Tja tja bloggen! My name is Anonymous! <3

Soooo, yeah. Me and my lazy ass have seem to  forget about this blog, hehe, and all I truly can say is that i'm sososososo sorry! It's just that when me and my cff were in Cyprus we totally forgot to have ANY social life on any social medias and that explains why I have not blogged anything whilst I were there. And I just flew to Sweden yesterday and we came to Sweden in like 5 in the morning so i'm just dead! But I have some really good news, for me and for you guys, I'm going to London today! Or tomorrow at 2:am :) And I am super excited because I looooooove London! And let's just take a moment to think of that wonderful accent! I'm DEAD! 

Okey so enough about me and let's talk about the thing that i'm most excited about, I can blog there, cuz we have wi-fi there! AAAAAHHHH! And i'm going to take lots of pictures so that you guys can like hang out with me :) 

I hope you have a wonderful morning, day, evening and night and I will see you tomorrow!

Bye for now xoxo <3

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Hola amigos, me llamo Anonymous ;)

I just wanted to throw in some Spanish in there just because I don't know Greek. Well if you didn't know yet, i'm going to Cyprus with one of my best friends! :D It's going to be super fun to go with her! Although we have to go up SUUUPEER early, like 3:00 in the morning, I couldn't care less just because i'm going with her. Well I am going to go with my dad and my brother but that is not as exciting cuz I have been to alot of trips with them. It's going to take a while to fly so if you have want I could blog some on the plane, if it isn't dangerous that is. Me and my cff, crazy friend forever, have to look at a movie also so if you have a movie tip, mostly horror movies, you could write one in the comments. :)

Well i'm off to watch Dance Moms wich is HILLARIOUS xD And Maddie is just super good at dancing and stuff :)

Btw, I am not a daily blogger ;) (Joe sugg fans understand)

Bye for now! xoxo



Why hello there my friends, my name is Anonymous <3

So I know that I have been away for a few days and I am so sorry but I have been kind of "busy."

By busy I mean all kind of stuff that you have to do on the summer break. So, first I had a sleepover

with one of my best friends and it was soo fun :) After that I went to PIP, PIP is a shortening to Putte I Parken

wich is a summer festival, with another friend and we watched John De Sohn. Next day I went to town with, again, a

friend and we had super fun cuz both of us are kind of shopaholics and we just love to buy new clothers etc.

We also watched a horror movie that was in 7D and it was sooo cool and quite scary ;)

At night we went to PIP again to watch Loreen, you know, the girl that won Eurovision Song Contest :)

And today we went to the beach and just had, once again, fun c: So now you know what I have been doing

these days, what have you guys been up to? :)

Bye for now :p <3



Hey! My name is Anonymous xx

I just wan't you guys to get to know me better and I really love music. My taste in music is like all kinds of genres but here is my top 7 this week :)

1st: Policeman - Eva Simons

This song reminds me of an artist called Elliphant and if you like her then you will like this song! :)

2nd: Same Love - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat Mary Lambert

All that i can say about this song is: wow. It is absolutely wonderful and touching.

3rd: Hummingbird - Miss E

If you are in a bad mood you should really listen to this song, it will help you in a better mood on an instant. I first heard this song on OITNB and I felt really good and that is why this song is on the list.

4th: Powerful - Major Lazer (feat. Ellie Goulding & Tarrus Riley)

I just feel like this song is good :p And it's powerful ;)

5th: Broke - Jason Derulo ft. Stevie Wonder & Keith Urban

This is just like Hummingbird, it makes you smile and just sing along.

6th: Papercut - Zedd ft. Troye Sivan

This is just because I like Troye Sivan and because it's like a chill song.

7th: Woke The F*ck Up - Jon Bellion

I don't actually know why I like this song but when I heard it the first time I just fell for it. It just felt different and new.

​Well that was my top 7 songs atm this week and I hope you like it. If you want you can leave a comment telling your favourite songs atm. :)

Bye for now! xx



Sup buddies! ^-^

Well today I had kind of fun, first I played with my little baby kitten Luna. Then my mom decided to force me out 

to pick some beautiful flowers and so I picked that dress on the picture. Me and my mom had a great time and 

it was so hot outside! We went out in the beautiful forest and I complained about the ants and the spiders of course. 

I absolutely HATE spiders and ants! They are so disgusting and scary! Is it only me? Oh well, now i'm in my bed 

and i'm watching Playful Kiss ;) I really recommend that series because it is so funny and so dramatic! 

Well i'm off to watch the last ep now :)

Bye for now! xoxo



Hey friends! My name is Anonymous :)

So today I have been really lazy, but I did wake up at 9 so not that lazy. When I woke up I

watched Playful Kiss, that is a Korean drama, and it is SO GOOD! I recently started to see it

and the first ep was so weird and boring but the next ep was sooooo gooood! I absolutely LOVE it!

Right now it is kind of hot but I don't want to go out because I just want to just finish the whole series.

After watching Playful Kiss I just had to shop a little online and one thing that I bought from H&M is that 

t-shirt dress and it looks soooo goood that I just had to buy it! Like imagine that dress with some 

white Nike Air Force! Well I am going to watch some more of Playful Kiss :)

Bye for now! c:



Hello, my name is Anonymous!

Nah, just kidding, my name is Hanna and I am pretty anonymous. Well, you know my name and

where I come from but you don't know how I look like. That is because I am not ready to show

my face just yet. I am quite shy and that is also why I don't want to show my face.

Either way, I am from Sweden but I want to write in English so that everyone understands

me. I hope that you will like my blog and I will see you tomorrow!

Bye for now! :)