Here are 6 easy steps to a sexy purple smokey-eye!
It's that time of year where you add a little extra ‘ooompf’ to your every day makeup look, with a sexy smokey-eye in beautiful purple colors. Combine it with a nude lipstick or a clear lip-gloss, and you are about as ready as one can be for any party this season has to offer.


Apply a light matte eye shadow all over the eyelid. It makes a perfect base for the rest of the eye shadows. We used MAC Eye shadow ’Blanc Tyype’, 150kr. og Nicci Welsh Eye Shadow Pensel, 199kr.


Apply a light purple eye shadow on the outer part of the lid and blend it into the crease, so it creates a ‘C’ shape. Use a compact brush to apply it with and the same brush as in step nr. 1 to blend the edges. MAC Eye shadow ’Creme de Violet’, 150kr. og Nicci Welsh Eye Shadow Pensel, 199kr.


Apply the same light purple eye shadow underneath the eye with the compact brush, and blend the edges carefully with the fluffy brush.


Use a dark purple eye shadow on the outer part of the eye. Start by applying it with a compact brush underneath the eye and then blend it up into the crease. It creates depth and intensity to the eye. MAC Eye shadow ’Sketch’, 150kr.


Intensify the eyes even more, by adding a black eyeliner on the waterline of the eye – the lower and upper. After you have applied it on the lower waterline, take a small brush and blend it in with the purple eye shadow. That way it looks more put together and finished. Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined Gel Eyeliner ’Pitch Black’, 205kr. og Nicci Welsh Eye Smudge Pensel, 199kr.


Apply a couple of coats of mascara – on the upper and lower lashes. Choose a mascara that curls the lashes and make them look longer. If they get a bit clumpy, it is okay as it makes the eye makeup look more raw and cool.Clarins Mascara Be Long ’01 Black’, 225kr.

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