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,,Listen, the wind is rising

and the air is wild with leaves,

we have had our summer evenings

now for october eves´´

- Humbert Wolfe



Mac Prep + Prime - Skin Base Visage

Urban Decay - Eyeshadow Primer Potion

Mac Studio Fix Fluid - NW10

Inglot Under Eye Corrective Illuminator - 53

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Powder - Light

The Balm Highlighter - Mary-Lou Manizer

NYX - Matte Finish Setting Spray

Brows & Eyes:

BH Cosmetics - Ultimate Brow Palette

Jeffree Star Cosmetics - Beauty Killer Palette

Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 24H - 07 Black Chrome

Essence - Lash Princess Volume Mascara


Limecrime Velvetines - Teddy Bear


Hat - H&M

Cape - H&M

Blouse - Second Hand

Skirt - Primark

Tights - C&A

Shoes - H&M

Bag - Ebay

Bag Charm - Tokyo Otaku Mode

Necklace - Kool Kat Store

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Squats for Senpai, Recipees

Whats better than ice cream in the summer? That's something I don't want to miss during my diet, so I decided to make myself some, but a healthier version without sugar. I thought I'd share this with you ~

What you need

250 g Strawberries

50 ml skimmed milk

200 g lowfat quark or yoghurt


25 g sugar substitute (xucker light)

5 shortbread flavour drops (nutriful)

Step 1 : Blend everything except the yoghurt

Step 2 : Put it into a bowl and mix the yoghurt in

Step 3 : Now you can fill it into a popsicle mold or a bowl and put it into the freezer

You should stir up the ice cream every 30 minutes if you put it into the bowl, to make it fluffy

That's all

With the ingredients I used the whole mixture has only :

206 Calories

38g Total Carbohydrate

(23g Sugar)

21g Protein

2g Total Fat

You can get Xucker light and Nutriful drops at gymqueen.de

Use the code "HalbMondkatze10" for 10% off

Thank You for reading!

Let me know if you tried my recipee out 💖



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I saw this crop tank on Instagram once and wanted to buy it so bad, but it was sold out. ╥﹏╥

Now after months of waiting it was finally avalaible again, can you imagine how happy I was when I got it? (ノ∀`♥)

Waifu Crop Tank - superOrange

Pleated Skirt - StoreDogDog

Most Plushies - Tokyo Otaku Mode

Thank you for reading ! ​

(Special thanks to my ''photographer''/selfie assistant Jannis XD)



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Hey guys!

Probably many of you already know this Shop and how amazing it's concept is,

but in case some of you don't - you really have to check it out !

What I'm talking about is qwertee.com

They sell Shirts with really awesome Designs in a limited Time for only £8/€10/$12 and also have a nice choice of prints for the same

I think that's such a cool opportunity to get unique shirts, because they're limited and after their time's up they're gone forever

- and it's a also a great chance for artists to show their art to the world

You can also vote on the Website which shirts should come up next

They're worth a follow on Twitter or Instagram, because they're daily updating their designs there

so you never miss any of them and you always have a chance to win a shirt with a retweet or a like

My boyfriend and me are huge One Punch Man fans, so when I saw these designs one day, I came up with the idea to get them and we took the chance to get them both

The shirts are from Gildan, so they have a really nice quality - just like the prints on them. We're both wearing Men's size Medium.

I also looked over the Prints section and found this super cute Totoro Poster. It's quality is also amazing, and it's so huge-32x45cm!

10 € is such a good price for this D: It comes in a paper roll so you can be sure that your prints arrive safely

Ahhhhhh it's so beautiful. isn't it?

So I can only recommend this website for all patient and observantly people

Thank you for reading !

PS: Have you noticd my new cutest logo ever? (๑♡⌓♡๑)

My cousin made it ! Show him some love and check out his other Artworks on Facebook



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Hello everyone!

I know I'm a bit late with this because the Con was already over 2 weeks ago - but I was rational once and studied for my exams, which are almost over now, yay ! (・∀・)

Anyway, the Dokomi was on the first May Weekend in Düsseldorf and it was so great ! I felt really well there, because I knew that the most people around there share the same interests for Japan ~

It was the first Anime Convention I went to and definetly not the last !

I was very lucky because my Cousin and her friend were working there, so I could drive with them by car - and we even shared a hotel room together

The only missing thing was a ticket then, but I bought it online in time, because I've heard that they sell out quickly

It came with this pretty postcard and a bookmark

☆ Saturday ☆

Because my cosplay I actually planned wasn't finished I decided to bunch a Sailor Moon inspired Outfit together. Thank god I finally had an occasion for this dress,I don't wear it often sadly, but on the other side I'm afraid that I could mess it up

I really liked the Coord, but I've chosen the wrong lenses for Usagi .-.

You can hardly see that they're even blue on me.. but I like them anyway ! They were still very comfy and I had no problems with them, though I was wearing them all day long ~


Dress - Living dead clothing

Cardigan - Primark

Socks - Calzedonia

Shoes - Spylovebuy via Amazon

Hair puffs - Primark

Hair Bows - Claire's

Choker - Selfmade (with Bandai Gashapon Cameo)

Pin - Kawaiimono

Bracelet - Japanese Sailor Moon Crystal DVD Box

Ring - Amazon

Moon Headband - RukoSari


Lenses - Linsenfinder / Barbie Blue

Face Primer - Mac / Prep+Prime Skin Base Visage

Eyeshadow Primer - Urban Decay / Eyeshadow Primer Potion

Foundation - Mac / Studio Fix Fluid

Concealer - Mac / Pro Longwear Concealer

Powder - Mac / Mineralize Skin Finish Powder

Contour - NYX / Wonderstick

Eyeshadow - Limecrime / Venus Palette

Eyeliner - Beauty is life / Eyeliner Cake

Lashes - Mac / False Lashes Mascara

Eyebrows - BH Studio Pro / Ultimate Brow Palette

Blush - BH Cosmetics / Contour & Blush Palette

Lips - Jeffree Star Cosmetics / Doll Parts + Drug Lord

''Freckles'' - Jeffree Star Cosmetics / Drug Lord

So I set off, luckily I found the way to the Exhibition Hall right away ( Just followed all the Cosplayers, hehe ☚(゚ヮ゚☚))

It was a bit more difficult inside to find anything, but after over an half hour I finally found Maddy in the big Exhibitors Hall. It's funny that I know Maddy from Instagram and I think it's such a nice opportunity to get in touch with people of same interests ^.^

She was standing already in line for Purikura (Japanese Photo Booth), so we took the Photos together when it was our turn

And while we were waiting a cute Kaonashi came along

After we wandered around in the hall a bit, we went over to the fashion area, where the two cuties Mabu (Kawaiimono) and Kira ( KiraKiraDoodles) had their booths. It was such a pleasure to see Mabu again and meet Kira for the first time, they're both so talented ! Actually everyone in the area was, the most things that were sold there were handmade. You could find almost everything there, from jewelry, through clothes to accessoires.

Then my cousin had her break and we wanted to spend it together in the artist alley. You could buy really cool art-related stuff there - like stickers, prints or self-written manga.

After her break I decided also to take a break and finally get Onigiri

Onigiri are rice balls wrapped in seaweed and mostly they are filled. I've chosen one with chicken filling and it was so delicious~ When I'm in Düsseldorf again, I'll definetly visit Waraku (⊙ᗜ⊙)

The Matcha Melon pan (sweet bun) was also filled, but with matcha. I guess that wasn't my cup of tea, though I'm a huge matcha lover.

The rest of the day I spent alone so I planned to visit every single booth on the con, I started in the big exhibitors hall. Till' the convention almost closed I managed to get through the half hall ~ And I was broke then. (´・ω・`)

So I got back to the Host Club, where my cousin worked and we took a few Pictures with my Polaroid Camera after she was finished with work ~

And the last point of the day: I saw the idea of taking Before and After Con Pictures somewhere and I thought this would be fun to see , so here it is

( ・ิω・ิ)

I guess my head is just too big for the Headband XD

☆ Sunday ☆

On Sunday I continueed visiting every booth in the big exhibitors hall, with this fancy tactics I found a few things I'd normally overlook After I finished I wanted to ask Kami Zero if he can do my eye Make-up, but I was too shy ;-; so I ended up doing it on myself ~ I was very insecure, because I used colours I never used on myself before, but in the end I liked it though (And yes, I know I'm wearing the mask upside down XD)


Neko Ears - Second-hand

Face Mask & Shirt - Kaomojiclothing

Choker - Kool Kat Store

Skirt - Primark

Knee highs - Tchibo

Shoes - H&M


Lenses - Pinky Paradise / Geo Animation CP-A6

Face Base, Eyebrows, Eyeliner - Same as on Saturday

Eyeshadow - Limecrime / Venus Palette

Sugarpill / Tako & Bulletproof

Lashes - Essence / All that Greys LE Corner Lashes 01

I looked after all booths in the Fashion Area and the Artist Alley then and also found a few things there. While I was walking around I took a few photos ~

Look how cute the Saitama and Umaru Nendoroids are ;-; I NEED THEM

These 2 Sailor Moon Proplica are also missing in my collection .-.

There were soooo many awesome Cosplays as well, but I didn't took any photos, except this. I didn't wanted to bother anyone, but they were posing already anyway, hehe ~

Tatsumaki: Lem0npanda

Saitama: Idk, hehe °^° If anyone knows him, please tell me

Genos: JetCosplay

Now we're almost at my favorite part of this post: the stuff I bought (°ヮ°)

But first, the second Before-After Picture XD You can clearly see that this weekend was very tiring for me - but also a very nice experience

☆ Haul ☆

I'm so sorry, but I don't know all names of booths/shops where I bought something, a few didn't had banners or business cards ;-;

Exhibitors Hall

These Plant-things are Hair-clips ! So awesome !

I was so happy about the Sailor Moon Atsumete figure, it was even pretty cheap, because I got it just before the con closed

Neko Bowl & Usagi Chopstick-rest - Doki Japanese Tableware

I also got myself a tiny Tuchineko ~ His Name is Baby-babycat

I don't know where I got him from, but my other Tuchinekos are from Tokyo Otaku Mode

At one booth you could get a Sailor Moon Manga (German Volume 5 or 6) for free, this was so cool

This business card on the right is a Download Code for an Japanese-learning App called Kawaiinihongo (German only) .

You can get it on iOS and Android for 2,99€ When I tried it out I'll let you know what I think about it ~

The shirt on the left is my fave! I was so happy that Kaomojiclothing came to Dokomi, so I could buy the Manzoku/Tubbs Shirt

The one on the right was for free, you had to search for a paper coin with the Epic Con Logo and bring it to their booth. 

Epic con is a new Convention in Frankfurt, I think I'll go there ~

Fashion Area

Bracelet: Kawaiimono (Write her a message for custom orders ♡)

Headband : RukoSari

Artist Alley

Sticker by Highberry

That cute Genooos ;-;

Sticker by Zwiebelprinz

This Ice Cream has deep feelings. Seriously deep.

Postcard byDarkTownArt

This was a free Card but I wanted to share it anyway, since it's so beautiful~

Prints by BrownRabbits

These is also my favorites! Soooo cute and the print quality is amazing !

I also need to share my breakfast from the day after the convention - it was SO good

That's what I call a melon pan! And I finally tried a choco-cornet ! I always wanted to try it since I saw it on Lucky☆Star ~

I wish my city would also have a Bakery my Heart

Soooo I guess thats all ! As I said before it was a very nice Experience to visit the Dokomi Convention, I think I'll go there next year, as well ~

And a note for the next time : If you don't want to miss all program points (like me (¬‿¬)) you should plan your day - for this purpose just check the Con-Booklet ->

Thank you so much for reading

And see you in my next post !



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