You know that huge list of fun and productive things you would like to do during your break that you think of a few weeks before? Yeh, my list is so enormous that I felt like creating a blogpost about it.

I was sick this week (as I am writing this section, it is friday at 21.40) and on monday, my break starts. So this is my 'want/need to do list' for this week:

I want to sort out my room (go through cupboards and organize my closet)

I want to get rid of all my dirty laundry on my floor

I need to study for a maths test, a science test, a music test, a social science assignment, english essays and my art project

I want to go on a shopping spree with my sister (this will probably turn into a blogpost, a vlog or a haul)

I want to read some in the book I am reading right now

I want to have a great birthday:)))

A lot of these things that I have written down are large things that takes a long time to do such as my room and studying...

In a situation like this, what I would typically do is create a schedule over my days.

For example, my schedule will be this

Saturday - Do laundry ( finish most of it ) and clean the visible surfaces in my room (floor, desk etc)

Sunday - Finish the last bits of laundry and organize cupboards and closet

Monday - Math practice sheets (1 & 2), read social science pages

Tuesday - Math practice sheet (3), music test study (go over information), prepare english essays

Wednesday - Music test studying (hardcore), art project

Thursday - art project, read book

Friday - (Shopping spree?)

Saturday - (Shopping spree?)


I don't know if this helped anyone but if it did, then please leave a comment so that I know, I will try to create a youtube video about this as well so go on over there and subscribe:)


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Me and my three friends went to Crete some time ago for a week and these are some of the stories and pictures we collected:)

Okay so I (being the geek I am) wanted to take a picture of our passports even though they thought that I was the most akward person ever^^

Some airplane photos ofc

So when we had decided to fall asleep (at like 3am) we suddenly heard something that we thought were gunshots, which made us start questioning if we even should look out the window to see if there was a shooting. We finally decided that I should look out the window and I started launching when I saw what it really was, fireworks:) After a while, it stopped and we could fall asleep.

When we woke up the morning after the fireworks, we were met by this beautiful view. We literally had the best view of the hotel and I wish I took better pictures than these:( I was so happy because I felt like I got a lot for my money because I did save quite a lot to get to do this trip (We payed for it ourselves).

This was one of the days where I had "healthy" breakfast....

Just chilling by the pool:)

Pictures from a photoshoot I had with my friend My (Yes that is her name)

I literally love this dish, since I came home from Crete, I have had this all the time but this is the best one I've ever had and I miss it HAHHAHAHH

So these pics are from a hilarious moment on our roadtrip where we got a flat tire:) The funny thing was that we decided to sit down, in the middle of the road and watch Mr & Mrs Smith:)

So we were stranded for 1 hour but then the most wonderful couple came and helped us.

This is the name of the hotel that we stayed at (I would really recommend it and the breakfast:)

It says Stellina Village if you can't see^^

From my many visits (2) to Chania and the fun that I had there:)

Too many pool pictures HAHAHA:)

And here comes the last pics which are just random pics^^

And that was my trip to Crete, hope you enjoyed:)



Hi guys! Last week I decided to host a very late birthday party with a few of my friends. I decided that it would be a small get-together but I still wanted to go all in, so I today after school, me and my three friends came to my house and had a picnic party with LOADS of food !!

This was inspired by Zoe Sugg aka Zoella's video "The Perfect Picnic Party" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTlG40b9VEc) so head on over and watch that:)

It was such a success, we had a lovely time and I decided that I'd share it with you guys !!

So this is the food that I prepared for this picnic. I know that it is quite a lot, but knowing my friends, I really needed all of that food because we actually ate all of this ourselves^^

We had:

Pastasallad with peppers, salami, tomatoes and asparagus,

Kiwi-lollies covered with milk chocolate,


Nachos with guacamole, sour cream and salsa,

Strawberries dipped in nutella,

Fruitsallad with grapes, blueberries, kiwi, melon, pineapple, mango, strawberries and watermelon,

Chocolate chocolate chip cookies:),

The fruit sticks,

Sandwiches with salami and cheese,

and last but not least, Ice lollies made with sprite and blueberries:)

Okay so this is how I set everything up. I searched the internet for cute picnic ideas and I really liked the setups with curtains so that is what I went for. I had a blueish theme mostly because we didn't have much else HAHHAHA !!

This was in my garden so we did not have to carry all of these things away as you would on a normal picnic which allowed us to have more things. We also decided to hang some decorations but unfortunately I don't have the pictures of that:(

These are my three friends that came; (from the left) Me:), Andrea (http://nouw.com/andrearobling), Olivia and Elsa.

What I liked the most about this picnic (exempt hanging out with my friends) was these "fruit sticks" that I made with red grapes, blueberries, kiwi, melon, pineapple, mango, strawberries and watermelon. They were sooooo delicious and they ran out superfast because EVERYONE was loving them!! They also look really pretty HAHAHA:)

I also made these cookies and these cupcakes but I thought I would show the recipe to these in another blog post so you'll have to wait for that:)

Hope you have enjoyed my first blogpost !!