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By Nicci Welsh

I've been lucky enough to have worked with this beautiful woman, not only is she very sweet but also great to work with. Her energy and caring nature are really lovely to be around so I am very excited that I can tell you she will be launching her new makeup Gigi X Maybelline next week here in Denmark.

I was just talking with her about makeup in September while we were both working in Paris and I can tell you Gigi knows her stuff when it comes to products. Be ready for the launch if you want to get your hands on any as it sold out in 90 minutes in the U.S.

It will reach us in Denmark on the 9th November.

The Jetsetter palette

2 concealers, 2 lip balms, 4 eyeshadows, 1 blush, 1 mat bronzer, 1 highlighter, 2 brushes and 1 mini mascara.


There is a lot more to come and I'm very excited to see it all.

Me and Gigi

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