It has now come to the last 7 days of my summer holiday before I make my official move to Sheffield. The last week I will be spending with my mum, enjoying what Norway, my home country, has to offer and preparing for university.

Last week, I got my hair cut and coloured, as I know I will not have much time at University to fix or trim it, which is why I went for a shorter haircut than I am used to. I usually get a haircut once a year, as my hair grows fast and I enjoy having my long and natural locks!

Norway is one of my home countries, as I am also from England. I have spent most of my summer in Norway this summer, adjusting to the nordic climate (and the rain!). I am not used to such cold temperatures and wet weather, so this has prepared me a little to my future life in Sheffield.

During my summer holiday this year, I have also practiced and undergone classes for my drivers licence, and tomorrow I have my drivers test. Norway is the strictest country in the world when it comes to taking a drivers licence, with a lot more theory, practice and rules that need to be known compared to other countries. It is therefore a lot more challenging to succeed, but I have practiced a lot and passed my theory, so I feel somewhat ready.

This leads me on to the day trip we went on a few days ago, where I drove to ´Verdens Ende`, translating to The Worlds End. Its name is very fitting as there are only rock faces that lead out to the wide and open ocean, and on the other side, far into the horizon, is Denmark.

The next coming days, I will be preparing myself for my travels and leaving Norway, and preparing for university life. Most of my preparation at the moment has to do with cooking and learning how to make different meals. This has and will really help me in the next coming years, as I feel more confident in knowing that I can actually make dinner for myself with only minor troubles!

I will post more soon, to tell about how my test goes and the final preparations!

Hanna :)

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It´s now only 2 weeks till I am settled in my halls, and probably at this time I´m ready to go out, with a headache and a hangover just around the corner. I have been slowly preparing myself for the changes that will happen this autumn, with a change in setting, country, climate and life. I will be living alone, far away from my family and with full responsibility for myself and everything I own. I feel prepared, but the fact that I know I am moving far away makes me nervous.

I have also been learning the basics of cooking (so that I won't die during my time at uni), but I can truthfully say that I am not a very talented cook, but I´ll try my best this coming year. I have also changed my clothing, from summery tops and only one layer, to multiple layers and woolly socks and jackets. The climate will probably be one of my biggest challenges to face as I am used to warm temperatures, constant sun and humidity reaching above 60%. So wearing more than one layer takes a little time to get used to.

One of the biggest questions I currently have is how I´m going to fit all of my things in my tiny dorm, and what I actually need to bring. Knowing me, my room will be filled to the brim with things everywhere (but in a tidy way!). I am a very creative person, and I like to be surrounded by my belongings, making sure I feel at home. Because of my creativity, my room may look a little messy to others, but in reality, to me, it is a clean and tidy mess.

As I am moving from half the world away, there are quite a lot of things I need to bring and need to fit in my suitcase. Jumpers, several pairs of shoes, bags, different clothing for different weather, large jackets, electronics, photos and school supplies. However I bring a lot of experiences and expectations with me, and I am certain that Sheffield will fulfil them, and I an so excited to start the semester with freshers week.

As I wrote in my previous blog post, I visited Sheffield last summer, and I left there with a feeling of being welcomed and a sense of belonging. I cannot wait to see the university grounds again, and to explore the student city and accommodation.

Until next time,

Hanna :)



On the 17th of August, my journey at Sheffield University started for real. I have been set on this university since December 2016, and was so focused on the fact that this was the only university for me. I visited Sheffield last summer, briefly to look at the university and to see what a Russell Group Uni had to offer. I was overwhelmed by the atmosphere and the campus. I knew instantly that this was the place for me.

I will be starting a Bachelor of Science in Psychology this autumn, together with many other freshers. When I received my acceptance letter I was over the moon. The feeling of accomplishing something I have worked so extremely hard for was worth the endless hours of revision and studying over the past two years. I am so ready to start my journey, to move on and to study what I truly enjoy.

I have been allocated a dorm room, and I am currently engulfed in the many tasks needed to do for pre-registration and knowing what to do for the first week at university.

I have spent my summer mostly in Norway, but I also spent one week in Seoul with my best friend. It was the perfect way to end school and A levels together, and to start our new paths.

This blog is mainly for me to write about my weeks spent at university and to reach out to family and friends, who can check up on me and see what I'm doing from a week to week basis.

I'm excited for a new and refreshing year, and I hope you'll enjoy following me through it!