day. But, my dear friend Georgia who just came to visit has inspired me to keep it going. So this one is for you G. Since I have spent the past 52 weeks living a different life in America, I have decided to make a list of 52 things I have learnt about this country. Unfortunately, I dropped my phone at Starbucks and it stopped working, so the list of 52 things I came up with is long gone, and because somebody is really stupid they didn't back up their phone for the past 13 weeks (me). But thankfully, my host mum came to the rescue with a new iPhone 5 so I can start being social again! So bear with me and enjoy this list of 52 things I've learnt in the past 52 weeks in America...

1. The light switches are upside down. I still get confused after a year of turning on lights. 

2. The cheese is bright orange. What's going on America?

3. I didn't believe people about the amount of rain in Seattle but it's got to be at least 90% of the year. (this may be a slight exaggeration)

4. If you don't LOVE cream cheese and bagels as much as I do, then maybe I don't love you

5. The coffee is pretty terrible. I mean, as much as I love Starbucks, something needs to be done about that drip coffee. You can give me instant any day over that nasty stuff. 

6. I'm yet to meet an American who doesn't love Australian accents.

7. Americans stereotype of Australia is waaaay off. Although sometimes I can come off as the perfect stereotype (hello 6ft black snake knockin at my front door back home)

8. Everyone flips out when I drive without shoes on. That's the norm right???

9. It might just be Seattle but I feel like there is 0 fashion sense.

10. Gas is hella cheap

11. So is alcohol. Hello $15 for a bottle of vodka. Not too keen on those hidden taxes though. 

12.Toiletries are not so cheap - I'm looking at you spray deodorant and makeup wipes

13. The Cadbury chocolate here is a lie. It's made by Hershey's and tastes terrible. Do not buy.

14. Maybe it's just me but American guys are soo bad at texting, no matter how keen they are to hang out.

15. American kids can be so disrespectful and spoilt.

16. I still haven't spotted a celebrity??? The closest thing to a spotting a celebrity is probably spotting my favourite radio show hosts at the gym haha

17. Concerts are pretty cheap here. Except for you Beyonce and Drake. 

18. In Seattle, the sun rises so so early and sets soo late in the Summer. But let's not even talk about Winter. 

19. Coachella was a whole new music festival experience. And so was the ticket price with the ridiculous exchange rate (if only I had saved up enough American dollars but noooo)

20. Every kid I have met knows how to ski?! This amazes me. What else amazes me is that I also killed it on the slopes. May have killed my hip at some point too...

21. The cars here are bloody huge

22. So are the portion sizes of meals

23. Basically everything is huge (people)

24. Driving on the right side of the road wasn't as hard as I expected. It's also so much better driving a manual and changing gears with my right hand. I may have turned onto the left hand side of the road when I was first adjusting though. But I never had the kids in the car! Although I have turned onto multiple 1 way streets with them. Fml 

25. Americans always confuse my accent for British, or when they try to copy it, it always comes out a bit pommy.

26. Never ending range of ice-cream flavours, ohhhhh my lord

27. I've never seen more dogs in my life. Seattle has more dogs than children.

28. Tootsie rolls are so overrated. 

29. Twinkies on the other hand are incredible. Along with reeses, ben and jerry's, pizza etc

30. Soo much love for Starbucks and it's free wifi. THANK YOU!!!

31. Americans have so much pride for their country. Although I have become so patriotic since being here and always find a way to talk about Australia. 

32. I still can't stand country music and how majority of the Americans I've met are obsessed with it. It's a no from me. 

33. Seattle seems to have limited attractive men. Although, they do have knowledge and education on their side. Hello $$$$$

34. Sororities aren't allowed to host parties?????

35. Travelling has changed me in so many ways and changed my perspective on things a lot. 

36. Americans love their hiking (could just be the Pacific North West) and I've realised just how terrible my cardio is. 

37. LA Fitness (my gym) is huge and beats all Australian chain gyms for sure. 

38. There is basically a holiday for everything here (not complaining)

39. Which means there is a new Starbucks drink for every holiday!

40. The average pay here is a joke and I honestly don't know how people are paying rent. Shoutout to my host fam for housing me.

41. The drinking age SUCKS

42. You can buy a gun before you can buy a drink???

43. American beer is so watered down. But I actually prefer it because I'm not a huge fan of the taste of beer.

44. Americans have so many weird words for things and different spellings. Like wtf is a teeter totter? It's a see saw, helloooo

45. I'm going to be so glad when I go back to Australia and won't have to hear any more children or parents say "Potty". So. Sick. Of. This. Word. It's a bloody toilet. 

46. Seattle is probably the most beautiful city I've been to (not biased I swear). But I actually find it more beautiful than the other major cities I've been to such as New York, LA, Portland, Vancouver etc. 

47. America is missing out on so many wonderful things (I'm thinking slices, timtams, pies and sausage rolls, caramello koalas, chicken schnitty, chips and gravy etc)

48. Squirrels. EVERYWHERE!

49. Raccoons. Cutest animals ever. But they are feisty mfers

50. I'm so thankful how close Seattle is to Vancouver. Hello drinking age of 19. Pretty cheap too and some pretty sick clubs and bars. 

51. Homesickness is the weirdest, most unexpected thing I have ever experienced. Takes my appreciation of friends, family and Australia to a whole new level. 

52. I don't think I'm ever going to be ready to leave. If everyone could cross their fingers so that I win the greencard lottery then that will be very much appreciated. 

Much love America, much love. 



​It's been a while so I'm gonna write a hella long update on my life. 

First thing first is that I have decided to extend my Au Pair program! I was meant to go home in September but now I have decided to stay for another 9 months so I won't be returning to Australia until next June. So crazy how far away that is. This was probably the hardest decision I had to make since being here. What made it even harder was that Jarrod just visited and it was pretty upsetting having to say bye to him after that, even though at the time I only had 4 months to go. One of the biggest factors influencing my decision was how much I miss my friends and family. I wasn't sure if I could go without seeing them for another year from now. After my vacation with Jarrod, I had about 5 days to decide whether I was staying here or not. These 5 days were possibly the worst days I have had here. I was still recovering from Coachella, I was upset about Jarrod leaving, I was so bloody itchy from getting possibly the worst sunburn I've ever had and I had to make a decision by the end of that week. It was rough. So I was speaking to so many people about what to do and I had so many pros and cons about leaving or staying. Obviously I was getting different advice and stories off everyone so this didn't really help. Some of the cons about staying were not getting to see my friends and family for another year, not getting to spend Christmas at home, having to complete my Personal Training practical here and the weather. A few of the days in that rough week I was actually considering not extending because of how shit the weather is in Winter here hahahaha. But now I look back at that and think how ridiculous that reason to go home is. Some of the pros about staying here is that I actually get so much more time to accomplish everything I wanted to. Summer Break is coming up which means working 10 hour days with the kids so they're gonna drive me crazy. This is another reason why I want to stay so that I don't end my year with the kids on a bad note, I definitely need more time with them. There are also so many events coming up that I want to go to and I have a few friends coming over for exchange so I knew that if I went home and saw how much fun they were having I would regret not staying longer. But one of the main reasons I want to stay is so that I can turn 21 here! I knew that if I went home I would 100% regret not being here next January. I feel like a 16 year old here sometimes so being legal in this country is just gonna make it even better. Hopefully it increases my chance of meeting some more attractive americans too haha. The other main reason I'm staying is for my host family. It's crazy how much has changed in the past few months. I was ready to leave at the start of the year. But now things are so good, I feel so welcome in the family and I felt so loved when they all asked me to extend. It's still tough living with your employers sometimes, especially when you want some alone time but it's great for them and it's cheap for me so I'm gonna put up with it for another year. The girls absolutely love me too and really didn't want to get a new au pair. The thought of someone replacing me actually hit me pretty hard and I got upset thinking about it so I knew it wasn't time to leave yet. So I think I've definitely made the right decision because I'm so happy at the moment. I think it's such a great opportunity for me and it's definitely making me grow as a person. It's even better that one of my close friends is extending for the same amount of time as me so we have a few events and adventures planned for the next year!

So back to when Jarrod was here. He arrived the week before Spring Break on a Wednesday night. Actually, he arrived Wednesday morning I think, but since I was working I couldn't pick him up until that night. And me being great with directions, I may have gotten a little lost on the way to the airport and peak hour traffic didn't help. But I finally made it and we reunited and just couldn't stop talking. I'm not gonna ramble on about what we did every minute of every day but I will tell you some. We went to a few "beaches" which was nice because the weather was actually decent the week that he came. We went to Kerry Park which has the best view of the Seattle skyline - search it because it's amazing. But unfortunately it's near impossible to capture on camera. We went to the top of the Columbia Tower which is the second tallest building on the West Coast. We also did some more tourist things like going through Pike Place Market and seeing the Gum Wall. On the Sunday it was time to head to Cancun, Mexico. This was probably one of the most amazing places I've been to in my life. So pretty. I think I need to upload some more photos or share our paragliding vid because it's incredible. We arrived at about 5am and couldn't check in til 1 so we just used the spa, pool and swam down at the beach. But I was sleepy so decided to take a nap in the shade. But of course the shade moved and when I woke up I was red af. I don't think I have ever been burnt that bad. So painful to even sit on a chair, let alone try and take a shower. We also started peeling the day before Coachella which sucked haha. In Mexico we sat in the hot tub for hours every day, got complimentary buffet breakfast, did a lot of shopping etc. We were about a 50 minute walk from the town area where everything was happening so it was hell to walk there in the heat. Not great for the sunburn either. We ended up buying a tube of sunscreen which was more expensive than not one, but TWO, 750ml bottles of vodka. What a joke. So we made the most of the cheap alcohol and pre drank pretty early because it's what we do best. Bad idea for me though because since I haven't drank in ages it hit me fast. A little too fast because I was throwing up before I even ordered my dinner. Think I threw up after it as well even though it was bloody delicious - we went to Hooters and I definitely recommend the bbq cheeseburger. So after getting everything out of my system we headed to a nightclub which I don't remember the name of. But we paid for entry and it was an open bar which was sick. Then after waiting for a while we entered the actual club part which was so so different to any other club I've been too. It was like a crazy Mexican show/club that had balloons and streamers every where. Every so often people would perform and then they would play regular club music and then they would go back to performing or some apparently popular Mexican songs. Was very random but still fun. On the last day in Mexico we decided to go paragliding which was such an amazing view. I need to edit my video and share that shit. Our Mexican holiday then came to an end which was sad but that only meant Coachella was the next day which is what we had been waiting for. We stayed in Palm Springs which was also amazing but accommodation was hella expensive. We were so hungry when we arrived and after 3 flights we were pretty exhausted. Especially because Frontier airlines sucked and we couldn't get to sleep. Anyway, we went exploring for a restaurant and ended up coming across these markets that filled the streets. Was such a nice area. Day 1 of Coachella finally came around and since I'm not 21 Jarrod had to buy my alcohol haha. And since he was a pussy and couldn't even do 1 shot, I ended up drinking the entire bottle, which wasn't actually that big, but enough to get me drunk. I still feel like I have post Coachella depression because I get so sad talking about it. Day 1 my favourite artists were definitely Ellie Goulding and Jack Ü. Incredible. The other day I went to buy a meat pie and Ellie started playing on the drive home and I actually started crying hahahaha. The people staying in the apartment next to us in Palm Springs were actually from Australia and New Zealand too. They were pretty cool and were giving us tips on how to survive and who to see at Coach since it was our first time. Day 2 was a blur. I remember seeing Disclosure, Rufus and Snails but that's about it. Day 3 was hands down the best day even though we felt like shit. Jarrod and I were actually walking around the grounds trying to find a shady spot to take a nap when we first got there. It wasn't until 6pm ish that we started feeling better which was good because all the good stuff started around 7. We saw Major Lazer first which was definitely the highlight of my Coachella experience. So so good. We also saw Sia, Flume, and Kshmr which were insane. Chainsmokers were also going off but we were probably 50 metres from the back of the tent and we were fkn sardines in a tin. Could not move anywhere. To end the night we saw Calvin Harris which was so much better than we expected. Such a good end to the weekend. Unfortunately after that we had to get a 1 hour shuttle back to palm springs, wait for our 2am shuttle to LAX which arrived by 4am and my flight wasn't until 7.30am. Also had to work that afternoon. But I shouldn't complain because Jarrod's flight back to Australia wasn't until 10pm but he went to a hotel so he could sleep and shower. I almost cried after saying good bye to Rod. Did not want to go back to Seattle especially because I was working that afternoon. I couldn't even function. The week following that was just the worst, but it's passed now and I'm happy again. Since I'm extending we're planning to go back next year, so if anyone wants to join then let us know because the more people, the cheaper the accommodation. And you definitely want to organise early because what we paid was a joke. Definitely one of the best weeks of my life though.

I'm not done yet. During my post Coachella depression week when I had to make my decision about extending, there was one thing that got me thinking positive again. It was skyping with my Mum and my sister. I told them that I was considering staying and Payton looked like she was about to cry. I thought mum would be the same but she actually shocked me and told me to go for it. She said that if I'm thinking about staying that I would be stupid if I didn't take the opportunity now while I'm young because there would be nothing worse than going home and regretting my decision. So thanks for being supportive Trace, love ya. So now since I'm staying my fam bam are coming to visit me for Christmas!!!!! We skyped last night and it's pretty official that they'll be coming to Seattle for Christmas and then down to Cali for the rest of their trip. I am so, so, SO excited because I really wanted to go home and be with everyone for Christmas but its even better that they're coming here so they can finally see what I've been doing for the past year. I'm already planning what we're gonna do because I can't wait. I know I didn't cry before I came here but I can just see myself bursting into tears when I see them. December could not come quick enough!

I've got a fair bit of stuff coming up between now and then so that will keep me busy and hopefully make time fly so I get to see them sooner. But at the same time, I want time to go slow so I can do everything I want to in the time I have left here. I keep joking to mum that I'm going to get married within the next year so I can live here for good but we all know that's not going to happen. Too many fish in the sea that I wanna catch first. There's a few festivals coming up that I'm going to during the Summer. I just bought tickets to Bumbershoot which is Seattle's biggest festival. Ainsley also bought tickets to Fvded in the Park which is a 2 day festival in Canada. I also have a weekend away with Ains in July! I want to go to this Event called Block Party which has a pretty decent lineup. I'm going to Beyonce with my newfound Australian gal pal Eleni who is also an Au Pair here. Bonnie is coming in May so I'll be catching up with her and Karryn. Kyle is coming in August so I'll be going away with him somewhere. Georgia is also going to Canada in August so we'll definitely be planning lots of trips. And in July I'll be going to a place called Sunriver for a week with my host family which is in Oregon. Apparently it's close to some really nice beaches so I'm super keen to go there even though my host kids will probably drive me crazy that week!

Speaking of my host kids, the twins are turning 9 next weekend! One is having a cupcake wars themed party which is awesome and the other is having a trampoline park birthday which is also awesome. My host mum has signed me up to be one of the kids so I get to join the gals on the tramps. Actually so excited because I miss my trampoline so much and I haven't done a back flip in like almost 9 months so i'm scared I can't do them anymore???? Hopefully I don't break any bones. I can still do the splits though so that's a plus. I met a guy at the gym the other day who was trying to do the splits so he asked me why it's so much easier for girls and we got talking and he was asking me all about Australia and was saying how hilarious it is that everyone says 'bloody' all the time. Bloody legend that guy. Anyway, another reason I want to stay in America is because of my gym. It's just great and I never want to leave. My training has been going great too, still getting there 5-6 days a week. My online course is making my workouts so much better as well because I'm learning so much at the moment. I'm in the process of planning my practical since I have to do it here. And Eleni has offered to be my client but so has this cute teacher at Coco's school so if Eleni can't for some reason then cute teacher it is haha. Other than that, since I'm staying here longer I should have a Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness and a Diploma in Business by the time I get home! Crazy!

So that's my update kept to a minimum since I haven't blogged in months but hopefully I get better at this. Happy Sunday/Monday everyone :)



​As much as I miss home, I just don't think I'm going to stay home for that long when I get back to Australia in September. I love Seattle so much, but don't think I would move back here to live either. The next plan is to move to Queensland for a bit. 

My host family have been in Canada for this past week so I've been living by myself. I've always wanted to live by myself for a bit and it's been good but oh my god, I have been so bored. I think it's because Amanda is on her travel month at the moment and some of the new Au Pairs are settling in so I haven't really seen many people. I'm going a little crazy. But my host family have the sickest speakers that are located throughout the entire house so I've pretty much been blasting music and dancing every day when I get bored. I've also been going to the gym every day, sometimes twice a day because otherwise I just sit around the house and eat. I've also been exploring my own neighbourhood a bit because I didn't realise how big it is! And I've taken some good photos and snap stories but of course my phone decides to die and doesn't save anything so fml. The mountains looked so beautiful yesterday as well. It wasn't raining and foggy for once so they looked huge and you could see all the snow on top of them. I also took some photos of the Seattle skyline and got caught in a rose bush and heard a wild animal, probably a racoon or something so I got out of there pretty quick. I've been doing a little celebrity hunting - like trying to find Ryan Lewis' house, figuring out where Macklemore lives and seeing Meredith Grey's house from Grey's Anatomy. I also realised that I have been driving past the house from 'UP' almost every day on my way to the gym. But I think I'm gonna wait until it's nicer weather to get a good photo because thats when the trees are pretty and green and they put a bunch of balloons on the fence in front of it. James Franco was also here last week and I almost cried a little. Need to see him. I also want to see Christian Grey's building from 50 Shades of Grey since that is set here too. 

So, back to living by myself. I can't cook for shit. I went through a phase in Year 8 where I loved to cook and collected magazines and was always making food for people but I grew out of that. I really wish I hadn't because lately, I always seem to be having disasters in the kitchen. I've set a cookbook on fire, I accidentally turned a non stick pan into a stick one. And do you ever do something and realise half way through that you shouldn't be doing that or it doesn't seem right?? Well that's happened to me too where I've put stuff in the microwave for too long and its exploded everywhere or like last night, I put meatballs and sauce in a frying pan on medium heat without stirring them and they burnt the shit out of the pan and now I can't get it off lel. I need to go to a cooking class for people who have just moved out or something. Because now I'm gonna result to mac and cheese or toast and that ain't healthy. 

Since I've been by myself for majority of this week I've been thinking a lot. Like always. I miss my host family a lot more than I thought I would which has made me realise that leaving this place is going to be so so hard. (I don't know how you're doing it Amanda, and your host kids are angels compared to mine). My girls have already asked me to extend and stay with them for an extra 6, 9 or 12 months according to the program. But as much as I'd love to stay in America, I would prefer to go to a different state, like California or back to New York. But then again, ditching my host family for another one would be hard and I'd rather just come back here as a tourist, not an Au Pair. Like I said before, I love Seattle so much but yesterday I was just feeling so trapped. I think I'm just over the rain at the moment and even though it's Spring, it doesn't really feel like it yet. I feel like I just need an escape sometimes, and by escape I mean going to the beach. Here, it just feels like theres the downtown parts of Seattle and surrounding neighbourhoods. Where at home, we have Wollongong, loads of beaches, different areas to go shopping in and super close places to go on day trips to such as Sydney, Kiama and even cool places to hike like Wedding Cake Rock, Sublime Point and pretty waterfall areas. I feel like Seattle has none of this but I guess it's not really great weather to go out adventuring so I hope I find a little more of this in the upcoming months. Ever since I got here, I've wanted to find a place to park my car and just sit and listen to music and have a good view to look at. But there was literally nothing! Well nothing like top deck or windy gully anyway. BUT as I was exploring Magnolia (my neighbourhood) a few days ago, I came across a big carpark that over looks the ocean and you can see downtown Seattle and oh my god, I'm so happy now. It's the little things in life. I also drove to the closest beach yesterday but didn't walk across it or anything because, well, you know, it was raining like usual. But it was so small and theres like no sand but it was pretty cute. And it would be so nice in the Summer so I'm definitely gonna take my host kids there. 

Other than that, my week off has consisted of watching Grey's Anatomy and starting my course. Grey's Anatomy is such an emotional rollercoaster and it just breaks my heart. Like I literally sit there clutching my chest and trying not to cry because something is always happening. But I think I've cried in at least the past 7 episodes. It's good that I'm showing a little emotion though because I don't tend to show that much. I finally got my login details for my Certificate 3 in Fitness and my Diploma in Business. So happy. It's only been like a week but I'm loving the course and content and hope it stays that way. Some of the business assignments seem hard but they're all related to fitness so it should be alright. Never in my life did I expect myself to be studying business wtf. Can't remember if I've blogged about this or not but once I pass my Cert 3 and 4 and finish my Diploma, I'm also guaranteed entry into 2nd year bachelor of Business at uni wtf. But we'll see what happens. I also get to do an International Internship so I think I'm gonna be doing that in Canada or London. I get to do my practicals here in an American gym as well so that's gonna be really cool. I speak to the personal trainers every day at my gym so it shouldn't be a problem arranging something. I told the guys at the front desk that I'd been accepted and they told me to come and work for them haha, yay opportunities. Then the British one was convincing me to move here even though it was a pain in the ass for him to get a Greencard. Is that what they're even called? I'm so clueless. 

Anyway, that's enough blogging for the day. Thought I would be so good at this and blog so often but what a joke that was hahaha. Shoutout to my brother Jake for sending me a package filled with coffee, chocolate and licorice by the way. Just finished a cup of instant coffee so now I'm gonna get onto my course work for the day. Hope whoever reads this enjoyed being updated on my crazy life. 



​Feels so good to be finally sitting down and blogging about my life. I was just wondering what I do with all my free time and why I haven't been blogging but it's because I slept all of last week and I'm usually volunteering during the week and training every day. I've also been doing stuff most nights so I just get lazy and update friends and fam on skype anyway. BUT lately, I've been contemplating what to do with my life. Do I really want to go back to uni?? Do I really want to be a teacher?? Do I want to extend as an Au Pair?? Do I want to go on exchange or move to America?? So here is my solution as of today. (It will probably change by tomorrow).

I have been looking into online courses for Certificate 3 and 4 of Fitness. I've been messaging 2 PT's and it's possible to study while I'm here so I just have to work out if I can afford it or pay it back later.

I'm NOT going to extend as an Au Pair because I don't want to deal with host families anymore even though I could choose any location in America. I think when I come back here next it will be for exchange, travel or to live. 

Amanda is coming to Australia in November for almost a month so I want to be home for that. I've already planned places for us to go and were going to road trip up to the Great Barrier Reef with Ains and Jake and Jarrod if they keen boiz??? The more the merrier. Speaking of more the merrier. My mum is booking a cruise in January 2017 for my 21st, so if anyone is keen on a cruise from the 13th of Jan to the 25th feel free to join. It's on Explorer of the Seas and goes to Vanuatu and Fiji and has an ice skating rink, wave rider, Starbucks, american themes diner etc. So I need to be home for that. 

I've deferred uni for a year which means I would go back in March 2017. But now I have plans to go backpacking through Europe with Amanda for 2 months in the Spring/Summer. If I don't get a decent job when I get home then this probably won't happen until I finish my degree. If I finish my degree...

So I guess the question is whether I'm going to defer for another year or go back next march? Because if I really enjoy the Cert 3/4 in Fitness then I may just stick with that. And I spoke to Jarrod last night and now we're considering moving to Queensland together which has been something I've always wanted to do. The weather is so good there and Rod suggested me becoming a personal trainer there and having the chance to open up my own gym or start my own PT classes or health food store which has been one of my dreams. I've honestly had so many career dreams, its a joke. And I can't stick to any. But since I'm really passionate about health and fitness I want to give this a go. And if i can study online, then why not get started now so I can be almost qualified when I get back to Australia. The PT's i've been messaging have also said i can do my practical placements in gyms here in America if I know personal trainers. Which I do, because I speak to them every day at LA Fitness here. 

So yas, that is my plan. I just wish someone could tell me what to do with my life. I feel like I'm at the point where Year 12 students get to who have no idea what they want to do with their life. I was so lucky in getting early entry at uni but since I'm living in America, I've obviously been reconsidering my choice in uni course and career. Otherwise I wouldn't be here. I was legit looking up how to become a paid travel blogger or someone who works on Getaway HAHA what is life. So any advice would be helpful friend, thankyaaaa



​Yes, I turned 20. No longer a teenager. Now I have to be classy and drink wine like an adult. So luckily I went away the weekend before my birthday and drowned my body in vodka. So worth it. I went to Vancouver for Round Threeeeee. It was my friend Lucy's birthday a couple of days before mine so her and my other friend Nat were meant to come to Vancouver as well but since they are both Mexican they didn't get a visa unfortunately. So it turned out to be just me and Amanda. As well as Karryn on the Saturday night. 

Apparently I didn't tell my host family that my train was on the friday night instead of Saturday morning so they were "really frustrated" about that lel. Not that I was working anyway... So on Friday afternoon, Amanda and I trekked it downtown to get the train but what do you know, train was delayed. Actually no, our original train was cancelled because their were mudslides so we had to get a bus instead. But a different train was delayed and we had to wait for it because passengers were transferring to the bus. Just our luck. We were planning to go out that Friday night but since it was delayed an hour or so we weren't too keen anymore. I had vodka left over from a weekend here in Seattle so I brought that and mixed it half/half with juice and energy drink. Was fkn disgusting. Somehow snuck that across the border haha. Didn't end up drinking much of it though. We did our makeup on the bus and ended up doing a pretty decent job haha. So then we arrived in Vancouver maybe around 11? And some bitch stole our cab so legit had the worst luck on friday. But we finally made it to Samesun hostel and got changed and went down to the bar and started drinking. This Irish dude came over to us straight away and told us to join his crew which was fun for a bit. Until I got so tipsy that I could not understand his accent one bit. We then went to the bar and got more drinks and shots and met these Australian guys so we hung out with them all night. We went next door for some beer which was fkn disgusting so I made the guys skul mine before we went to the club. The club was connected to the bar so we legit walked downstairs and didn't have to pay entry. Fk yeah. There was this one dude in the club, probably over 30 who was just creepin on my big time. Kept asking if I was with those Australian guys and was judging the hell out of them. Was like "really?! Those guys..." Then he kept popping up around every corner with his judgy face and I couldn't help but laugh hahahaha. Weirdo. The club shut at like 3 so we went and got pizza and played pool at the hostel which was fun. And OMG that night, a fkn fire alarm went off for like 25 minutes. It was so so loud and the walls were shaking and I got out of bed and asked this guy what was happening but he ignored me and kept walking down the hall. Then in the morning I asked Amanda and Levi if they heard it and they were like wtf no. So I got really cut and was like it legit happened but I was sort of doubting myself and thinking that I may have been sleepwalking when I spoke to the guy in the hall since he ignored me. But I still believed it happened. 

So during the day we were a little hungover and missed this bridge climb we were going to do so we went to Maccas instead and had a feast. We also got asked out on a date by this homeless guy but politely declined. We then ended up going to Stanley Park and doing this beautiful bike ride around the park and waterfront which was about 10km i think. Was such a nice day and only cost like $6 to hire the bikes. I don't think we did too much else on Saturday but we had an early dinner at the hostel and then went to buy some alcohol. I got a huge bottle of cider for $10. It was definitely 2L or more. Pretty tasty too. We had roommates at this point who just got in from Hawaii at like 5am so they were pretty rekt but didn't care if we pre drank in the room. Surprise, surprise I spilt like 2 drinks so the floor was sticky as. Also spilt a whole tub of pringles through my bloody suitcase so that was fun to clean up. After pre drinking a bit, we went down to the bar and got more drinks and then Karryn finally arrived and joined us and was already maggot at this point hahaha. We then trekked it to Celebrities nightclub where Peking Duk were playing!!!! But were walking the wrong way so had to take a cab. Good job with your directions Kazza. I think we got to the club about midnight and I don't even know what happened from then on. We all lost each other at some point but ended up together again when randoms were buying us drinks. Sooo many free drinks, I loved it. Some guy bought us shots and when he handed me mine, it legit just slipped out of my hand onto the ground and I just walked away I think hahaha. So awkward. Peking Duk were fkn sick though! Oh my god. Pretty much everyone there was Australian too and now Amanda can pick an Australian out of a crowd haha. Something to do with the shakkas, fist pumping and the way we dress and dance. Love it. Anyway, we lost karryn so headed back to the hostel with these 2 Aussies and just chilled in the common room for a bit. I tried speaking German to this german guy but realised I was shit when he replied to me hahahaha fml. We then went back to the guys room where there were like 8 other Australians inside all just getting high out the window. So we just chilled in there and talked and drank until Levi had to get a 6am bus to Whistler I think. Fuck that after a huge night out. Was so much fun though. I seriously love hostels, they're so cool and you meet such random people who are always keen to party. I've only ever stayed at one HAHA but I love it. I've been in a few others, just haven't stayed at them and people are just so friendly and keen on travelling. 

On Sunday I woke up with no hangover wooo! But didn't feel too fresh haha. We had to check out at 11 I think so we didn't get to sleep much and our bus wasn't until 2. So we just grabbed a bit of food and walked around the streets for a bit and all the way to the bus station. I always get so nervous about crossing the border because going into America is so much more strict than going in to Canada. And the past 3 times I've been pretty hungover and it's such an effort to make conversation or answer the security guys questions. Scary shit. But it was fine and we got to sleep the rest of the way home which was good. So fkn cold waiting for the bus though when we got to downtown Seattle. I got home before my host kids went to bed so I got to see them which was nice but was sort of hoping to go straight to bed. But JOOOKES, I have a host family meeting every Sunday night where we discuss the week, my schedule and any issues. But thankfully nothing bad came up at this one. 

On Monday morning, on my actual birthday, I woke up so so sooo sick. Felt like I had tonsillitis because I couldn't swallow properly, all my senses were clogged up and I was so dizzy. Still had to work though. After working that morning I went straight back to bed and slept all day but still felt shit that night. My host family took me out for Thai for my birthday dinner which was really nice even though I didn't feel like eating much. I travelled home with my host dad while all the girls went to set up my surprise (my birthday presents). But they also got me a cake and sang to me as we walked through the door which was cute. The cake was sooo good omg. Chocolate cake with chocolate icecream, ganache and frosting. Wow. They bought me a mandala colouring book, pens and a sketch pad because I'm always drawing flowers and the girls love it. They also got me a necklace, canvas they made me for my room, a jacket and some candy. They also got me 3 days of skiing lessons which I am stoked about! So that starts on the 27th of February yayyyyy. So going to fail, I can't wait for gopro vids hahahaha. After that I went out for dessert with Lea and Amanda to this amazing hotcake place. So fkn good. Lea got me this waist trainer I'd been wanting, some german tea, some of my favourite candy, a Seattle shot glass and a few other things. Amanda got me this awesome friends mug since it's my fave show and it has things that Friends have taught you throughout the seasons. I'll have to upload a pic. 

On Tuesday I woke up even sicker and my host mum made a joke saying that I can't party like I did when I was a teenager anymore. Getting too old. Hope this isn't true haha. So I just slept all day again and woke up multiple times in a hot sweat. And my room can get super cold so this was really weird. It's now Monday of next week and I'm only just getting over my sickness. I feel great but I just have a bit of a cough and sore throat. But so much better. 

Last week my package from my fam bam finally arrived! So that made me feel great considering how shit I was feeling. It was meant to come before Christmas but got sent back home because of perfume. But I opened it and a tonne of tinsel fell out and all these cards. My little sis made so many cards to open when I'm feeling a certain way. I opened one last night that said "open when you need a hug" and it was a pic of us hugging when I left for America and I started crying hahahaha. Definitely needed a hug last night after my host family meeting. My fam also sent me Australian food I'd been craving like shapes, tim tams, caramello koalas, maltesers and white chocolate. Since the air pressure changes when it was shipped, all of the chocolate turned white haha. Still tastes the same though. Just doesn't look great. They also sent me a bunch of other things and presents for my host kids which they were so thankful for. And now my host fam are gonna send them a package of typical american things as a thank you. So nice of them. 

One thing that is not nice is that my host mum is trying to get me to fly home on Sunday after my vacation week. Sunday being the last day of Coachella music festival. I did not make Jarrod fly all this way and pay all this money for me to ditch him in LA and miss out on the festival so I can work not even an hour and a half on monday morning... But I'm trying to get that sorted and I'm going to fight as hard as I can cause I'm not happy about that at all. But on the other hand IM GOING TO CANCUN AND COACHELLA!!!! Wtf, its gonna come around so quickly. My host fam also said I'm not going to Canada with them in 2 weeks time lol, but at least I get a week off and still get to learn how to ski. I might be going to Will Sparks that weekend and possibly LA but I don't think I'm gonna have the money. Sad :(



​Okay let's go back to when I visited San Diego. This was from the 15th of January to the 18th. As part of my visa requirements I have to obtain 6 credit points or 72 hours of study. Au Pairs usually take English classes but since I am from an English speaking country I was sort of screwed. My host mum also wasn't allowing me to take classes at night because of my work schedule. Which sucked because I wanted to take a few of them since they were related to health and fitness. The only other classes that seemed to be offered during the day were stuff like art and writing and I didn't feel like wasting my time or money on these. As an Au Pair your host family puts $500 toward your classes. So I did some research and found a course offered in San Diego made just for Au Pairs. So I signed up for this as it was exactly $500. I had to pay an extra $90 for materials plus accommodation and flights but I think it was worth it as I got to travel and do some sightseeing. As an Au Pair you also get 2 weeks of paid vacation so I had to take 2 out of the 4 days in San Diego as my vacation days which I was a bit annoyed about but now I don't care because it was so much better than I thought. The course was on American Culture and a little bit of American History. I had a bunch of pre assignments for it and now I have a bunch of post assignments which are all super easy but just time consuming. I guess that's how we get all 72 hours though so I shouldn't complain. The people who run the course have had Au Pairs in the past and realised that the education requirement is hard to reach so they decided to start a program that would benefit Au Pairs and make it easier for us. I actually loved the course so much. It really got me inspired to make the most out of my time here and they kept referring to us as "fish on bicycles". Which pretty much means putting ourselves out there and making the most of every opportunity. 

I flew to San Diego on Friday morning with a girl who I met when I first arrived in the states. We got to the airport before 5am which was hell. Cannot deal with getting up early. Speaking of getting up early, my host kids ran into my room yesterday (Sunday - my day off) and screamed COCKADOODLEDOOOOOOO and climbed all over me and refused to leave my room. Did I mention this was at 8am?? I am not a morning person so after I yelled at them they finally left and do you think they turned off the light or shut the door? Nope. Anyway, back to my San Diego post. The flight took about two and a half hours which was alright since I can sleep pretty easily while travelling. My friend on the other hand can not sleep and was so afraid of the turbulence that she accidentally grabbed my leg when the plane dropped a bit and scared the shit out of me and woke me up. We got to SD pretty early so ended up having lunch at Denny's before check in. It was so typical american food and it made me feel so sick for the rest of the day. Would not recommend haha. Check in took ages at the holiday inn but after that we went straight to Alliant University to start class at 1pm. Class went until 10pm that night so it was a super long day. We had to do a presentation on the first day about ourselves, our goals in life and why we chose to become an Au Pair. Even though I am fluent in English I was still so nervous to present in front of a whole class and my friend was like wtf why?? Just because I'm fluent doesn't make it any easier to talk in front of a class. But anyway, it went fine and I drew a map of Australia and put my goals in each state from biggest to smallest. So I put travel in Western Australia as it was the main reason why I wanted to come here. 

Saturday and Sunday were pretty full on. Class went from 9am til 10pm which I was dreading but it turned out to be alright. We got to volunteer at the Martin Luther King parade, we went to Balboa Park (which is bigger than Central Park), we went to Old Town San Diego and to down town San Diego. So we did a lot of sightseeing and the weather was sooo nice the whole weekend, I loved it. The only thing I didn't get to do was visit a few of the beaches so I'll definitely have to head back there. I met some really cool people while I was there as well. I met two girls from New Zealand and a guy from Wales. So me and my friend hung out with them pretty much all weekend. At the Parade though, two other guys got put into our volunteer group who were really cool. We figured out that they also live in Seattle, well like half an hour away so I'm planning on meeting up with them soon. They were from England and Czech Republic. On Sunday night I went with the guy from Wales to try and find some alcohol but we got lost so just ended up going back to the holiday Inn and going for a swim instead. We went in the hot tub and met some other people doing the course from all over the place and met this cute American guy who is in the navy. Never seen muscles so big on a 19 year old, oh my god. The spa shut at 12 so I went back to the room and went to bed. But then Jan, the guy from Czech came and knocked on my door and asked if I wanted to come down for drinks. So I got dressed and went and drank with him, Danny and a few other girls until 3am or so. That made it a bit hard to wake up on Monday morning for our last day of class but it went pretty quick and was a chilled day. 

Our flight home wasn't until night so we had a few hours to spend in downtown San Diego. We went with the NZ/Wales crew and another Australian and swedish girl joined. Was a pretty decent afternoon. I also met this girl at the course who lives legit 3 minutes away from me at home. So weird. But yeah, it was such a fun weekend and so much better than I expected. The week I came back I also went out for lunch with 2 Australian girls who live about half an hour away from me and one of them knows the guy from Czech. Dat small Au Pair world. But yay for Australian friends and I think were gonna organise a trip to Canada soon!



​Wow I haven't blogged in a while. So much has been happening but I just haven't been bothered to sit down and write about it. I just looked at my last blog post which was from when I went to LA on the 8th of January I think. Since then I have been to San Diego, Vancouver for a third time, I've also turned 20 and got really sick for a week. But I'm feeling sooo much better now and I have a bit of time of this morning so I've decided to get my life together. I've also been thinking about what I want to do with my life so I'm sure that will come up in the next few blog posts. Enjoy x



​On Friday afternoon I trekked it to the airport, so so ready to become a Cali guuuurl lel. I landed in LA around 11pm that night and was a little scared about how huge the airport was. My phone wouldn't connect to the wifi in Seattle or LA so I had to fkn buy wifi on the plane to let Samantha know when I was landing. She didn't reply whilst I still had wifi on he plane so I was unsure if she received my message or was even coming to pick me up. So once I got to LA I tried to connect and failed but when I was in the bathroom a message came in from her and said that I had to walk straight past them apparently to where the exit was from the airport. And sure enough, as soon as I walked out of the bathroom, Samantha and her bf were sitting right there yay! Felt so good to be with some Australians. I actually found out that their are some Australians living right near me in Seattle so I'm meeting up with them soon. We headed back to the hotel in Anaheim, about a 40 minute drive on those crazy big freeways. I met Sam's friend, Jaymi who was also on their month long holiday. We ended up staying up til 2am just catching up and looking at all of their photos and videos from their holiday so far. Checkout was at 12 the next day so we then went to bed so we could get up early and check out and make the most of our day.

The morning came and we ended up checking out around 11.40am. So much for getting up early. Anyway, we drove into the city and parked near this outdoor shopping complex sort of thing. We then went up to this view point and saw the Hollywood sign which is actually a lot smaller than you think. I'm pretty sure you see it as you fly into LA but since I flew in at night all I saw was the amazing lights everywhere. So pretty. We then went for lunch, looked at the celebrity hand and foot imprints in the ground and some of the stars on the walk of fame. We ended up going to Madame Tussaud's as well which was pretty cool. Crazy how real some of the wax figures look. After this we ended up doing the walk of fame which was so many miles long, I was not expecting that, I didn't even know half of the names but it was just cool to walk the streets and get a feel of LA and do some souvenir shopping. We were planning to eat at Hooters for dinner but it was too busy so we ended up grabbing a sub instead haha. Was so god but. Then since we were rekt we just drove back to the new hotel and checked in. I'm pretty sure it was only around 9pm once we settled into our rooms but we just lazed around and made the most of the free wifi. Jaymi, Sam and I ended up buying some snacks too from the shop lel.

On Sunday we got up early so we could drive to Universal Studios for the day. It was about a half hour drive from where we were staying. I thought that Universal was only the Studio Tour. I didn't actually know it was a sort of themepark so it definitely exceeded my expectations. The Simpsons area was sick and I enjoyed a krusty burger for brunch pretty much. Could honestly go one right now but don't wanna think about how bad they are for you haha. Universal had a few motion simulator rides which were pretty cool but if you get dizzy easily then you would probably hate it. There was one rollercoaster ride which we went on about 4 or 5 times. The lines were hella short too! We were planning to buy a front of the line pass but the longest we waited for a ride was about 15 minutes. Even the Studio Tour line went quick. The Studio Tour was my favourite part. It sort of ruins movies for you but I don't even care. I loved it and sort of knew what to expect from some friends experiences. It went for about 45 minutes and Sam got some great footage of the shark from Jaws scaring the shit out of me. I had the whole tour tram turn around and look at me when I let out a manly scream hahahahaha fml why me. 

We had to leave the park around 4 so I could get my flight. Sucks how quickly the weekend went but we definitely made the most of it. Hanging with Australians was definitely the highlight. Apparently Jaymi got told the other day that she spoke really good English for an Australian... Pretty hilarious the stuff you hear from non Australians. I got to the airport on time but my flight was delayed so their was a bit of waiting around. It only took about 2 hours and 15 minutes to fly back which was half an hour quicker than expected. I had to get a train back to dowtown Seattle and then a bus home. But the train got back 4 minutes after a bus had left. And on a sunday night they don't come very often. So here I was freezing my ass off at 11pm in downtown. Not very fun. When a bus finally came, about 40 minutes later I got on and almost fell asleep on the way home. This bus also wasn't the one that stops right near my house so I had to wheel my suitcase about 5 blocks down to my house. I don't know how cold it was but I couldn't feel my hands for about 40 minutes after I got inside. Not a fun experience to end the weekend haha. 



​Thought I would be so consistent with my blogging but jokes, look how that turned out. I keep thinking about what I want to do with my life when I get back home and I still haven't decided. I know I need to finish my degree but there are other things I want to do. I would honestly go back to an Asian country and teach english for a bit. At the moment I am just so focused on travelling but it's sort of hard to do when you're as poor as I am. I wish I could get paid to be a travel blogger so if anyone has any tips, hit me up. 

So just an update on my life. I am currently loving life. Not feeling homesick any more which is good. I've still been going to the gym 5 days a week but I need some motivation in my life. I've been on a date with an american guy which was a lot of fun. I went to LA on the weekend and met up with some Australian pals. I thought this would make me homesick but it actually makes me want to stay here longer and make the most of my time. Since I am poor I have decided that I'm not going to take all of my travel month and just make the most of every weekend I have here. I think i'd rather go away on weekend trips with friends than go travelling by myself or with randoms for some of my travel month. I don't want to miss any opportunities while I'm here and I have so much stuff I want to buy and I can always come back.

Which brings me to my next topic. I have some big ass news but can't blurt it out yet. (no I'm not pregnant mum). But, last night Jarrod surprised me with a late Christmas/early birthday present and told me that he booked us 4 nights accommodation in fkn CANCUN over Spring Break!!!! Oh my god, the hotel is so so nice and right on the beach. Fkn love it and couldn't be happier.

This weekend I'm heading to San Diego for my Au Pair course and then next weekend I'll be heading to Vancouver with Amanda to see Peking Duk for my birthday. Couldn't be happier right now. Okay, this is so weird but 'Take Me Over' just started playing through my iTunes wtf. Out of all the songs on there and that one just started... Why does weird shit like this always happen to me.