Hello agen!

As I wrote yesterday I will talk about my favorit sport/work. Okay, my favorit sport is.... Sailing, yes it is. When you hears the word "sailing", you maybe thinking on big pirate ship, but no. I sail a small oneman boat called zoom 8.

I have sailed in 3 years, but in the last 1,5 year I've train mutch more. This summer I sailed almost evrry day, but after the school started I've sail 2 times evrry week.. Now I'm not sailing at all, becuse it's snow here and it's verry cold. But in February-March the sail seson begins again.

On this image the swedish team are on the way in after a trainingday. I'm sailing the boat  with sailnumber "NOR 176".

In the beginig of this text I wrote "I will talk about my favorit sport/work". Now you maybe think, "she can not work like a professinal sailer" and no. I wish i culd but I'm only 14 and it's would be impossible. I work like a instructor on my sail club, where I learn childrens sail. I think thats funny because i like to learn other what I can. 

So now you know a little bit more about me.


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My name is Hanna and i live in a small town called Stenungsund north of Gothenburg.

I live in a normal family, my family consist of my mom, dad, my litle sister and me.

Okay, I suck on english, but it's why I'm doing this. In my english class in school we have a 30 day callenge.

Our teatcher have made a list on difrents callenge we need to do. One of them was: make an english blog and yes, thats what I'm doing now. I don't know how mutch update it will be but I will push myself to do this. I think it will be hard.

My goal is to learn more english and this is a good way to learn.

So now I will present myself for you.

I'm 14 years old girl. Yes I'm a girl. When I meet new people they often ask me: are you a boy or a girl? I don't know why but i think it's my short hair that make me look like a boy. I don't get that kind of comments as mutch as I yous to, (when I have shorter hair) but I still hear the comments. I do have a lot of hobby's, you can read more about my favorit sport/work in my next post. Hint it's about the ocean.