Guess I'm not the only one who collect a certain amount of pictures that just lays there and does not get published anywhere (ok,ok,ok some of the pictures I've published on Instagram). Therefore I thought I could do one post with just a random mix.

Good Morning. What's up?
Not surprisingly it's Monday again. Mood? Pretty tired but at the same time I know that the weeks, this one included, will past by with a pretty good speed. Actually it's spring equinox today which means that it's SPRING from this day on, theoretical.....
But guys, have a great Monday and a great week. Hugs.

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TJOHOO and on the road we gooo! I've been sitting here for a while trying to figure out something good to write. A poem? About my day? Something philosophic? You don't always have to write something extraordinary. They say pictures can say more than thousand words so right now they can speak instead of me.

NOW: off to Helsingborg for football game.

Have a great and relaxed Sunday



What about playing around on fields with colorful flowers?

What about being on a cliff with your best girl friends?

March, March, March,

I'm dreaming away from you right now

Haha, how philosophical wasn't that?! I'm not weird, I'm just creative ;) Anyways, as I wrote I just can't help missing these moments a grey March-day like this. Why is it so hard to really enjoy every minute of different occasions?? It's after a long time you realize how nice it actually was. Have great Wednesday my friends <3



Hey hey, hope everything is good with you. Yesterday in Sweden we had a special feast day called "fettisdagen". A day where we eat these kind of buns. Very special, but very tasty. After some trouble I managed to get some pictures very fast. It was pretty funny yesterday, cause first mom overturned a bun without even noticing it. After that I was about to take up the tray to my room cause I wanted to take som pictures. BUT, I certainly had a little bit of a hurry so I tripped in the stairs on my way up, and boom I dropped the tray. Funny story, but most of them stayed nice and photogenic.

AND HEYY! Today it's 100 days until graduation.



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