Welcome to my life.

I´m a Swedish girl, currently traveling the world, doing what I love the most; explore. I´m madly in love with the ocean, and a sucker for romance. Forever thankful, blessed and happy to be able to do whatever I want with my life. This is my life, and my chans to live it.

Take my hand, and let me share my journey with you. Cause I want to inspire you. Inspire you to do whatever you want. Trust me, YOU CAN! I believe in you.

Let´s make it a great story.

x, H.

11.08.18 -

"Imagine being in Paris. You wake up with his arms wrapped around you. You go out for a late morning coffee. You walk around the city, hand in hand, until your feet hurts af. And then you have lunch in the sun, with the view of the Eiffel Tower of course. You go home for a 16.43 nap. You wake up and you do your makeup, you put your sexiest dress on and you go out for dinner in the sunset. You walk home with your heels in one hand and his hand in the other. You come home, you fill the bathtub with shampoo and hot water. You lay there with him, you sip some wine and you talk about life, the future. You kiss each other good night, and you don’t ever want that day to be over. That’s our Paris"


I wrote this text when me and my boyfriend were in Paris a few weeks ago. Gosh I miss it. One of the best weekends in a long time.



Hi angels!! Jag ville bara visa er vår sjuka middag vi åt andra kvällen i Paris. Ni kanske redan har sett det på min insta story? haha jag gick loss där den kvällen!! Jag fick så mycket rekommendationer om det här stället, och WOW hörni, tack för det!! Den här restaurangen var ju helt amazing! Allt ifrån maten till personalen och inredningen. Ingenting gjorde oss besvikna! Ni måste verkligen hit och testa deras tryffelpasta! Så god!!

//Hi angels!! I just wanted to show you guys our epic dinner we had the second night in Paris. You might have seen it on my instagram story already, I went crazy there haha. I got so many recommendations of this place, and WOW thank you guys for that. This restaurant was amazing. Everything from the food to the waiters and interior. Nothing disappointed us! You really need to go here and try their truffle pasta. Delicious!!!

Här ser ni vår middag - melon, prosciutto and burrata / Tryffel pasta och pizza / Crème boule och chokladmousse. YUM!

// So this is our dinner -melon, prosciutto and burrata / truffle pasta and pizza / Cream boule and chocolate mousse. YUM!

Och hur mysig är inte den här baren?! Vi ställde oss här och tog en drink i väntan på vårt bord. Det här stället är så populärt, så det var en lång kö för att få ett bord. Men det gick fort som tur var! Så om ni tänkt att besöka Pink Mamma så får ni räkna med en stund i kö. För oss tog det cirka 15 min, och det var de värt!!

// And how cozy isn't this little bar? We took a drink here while we were waiting for our table. This place is really popular, so be prepared to stand in a line a bit to get a table. We waited for 15 minutes, so it went really fast for us, and it was totally worth it!!