American traditional is definitely my favorite tattoo style. After that is b&w realism. I'm 17 now, can't get tattooed until I'm 18, that's in November.

The first thing I'll do as an 18 year old is probably not get tattooed.

I know some things that I want. Like wolf, bear, dream catcher and roses.
But I don't know what style I want them in. My first chooses are American traditional and b&w realism. But I need to decide what to get of what style. And also where to get them on my body, so when I have that figured outings can start my tattoo journey. That will probably end when I do 😁 The photos are examples of what I want to get, they are from we heart it and google

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Dress from here

This is an amazing dress that i got from

It´s super pretty and looks so good on. I wore it on of the days I was in Rome, Italy. Rome is definitely me new favorite city. I'll be posting more blog post about my Rome trip soon, plus pictures from it. 😁

Its a midi dress so it worked perfect for Rome. We visited​ churches everyday so i could not show knees or shoulders.. Its was around 20 degrees celsius​ so i did not wanna wear too much clothing. So this dress was perfect for that. It covered​ my knees​, tho not shown i my picture, and it was easy to throw on a cardigan and cover shoulders. 

It does not look exactly like it does online. It,s more blue, but I love that 😍 The material is not top, but i've definitely seen worse. What i mean is that it's not Ralph Loren clothing, not that i would now what his clothes are like bc i've never used them😂 The prize of it is £20, thats around 200 SEK. The quality of this dress is like you would get at h&m.

Boohoo usually have discounts so if you want to make an order wait for e week or so if you can and see if anything poops up.

I have made 2 orders from there the last 2 moths. I will post about all my orders soon. Plus pictures of the clothing on. I have my dress in the size 12, which is a medium. They are almost always true to size. Only one time did a dress not fit and I can show that one too, so you know what dress is smart to go a size up.