Eftersom vissa läsare verkligen uppskattade mitt "Become more familiar with me" inlägg som jag laddade upp för ett tag sedan så har jag tänkt att det är dags för en lite uppdatering. Jag är en person som är rädd för att öppna upp mig för andra, dels för att jag tror att folk kommer döma mig och mina känslor och för att jag tror att jag klarar av det mesta själv. Just därför tycker jag att det är lite jobbigt när människor vet så mycket om mig men förstår att det är intressant så här kommer några frågor som jag svarar ärligt på. (Jag kommer endast att skriva frågorna och svaren en gång så därför blir de på engelska).

Since some of my readers really appreciated my "Become more familiar with me" post I uploaded recently, I've thought it's time for a little update. I'm a person who is afraid to open up to others, partly because I think people will judge me and my feelings and because I think I can handle most of the things myself. Which is why I think it's pretty tough when people know so much about me but I do understand that it's interesting, so here are some questions that I answer truthfully. (I will only write the questions and answer once which is why it'll only be in english):

1. What is one thing that has happened to you that made you a stronger person?

One thing that has happened to me that has made me a stronger person is losing people that I care about and moving on from it, like friends that I were once close to etc. Especially my grandma's passing, it's still as difficult up to this day a year later but it has made me a lot stronger I'd say and I am proud of myself for everything that I've gone through and I still remain who I am today.

2. What's one thing that has happened to you in life that made you feel weak?

One thing that has made me feel weak is my mental state, that has once been putting me through stress and on unrealistic pedestals. I was sad for a while during a period that made me feel useless and not enough etc but no matter what happens next I'll never see myself like that again, no one can tell me I'm not enough or that I am not a better version of myself after all that mess because I really am.

3. Where is one place you feel most like yourself?

One place that I feel like myself the most must be when I am around my best friends, I feel like they know me better than any individual and I can really be myself without having the fear of getting judged.

4. Where is your favorite place to escape to?

My favorite place to escape to must be my summer house, when my head is heavy I just go there to have my own time and nothing could stress me out over there.

5. Who do you think has had the largest influence on the person you are today?

The answer to this question is obviously my parents, they raised me to be who I am but one person that has helped me find myself and be fearless is Rihanna, she shows that no matter what you go through or what you come from you can remain humble, independent and strong. She's a very strong individual, beautiful inside and out, she teaches young people to be confident in the skin they're in, as "The minute you learn to love yourself, you won't want to be anyone else".

6. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

I've come to a point where I've accepted my appearance after such a long time of being insecure so as of right now the answer to this question would be to change my temper/stubbornness since it's not in my control anymore, it sucks to be honest.

7. If you had one day left to live, what would you do?

It might sound boring to some of you but I would spend that last day with my entire family since they mean the most to me.

8. What decade do you feel you most belong in?

Oh what a tricky question, I don't know. Damn I love the early 90's, music and fashion wise so that'd be super dope.

9. Who are you closest to in your family? Why?

I think I am the closest to my brother right now, we've grown up arguing everyday as kids but now that we're more mature and older I think I prefer talking to him about more personal stuff. Also my cousin who's two years younger than me, we can talk about EVERYTHING.

10. Who's the one person in this world that knows you best?

My best friend(s), my mother and boyfriend. But as I said, I am scared of opening up to people so no one really knows me to 100% but myself.

11. What is your favorite quality about your best friend?

I'll answer regarding to all of my best friends, but all of their laughs, they never fail to make me smile.

12. When you were younger what did you think you were going to be when you grew up?

Baby Han is disappointed in current Han because I really wanted and thought I'd become a vet, but I won't. I still LOVE animals but I just don't see me doing it.

13. If you could identify with one fictional character (from a book, TV show or movie) who would it be?

Okay I change my mind every single day about this but I'd say Kim Possible for sure, she's athletic and hot?? she's a sensitive character but who's aware of her own strengths and weaknesses. She has a kind and caring heart which compelled her to help others and to put their well being above her own. However, she could also be arrogant in certain situations, especially when others, including Ron, appeared to do things better than she could, just like myself!!!

14. Do you easily accept compliments? or do you hate compliments?

I do appreciate compliments, ALWAYS. They mean so much to me, especially since I haven't really been the most confident girl throughout the years but i still do believe I don't accept them easily and I think it comes from me not seeing myself in the same way.

15. Is your favorite attribute about yourself physical or non-physical?

It's probably non-physical.

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Den årliga kräftskivan är kommen med den stora släkten, supermysigt som vanligt. Sjukt att man inte blir mätt på kräftor, har kanske ätit runt 100 stycken på riktigt men är fortfarande hungrig... Det bästa med denna middag är att träffa hela släkten även fast det var annorlunda detta år eftersom min pojkvän var med. Det blev som det blev och just nu känner jag att jag bara vill hem, kallt och trött och har helt tappat suget på att sitta kvar här. Jag är ju som jag är, tycker konflikter blir för jobbigt och det kan förstöra hela mina dagar. Är otroligt hängig och lite allt för känslig just nu, men det är okej det med ibland, det har varit en jobbig vecka för mig. Här är iallafall några bilder.

The annual crayfish party is finally here and the huge family is gathered once again, super nice as usual. It's crazy that you don't get full on crayfish, I might have eaten around 100 crayfishes but i'm still hungry... The best thing about this dinner is to meet the whole family even though it was different this year because my boyfriend came along. It is what it is right now, I just feel like I want to go home, cold and tired and have completely lost the urge to stay here. Being who I am, conflicts become too difficult for me and it can destroy my entire day. I'm incredibly low and a little too sensitive right now, but that's okay occasionally I guess, it's been a rough week. Atleast I added a few pictures.




Where do I start? this TV show is a masterpiece, it stole my heart from the very first second I started the first episode. The Cohen's are all so beautiful and Ryan and Marissa is the ultimate teenage couple we all wish we knew. Probably the best tv show I've ever seen since it never loses its thread throughout all 4 seasons. I really do wish I lived their life, just as I wish I lived Serena van der Woodsen's life in New York, this series resembles Gossip Girl in a way which might be why I am so attached. A MUST-WATCH for anyone who's interested in some teenage and adult drama, love and hate.


Okay okay, hands down one of the most interesting series of all time, had my attention the ENTIRE show from beginning to end. Jess is so freaking funny and Mr.White is a smart ass old man that has a brain we all wish we had. I LOVE the plot, it's so well directed and written. And let's talk about the actors, they're all doing a tremendous work. This deserved to be high up in my list of my favorite series.


Oh Michael, my beautiful Michael, a man for the history books. His intelligence cannot be topped what so ever, and this is not up for debate. I have never ever in my existens seen a man so smart, it's crazy. The actors are brilliant and I cannot even put in to words how good this series is, and the end.... wow. It's worthy of every second that this show took from my life.


Literally my family in a tv show, I see myself in Haley so much, she's stubborn, knows what she wants but yet so nice and innocent. And not to mention that Sofia has been my favorite actress for ages, I live for her accent.


Actresses in a form of perfection. Girl power at its best, always working together for the benefits of them as a group. There are mean girls, crackheads, silly girls and smart girls, everything you can think of collected in the same prison.



Efter ungefär 10 veckor så sitter jag i aulan igen, för att i början på varje år så har vi samling och små presentationer där. För tredje gången sitter jag nu här, alltså tredje året i rad, mitt sista år i denna skola har nu påbörjats. Jag blev helt paff när jag fick reda på att schemat börjar redan imorgon och då slog det mig att sommarlovet är slut. Gud, jag som är så skoltrött efter tvåan fortfarande och tror inte att jag kommer reparera mig på ett tag. Aja, nu är det bara att ta en dag i taget och ta i nu sista rushen. Och till er som inte börjat tvåan ännu... jag tänker på er, ni klarar detta! Men men, slänger in några bilder från min 2-timmars skoldag ovan. Kram och önskar er alla som börjar skolan lycka till.

I'm back in the aula after approximately 10 weeks, because at the beginning of each year, we gather as the teachers have small presentations of themselves. Well I sit here again for the third time in a row, my last year in this school has now begun. I was surprised when I found out that the schedule begins tomorrow already, and then it struck me that summer vacation is really over. God, I am still so tired of school after the 2nd year and don't think I will not be for a while. Anyway, now we'll just have to take one day at a time and give all the energy I have left to do better. And to those of you who have not started the 2nd year yet ... I'm thinking of you, you can do this! But, I'll throw in a few pictures from my 2-hour long school day above. Sending y'all hugs and wish you all luck for the school start.

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Har ni hört talas om historien med Carl Edmond? Vi alla strävar dagligen efter att leva ett härligt, inspirerande och spännande liv. Den stora frågan är om vi verkligen prioriterar oss själva tillräckligt mycket? Boken om Carl Edmond handlar om personen som inte lät något komma i hans väg. Han tog tillvara på livet och inte en sekund fick gå till spillo. Han är killen vi alla vill ha i vår närhet. Han är cool, inspirerande och lever i stunden. Det kanske är dags för oss alla nu, att börja prioritera våra egna liv.



Eftersom jag inte har tagit tiden att skriva något om de dagarna jag spenderade på festivalen Way Out West så tänkte jag ta min tid att beskriva varje dag och dess höjdpunkter.


Tåget gick 06:25 på torsdag morgonen så jag satt alarmet på 04:50 den morgonen och ni kan ju gissa hur man mådde när man väl var framme i Göteborg 4 timmar senare... Iallafall, vi kom till lägenheten, vilade, duschade av oss och bytte om men stod på fötterna fort igen efter att vi hade vilat för att åka till festivalområdet och få våra band. Spända som attans var vi, för inom några timmar skulle vi se Frank Ocean, han var lätt höjdpunkten för alla och kanske en av de få artisterna som avgjorde att vi köpte biljetter till festivalen. När vi väl korsade gränsen till festivalområdet så drog någon lät i min arm och sedan fick jag frågan om de kunde ta bilder på min outfit, jag vet inte vad det var till men det var en komplimang i mina ögon. Vi stod i publikhavet när Young Thug spelade, sedan drog vi vidare till Migos och sist men inte minst Frank Ocean. När Frank lämnade scenen, sista spelningen på dagen var klockan runt 12 och vi alla såg ut som medlemmar i The Walking Dead, så illa var det, det värkte överallt, vi var så trötta och mörka under ögonen, dels var vi gråtfärdiga efter Frank.


Jääävlar vad det var varmt denna dagen, jag som hade räknat med regn alla fem dagarna vi var där men nej, det slog till med högsommarvärme. Denna dag var dock lite segare för att det var inte många vi ville se och vi hade inte planerat något att göra de många timmarna vi var rastlösa. Vi lyckades dock se Sabina och Vince, som var det bästa på den dagen. När det kom till mat så var det ganska dyrt inne på området och det fanns bara mjölkfri och vegetariska alternativ, och ingen i gänget var så sugen på det som bjöds eftersom priserna var allt för höga, kvaliteten på maten var sådär och det fanns bara vegetariska alternativ, vilket i och för sig är jättebra men för en som inte är vegetarian så blir det svårt att veta vad man gillar och inte så det slutade med att vi hamnade på en thai-restaurang hela bunten, men klaga är det sista jag skulle göra. Sent på kvällen skulle vi ut men vi alla är väldigt bestämda med vilken musik vi vill dansa till och det var inte många klubbar som tänker detsamma så min kusin hade tipsat oss om en speciell klubb men det var 23-års gräns och hon var ute med sina vänner och skulle komma senare för att möta upp oss och få upp oss på listan men det sket sig och hon var där runt 02:30 och vi var trötta på att vänta osv, så det blev inget.


Första dagen det regnade, och det regnade så otroligt mycket, HELA DAGEN. Vi hade dock räknat med det så kläder hade vi och vi klädde oss efter vädret. Ännu en gång så var det inte många vi ville se utan det var väl Oskar Linnros och Lana del Rey. Det finns inte alls mycket att tillägga om denna dag men guuuuud vad Lana var bra, så himla ödmjuk och vacker på alla möjliga sätt. Efter Lana, som var sista spelningen så behövde vi börja dra oss hem för att sedan gå upp 9 morgonen därpå för att åka till Liseberg.

Because I have not taken the time to write anything about the few days I spent at the festival Way Out West, I thought I'd take my time now to describe each day and their highlights.


The train left at 06:25 on Thursday morning so I set the alarm at 04:50 that morning and you can guess how we felt when we arrived in Gothenburg 4 hours later... Anyways, we came to the apartment, rested, showered and got dressed but we were quick when it came to getting ready in order to go to the festival and get our wristbands. We were super excited, since within a few hours we would see Frank Ocean in person, he was definitelt the highlight of that day and probably the entire festival, and perhaps one of the few artists who made us buy tickets to the festival. Once we crossed the border into the festival area someone grabbed my arm carefully and asked if they could take photos of my outfit, I don't know what it was for but it was a compliment in my eyes. We were inside the crowd when the Young Thug played, then we headed on to Migos and last but not least Frank Ocean. When Frank left the stage, and the final gig of the day was finished it was around 12 o'clock and we all looked like members of The Walking Dead, it was THAT bad, my body was aching everywhere, we were so tired and all of us had dark circles under our eyes, on the other hand as we all were a bit emotional after Frank's set.


Shit, what a hot day it was, I had expected rain all five days we were there but no, struck with high summer heat the entire day. This day, however, was less exciting as to that there were not many artists we wanted to see and we hadn't planned anything to do the many hours we were restless. We managed to see Sabina and Vince, both remained the higlights of this day. When it came to food, it was pretty expensive inside the festival area and there were only vegan and vegetarian options, and none of the group was so tempted of the food that was offered because of the prices, they were too high, the quality of the food was more or less okay and there were only vegetarian options, which is great, but for one who is not a vegetarian it becomes difficult to know what you like and not so we ended up at a thai restaurant, but complaining is the last thing I would do. We wanted to go out dancing but all of us are so picky when it comes to music to dance to and not many clubs think the same as us but my cousin did tell us about a particular club but the age limit was 23 years old and she was out with her friends after the festival and would come later to meet us up and get us up on the guest list but it got messy and she was there around 2:30am and we were tired of all the waiting, and so on, so there was nothing to do about it but to go home.


First day it rained, and it rained so much, ALL DAY. We, however, had anticipated this so we had clothes and we dressed according to the weather. Once again it was not many we wanted to see this day but only two, Oskar Linnros and Lana del Rey. It is not much to add about this day at all but daaaaamn Lana was great, so incredibly humble and beautiful in every possible way. After Lana, who was the last gig of the entire festival we needed to get home as fast as possible to then wake up at 9am the next morning to go to an amusment park called Liseberg.



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