Good morning!

Today is not any day because Luna has now passed 3 months. Scary, crazy and nice all at once.

She is now developing everyday and she is more awake. Luna has found her hands and loves to taste them, more the whole fist. She also started to laugh, not a lot but sometimes I can hear that giggle and it melts my heart. She is getting stronger and stronger so she prefers to try and stand up or sit up when people hold her. She loves people, we are very happy about that as it is nice to see her enjoy being around our family and friends. She also makes more different faces, starting to show her personality with sounds.

Everyday she is getting bigger and something new happens. She does make our lives full of happiness and the love I have for her is growing all the time. (no clue how that is even possible)

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Hola amigos!

We arrived to GOT last week on Thursday. All went super again with the flight, super proud!

Since we came I have been able to meet a lot of my closest friends and family. Been to a cray fish party with the fam and now I am a bit sick 😣 drinking lots of tea to feel better, booh!

Today we are going to Marstrand 👍



Anlände i fredags, bilfärden på 4 timmar gick förvånansvärt bra. vi stannade 2 ggr och körde vidare. R's vänner väntade på oss med en öl i handen. Verkligen perfekt anläggning för oss, eftersom det var 4 små barn plus typ 20 vuxna så va det grymt bra allt ihop. 2 hus man kunde sova i och en lada vi kunde spela beer pong och dansa ;)

Spelade mölkky  och kubb 😁

Barnen badade 💦

Sedan idag fick vi packa och bege oss till Paris. Åkte tåg i 1.5 timma vilket Lunis älskade, sov hela färden. Nu är vi framme i vårt Airbnb mitt i stan och har badat av oss leran som vi samlat på oss samt ätit den godaste sushin jag ätit 😋

Ska se film nu och sova 😚



Yesterday we went shopping in city centre, Roms brother and mother came also. Lunis was calm and seems to be more and more relaxed I the trolley. yeyy!

Lunis at Plastanislas 🕍 Such a beautiful place, if you ever visit Nancy - this is the place to go!

In the evening we went to visit R's friends Clem and Jul, they just had a baby Leon this year. We had some snacks and chats 😊 Lunis is 3 months younger than Leon so their friendship is not developed yet 😋

Today we will relax a bit, Lunis has been all over the place since we came here. It will be nice to let her get bored a bit.




I am so glad that you chose me to be your mother. It feels sometimes like we are one person, we communicate within the energy around us. I hope it will always be this way, I want to know what you are feeling without needing you to spell it for me.
I will always be here for you, through the highs and the lows and sometimes the in betweens.
It feels like you and I were meant to be from the day that I was born and I have always known, somehow that you were here with me all along just waiting for the perfect timing..



What I have realized since I have Luna is that babies bring out so much happiness, not only in myself but everyone. It really brings out the best in people.

Anyway, today has been great and meeting lots of people once again. Below are some pics that I managed to take with my phone. I am also taking pictures with my camera so I often forget to do it with my phone also, but today I did 😋

Me and my mini me 😍 the best thing that she knows is being on my boob. It calms her down anytime no matter what.

R's brother played some tunes for Lunis ❤

The best part of me is you and your dad 😘


Spritz is my new all time fav, so nice when it's warm like here.. 🍸

Tomorrow we are going shopping 🍒

Bon, good night!



Have been in the car all day it feels like.. We went to R's grandma and there we were greeted with smiles from so many people. Younger to a bit more experienced 😊 it was lovely!

Luna was happy but she stsrted the car ride in pure monster mode 😂 but the rest of the day she has been happy. R's youngest brother also came to Nancy today so another uncle in the fam.

We are now waiting for GOT to be downloaded 👌 chill evening at it's best!



We have had a great day today and the sun has been with us. First we went for a walk in the woods. When we got home we had a BBQ lunch on the balcony. After being fed we decided to visit R's friends, we sat in their garden for a few hours. Luna had so much fun seeing new friendly faces.

We just got home from a light show in plastanislas, which happens every evening here in Nancy. Super nice!

Bed time, tomorrow we are going to visit R's grandma which is about an hour from here. Great shtuff 🤗



The flight went very good, I am so proud and happy that she seemed fine and also did sleep during most of the travels. The bus from our home to the airport took 1.5 hours and she slept 👌 and in the airport she slept 👌 and on the flight we had to entertain her due to all the sleeping before but that was manageable.

In Paris we stayed with Frank and his lady for one night. We had a train to catch the day after to Nancy. We will be back in Paris at the end of this trip so we can show Lunis the Eiffel tower at least 😂

Train station, she is sleeping again 😉 the train ride was 1.5 hours and went super. I think train is the easiest way to travel with a baby, plenty of space and u can walk around. It is also quiet and not that bumpy 👌

When we arrived to R's mum we celebrated that all went well 🍾

Happy grandma 💕

R's grandma made this bed 🙄 I am so impressed. It is also one of the most beautiful beds that I have ever seen. Lunis loves it too!

So, we are now staying in Nancy until 15th of Aug then we are off to the country side for a weekend with R's friends. After this we are going to Paris for a couple of nights and then Sweden 🇸🇪

Enjoying it 😁



Jag är ju mammaledig nu med lilla Lunis och eftersom att jag aldrig haft barn i Sverige så kan jag ju inte relatera till ledigheten där ännu. På Irland så får man iallafall 6 månader med 100% betalt, sedan kan man förlänga med 4 månader extra utan betalt. That's it!

Vi/ni har det väldigt bra i Sverige, 1,5 år är helt fantastiskt. Jag börjar typ redan stressa upp mig för när Luna ska börja på dagis så tidigt. Men, jag måste ändå säga att Irland är inte helt dumt om man jämför med Holland, där har man 4 månader bara. I Frankrike har man enbart 2 månader betalt innan barnet är fött och 2 månader efter (vet inte hur dom tänker där). Mina kollegor är alltså helt lyriska över dessa 6 månader eftersom i alla andra länder runt om i världen så har dom kortare mammaledighet. Jag själv är ju Sverige skadad och säger såklart att det inte är gott nog, men jag tycker att alla länder bör ta efter Sverige där. Så viktig tid som aldrig kommer igen.

Pappaledigheten på Irland är 2 veckor, som tur är så har Romains företag en egen policy som ger honom 6 veckor totalt. Därmed så tar han ut en hel månad nu när vi reser till Frankrike och Sverige.

För att sammanfatta så är Sverige överlägset på just denna punkten. Dagis ska vi inte ens prata om men det kan jag berätta mer om senare eftersom vi är just nu på jakt efter en plats till Lunis.

Jag har valt att ta 10 månader mammaledighet så ska verkligen ta vara på varje minut med mitt hjärta.

så liten hon var här, en vecka gammal 😭