Good Evening friends. How is life rolling? For me, it's just great. The day starts to go towards its end and the evening was spent just as you should on a Sunday. The smell of home made meatballs atmosphered around in the kitchen at the same time with a dust of smoke from the open fire in the living room. To make it maximum Ed Sheerans song Supermarket Flowers went on repeat. AUTUMN. Maybe it is not that bad as we imagine it to be.
Hugs from a happy girl.



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Model: Esther Fröjdegård
Photo & Edit: Me

HELLO friends. Long time no see. My archive does not contain much new and fresh pictures which means it's about time to grab my camera and get it done! But these pictures of my very beautiful were taken just recently. Taking pictures in just underwear could be seen as very controversial in many eyes. But I really get the feeling of the genuinely heart that is inside of her. Nothing complicated. No makeup. Just a soul in a her own case.
Happy weekend. Hugs.



Decided to bake some "kladdkakemuffins" (cupcakes) the other day, actually just so I could take som pictures. But the time optimistic I am I didn't have that much time for the photography part when they actually were done. But at least they tasted good.

1. Of course all the ingredients you need. 2. MIX - MIX - MIX 3. Document your master piece at a nice place.



Inlägg i samarbete med Carl Edmond

Post in collaboration with Carl Edmond

Here are two example of the collection - my favorites.

Minns ni Carl Edmond-boken? Som många av er har listat ut så finns det bara två meningar i boken! De två viktigaste meningarna. BE BOLD och BE YOU. Och det är det enda som behövs! Vi kan själva skriva historien om våra liv och det är hög tid att leva det, fullt ut. To the FULLEST DELUXE! Vill du blir påmind om det och ha koll på tiden finns klockorna på eller i deras butik i Åhlens City, Stockholm den 22 september.


Do you remember the book of Carl Edmond? As many of you've found out there is only two sentences in this book, but the two most important ones. BE BOLD and BE YOU. And that's the only needed thing. We can write our own history by ourselves and it's about time we start live it to maximum. To the FULLEST DELUXE! If you want to be reminded about this and always have control of the time, you can get access to the watches at or at their store located in Åhlens City, Stockholm the 22nd of September.



Photo: David Jr N
Edit by me

Missguided by the combination of the title and the pictures? Let me explain.

Today is one of this day. A day to just open up a strong and important organ called the heart and at the same time break every barrier of fear and shyness. For you who've followed me here and known me for a long time have probably heard or read a several of times about me and my bad confidence when it comes to my skin and looks over all. The amount of years I've been in to blogging and photos is uncountable and through these years a lot of false thoughts have built up in my mind. It is a very extraordinary industry and it requires something extra to get it as a everyday job. I've scrolled through hundreds of hundreds Instagram accounts/blogs and I can't help myself questioning at the same time if you have to be good-looking for this industry.

Am I too ugly for people to follow me on Instagram and to read my blog?

But it hit me with a rock. Reality. I woke up. I want to be recognized because of my open heart rather than my look. Because I believe that a genuine heart and honesty is the thing that takes us the longest, despite the career we're deciding. Of course you can have many followers on Instagram because you are good-looking. But think twice. Is that really the crucial aspect? I don't believe so. But I do believe everything in life will happen in a perfect time! If something should happen - it will.

One thing leading to the other. I've talked a lot about my story. That we should appreciate how we are created, how we are looking, cause there is no one like me, and there is no one like you. This blog is my page, my home, it's "me" and I really want to create a feeling of belonging and HANNA, you should be able to tell that "ohhh that's so Hanna". I believe that honesty and a open heart is the two biggest key for that to happen - THEREFOR I decided for once, to just grab the camera, no makeup, no styling. Just natural face and a natural window light. This is me. Lately I've been very inspired to not only take a picture because it's a picture but because I want to tell something with them. Create a feeling. I'm proud of doing this. For some it might not be a big deal but your struggles is your story - tell them, cause you don't know if it could change something with someone.

This is me. This is Hanna - an 18 year old girl trying to live the fullest of life.



Good Morning friends, Good Morning Tuesday and Good Morning blog.

Yesterday I took my time to actually make a nice and "photogenic" breakfast just because it was ages ago. I've had the idea in my mind for a decent time, but yesterday words became actions. Anyways, I guess acai-bowl is not a new word in your dictionary since it's big hype 2017. It was really tasty and perfect with a more "stabil" breakfast for me who train a lot and therefor are in need of much energy. What you need:

1. Frozen Raspberries and a tiny amount of Yoghurt - the thicker you want it the less yoghurt. Just mix it together and then put it in a nice bowl.
2. Your favorite toppings. I decided to have some slices of a banana, cereals, sunflower seeds, chia seeds and pumpkin seeds.



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