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It was about 2 years ago I first found out about Chia seeds and when I did I wondered why no-one had told me about them before. My energy levels can be really low at times and there was a period in my life where I was just constantly tired and felt drained. I decided to take a good look at my lifestyle. I have always ate clean, no processed foods as much organic food as possible, everything made from scratch to cut out additives and e-numbers. But I realised I wasn't getting enough vitamins and minerals . I began to make changes in my diet and Chia seeds were one of those changes.
Chia seeds are packed with antioxidants, have more omega 3 than salmon and more calcium than milk. These are a perfect powerhouse for adding to your diet.

One of my favourite ways to use them are for breakfast. its a skin boosting start to the day.

My version is dairy free and ticks all the boxes for a healthy breakfast.

4 tbsp Chia seeds
250ml coconut milk
Half a vanilla pod

Mix the coconut milk and vanilla.
Pour in the chia seeds and mix again place in a jar.
Cover and leave in fridge over night.

If I’m eating at home I’ll layer the pudding with fruit as I do in the video above. But if I need a breakfast "on the go" I place the pudding in a small jam jar making it easy to take to work.

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