Weeks ago, we had our last game together as a team. This day is called the senior night, where the seniors get flowers and celebrate the last day together with all the people from our team.
After we played all our games, we ate pizza from Pizza Hut and it was so delicious.

Me, John and one of my best friend mckinzie, went to a restaurant downtown and ate crêpes for lunch. Later we went to ikea which felt like home to me and even the smell was the same as in Sweden. Of course I ordered some Swedish meatballs and chocolate balls which tasted very good.
Later, we went back home and played some tennis. It was a really fun day with two very good friends!

Here was some photos from our homecoming 2016 with great people! 🎉

Two weeks ago, I played state in Springfield where I came on 6th place. In order to play state, you have to win region and district first, which I did. My host mom Julie's sister lived in Springfield, only 5 minutes away from the tennis courts. So we stayed at her place and coach chome stayed at a hotel. It took us 3 hours to get there, but we had a really good time there and can't wait until we meet again. 

This whole tennis journey has been an amazing experience where I have developed as a tennis player and met some awesome tennis players and coaches. 



Last Sunday was my last day with the Jewell family and my hsister Laura. I have really enjoyed these weeks with them and we had a great time together.
September 5th was the Labor Day so we had friends and family over during Sunday. We ate a lot of delicious food and desserts & we also played a game outside called ladder golf.
When it got darker we sat around the fire and just talked. I was very tired so I went to bed early, and I was supposed to go up early to leave my house and move to another host family the next day.

Last Monday (sep 5) I finally arrived to my new host family. They live in a place called Lee Summit and I really love this area. Some blocks away they have tennis courts which I definitely will spend time playing for fun with friends.
When I arrived to their house we ate hamburgers with mushroom and that was very delicious. Then me, Jillian (hsister) and our friend Skye went to the pool before going to the lake with our boat. The houses around the lake was really pretty. We were swimming a lot, eating tortillas w dip, and went canoeing. We spend around 5-6 hours on the boat and before we went back home, we ordered pizza and ate it on the boat. When we came back home, I noticed that I had sunburned my back since I forgot to take sunscreen on my back. It was a really good first day at the kramschuster family!

This week I have been sick, so I haven't played tennis or went to my weight training class. I have also missed a lot of classes since I have spent a lot of time resting in the nurse room. It's very good since they have two different rooms with beds you can rest on, which I have done these days. I start to feel a bit better, but I still have to rest from tennis and practices. Hopefully I can play my tennis matches next week!

This Friday it was a home game again, and me and Lexie went together to see it. Then we went to my hfamily and sat with them. My hsister Jillian is in the cheerleading and the band and she is really good at it!

This Saturday me and my friend Johnny went to the mall together since I really have to buy new clothes. They had Victoria secret and Pink, but I couldn't find anything to buy unfortunately. But I bought a shirt from American eagle and some socks cause I just had some few with me. I wanted to buy more clothes but I couldn't find anything in these stores, so I think I will got to another mall this weekend. When we came back to our house we played tennis for 20 min and then went back home at 11:15 pm. It was a great night!

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Since I have done a lot of things during the week and weekends, I haven't had time and effort to update my blog. But I'm gonna upload some pictures and short description to some of them.

Last weekend our electricity didn't work for one day, so we ate breakfast and dinner outside. When we came home we sat outside and lit candles which was really cozy.

Here is a photo on the American lunch that you can chose. I have eaten this a few times but rest of the time I take sandwiches and fruit from home. I really like the tater tots which is like Swedish potatisbullar.

One of my favorite things about Missouri is the sky. Almost everyday it looks very pretty and I get fascinated every time.

This weekend we have played tennis matches everyday except Friday, which was a practice. I really enjoy playing games here and the team is very supportive and we always have a great time together. At this point I have won all my matches, which feels weird since that didn't happen so often in Sweden.
Here that play to 8 games instead of 3 sets, so the matches are much shorter, which I like better atm. Since we both play double and single every game it's nice that they are shorter.

More pictures of the sky! 🌅

This Friday it was a game at home again, and I really like to watch the game, the cheerleaders and the band. It is a very cool experience and my good friends Lexie and I went together. A lot of my friends are in the band so it's fun too see and hear them play!

Yesterday (Saturday) me and my friend went to my first baseball game ever. It was really cool and it was over 40.000 people at the stadium. After watching a while on the game we went to get something to eat and then to the hall of fame. The Royals won with 5-2 and the game was almost 3 hours.
A really cool experience!

​Last weekends me and Lexie had a 2 nights of  sleepovers. After the practise on Friday, me, her, Savannah and their dad went to the movies to see suicude squad. It was actually really good and I want to see it again! When the movie was over it was raining so much that they were warning to drive and go outside. It was also thunder and lightning so it was a bit scary. When we came home to her house we prepared the beds and talked for hours. Next day we went to Longview beach with her family, and the water was really warm. I guess it was around 25 Celsius, which is a perfect temperature. It was a really fun weekend at Lexie's place and there is more to come!

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This Thursday was my first day in center high school which was very exciting. It started that I didn't get my schedule, so me and my hsister were waiting for more than 1 h to get it, which made us miss our first class. My first lesson was algebra 2, and second was weight training. I went directly to the gym, but the first two days we didn't do anything, just talked with some friends in the same class, so it was a chill start. We only have 5 minutes until the bell rings, so you have to hurry a bit so you don't come to late.
The schedule is very different from my school in Sweden. Here they have 7 subjects every day, and back home we have different almost every day. It will take some time to get used to it, but I think it will work out great in the end.

I have these classes everyday in this order:
Algebra 2
Weight training
Marketing concepts
Robotics (have this together with my hsister)
English 11

We haven't really done anything on these classes this far, so it's hard to say which ones I like the most.
When the classes were over, I got a ride with my tennis friend to the practice. After 2 hours of training my hmom picked me up and went back home.

So this Friday was my first time watching American football live. It started at 7pm, but it had to stop earlier because of too much lightening. It was very cool to watch the game, the cheerleader and the band. The atmosphere was really good and I think our team, the yellow jackets were in the lead.
The ticket costed 5$, but my host sister got it for free since she had our teams color on her clothes that day, lucky her!!

I finally caught pikachu!!



Here are some photos from where I live, in Peculiar. The area is very beautiful, especially the houses!

Here is my host moms oldest daughter son Noah who is adorable!!

Here are some food we have eaten the last week. All of them has been really good actually, but sometimes the size is too big though.

Last Tuesday was my first tennis practice here in Missouri, which felt like home to me. I have played tennis every year since I was 5 which is 12 years, and it would feel weird not to play. So I was very happy when the school offered that! Since Tuesday, I have played every day for 2 h, except for Saturday and Sunday.

At Saturday me and my host mom went to the airport to welcome an another exchange student to our home from Germany. Her name is Laura and will live with us until they find another host family who lives more closer to the school and practices.

Yesterday me, Laura and our host mom went to Target to buy some school supplies. Our school starts tomorrow, Thursday! I am super excited and a bit nervous to for the first time go in a "real" American high school. Last week I met the counselor and decided what classes I will take throughout the year, and here they are:

Semester 1
- English 11
- Algebra 2
- Chemistry
- Government
- Weight training
- Fundamental of marketing
- Robotics

Semester 2
- English 11
- Algebra 2
- Chemistry
- Government
- Lifetime fitness
- Fundamental of marketing
- Robotics/ drawing, painting

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Väl framme vid flygplatsen JFK checkade vi in och satte oss och väntade på flyget. Jag åt en god fruktsallad eftersom vi inte åt så mycket till frukost och planet gick vid 08:00. Vi mellanlandade i Detroit för att sedan flyga till KC, MO. Flygresan gick bra och smidigt och vi var fyra andra som åkte tillsammans, vilket var skönt så att man inte flög ensam. Väl framme vid KC så var vi alla väldigt nervösa och spända för att träffa sina vfamiljer. Det var ett gäng med massa välkomstskyltar så man såg direkt vart vi skulle gå. När alla hittade sina vföräldrar åkte de flesta hem, och de andra åkte till ett ställe nära flygplatsen för att käka lunch tillsammans med andra utbytesstudenter.
Jag beställde en franch toast, och portionen jag fick var enorm. Så åt bara upp hälften, och som förväntat var det också extremt sött. Sedan åkte vi äntligen hem till våra vfamiljer vilket var väldigt skönt!



Efter att vi kom tillbaka från NY till Thornwood så åt vi middag som var hamburgare och glass. Båda maträtterna var supergoda och kvällen avslutades med en hejdå fest. Alla dessa dagar har varit sjukt kul med god mat och nya vänner från hela världen.
Efter festen gick alla o lade sig eftersom vi alla skulle gå upp tidigt. Jag skulle gå upp vid 04:00 och bussen gick halv 5 till JFK flygplats i NY. Bussfärden var ca 1 h och de allra flesta sov under resan.

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Här är några bilder från underbara New York som vi var förra fredagen!!



Andra dagen i NY spenderades mest i ett klassrum där vi gick igenom olika grejer som skulle förbereda oss inför året med vfamilj och high school. Bland annat att kommunikation var otroligt viktigt, att fråga om man inte förstår och att det är okej att göra misstag. Vi gjorde också några lekar där man skulle lära känna de som var i ens grupp. De olika grupperna var sorterade beroende på vilken stat man skulle till, så i min grupp skulle alla till Missouri och Ohio.

Efter lunch så var vi i en aula där man fick skriva upp frågor som sedan diskuterades av en panel som bestod av fem IEC, vilket är personer man kontaktar om man har bekymmer eller bara vill prata om vad som helst.

Sedan var vi i ett stort rum där det satt en ambassadör vid varje bord som hade varit utbytesstudent förra året. Där fick man ställa massa frågor och få tips och råd.

Efter detta gick vi tillbaka till klassrummet för att gå igenom nästa dag i NY. Sen var det äntligen dags för middag och dagen avslutades med en karaoke kväll.

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Vi var framme vid JFK flygplats vid ca 13:30 (amerikansk tid) och möttes av EF ambassadörer som välkomnade oss med massa välkomstskyltar och jubel. Sedan delades vi upp i två grupper där den ena skulle till welcome days, som jag skulle till och den andra till camp. Vi fick vänta i ca 30 min innan vi tog en buss till EF academy i Thornwood som tog ca 1 h.

När vi väl kom fram till EF academy vid 15 tiden, fick vi en nyckel till vårt rum och ett kort med våra namn på som man alltid behövde ha runt halsen (som ni kan se på sista bilden). Under första dagen var jag med en tjej från Sverige och en från Österrike, och vi åt middag tillsammans och sen gick vi och lade oss vid ca 19:30 eftersom vi hade en sån jetlag. Jag vaknade vid 7 nästa dag och var ganska utvilad, vilket var skönt. Jag var själv i mitt rum tills en tjej från Tyskland kom vid 22 tiden, så det var skönt att jag inte behövde sova ensam mer.

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