Welcome to my life.

I´m a Swedish girl, currently traveling the world, doing what I love the most; explore. I´m madly in love with the ocean, and a sucker for romance. Forever thankful, blessed and happy to be able to do whatever I want with my life. This is my life, and my chans to live it.

Take my hand, and let me share my journey with you. Cause I want to inspire you. Inspire you to do whatever you want. Trust me, YOU CAN! I believe in you.

Let´s make it a great story.

x, H.

Drömmer mig tillbaka till just denna dagen i Kroatien. Vi var i Split, strosade runt på olika marknader, åt bär vid hamnen, tog en lunch och gick runt bland alla möjliga butiker. Det var helt fantastiskt att bara titta på alla fina byggnader... <3