While there are many different roofing questions and concerns people have, we get asked the same 3 fairly often. Here are the top 3 roofing questions answered by Spokane roofing experts.

1. How do I know if my roof needs to get replaced?

You should be inspecting your roof twice a year before and after winter since the winter season is when Spokane gets the hardest weathers. If your roof is more than 20 years old, it might be close to time to replace it. One way you can tell whether or not your roof needs to get replaced is whether or not the shingles are in good shape. Are many shingles lifting up or missing? Do you see a lot of shingles cracking? If you are in the attic with the lights off, do you see light shining through the roof? These are all signs a roof needs to get replaced.

2. What is roof flashing?

If you’ve heard about roof flashing but aren’t exactly sure what it is, you aren’t alone. Most people don’t even know they have flashing on their roof. It is a material put in place that keeps water from seeping into the home. If you don’t have flashing, you might see your stucco begin to crack from water. You are most likely to see it in the cracks of your home or edges of the roofing where it meets your house.

3. What can I do to protect my roof in an emergency?

If you have ever had emergency roof damage, such as a tree falling in your roof, you may need temporary protection while you wait for Spokane roofing experts to get to you. This is especially important after a big storm where there are many people who need help all at the same time. What you will want to do is get a large tarp and put it over the hole. Hold it in place with pieces of wood that is screwed into the roof. This will protect you until a professional can get in there and fix the damage.

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Roofs are the most important part of your house. It protects your family from the elements and provides shelter. Whether you decide to do your own roof or you are having a Spokane roofing expert do it for you, it is good to know the basics of what is going to happen. Here are the basic re-roofing steps.

1. Tear out the old

If you are replacing a roof, the first step is to remove all the old stuff. To protect your landscaping from the parts of the roof that will inevitably fall to the ground, make sure you put a large tarp over them. If you can, get a large trash bin nearby that you can throw things into to make cleanup later a little easier.

2. Drip edge and underlayment

Get the underlayment put down. You may not have been able to remove the underlayment completely when removing the old stuff, but that’s okay. The next step is to install the metal drip edge intended to give a nice, finished look to your home over the underlayment.

3. Lay down felt paper

Felt paper is intended to protect the wood part of your roof from water that drips through the shingles. It will also increase the roof’s fire rating and protect the shingles from the resins in the wood. Laying this down on the roof is your next step.

4. Extra protection for valleys

If you have valleys in your roof where two parts of roofing come together, add extra protection with extra self-stick underlayment.

5. Starter shingles

Starter shingles should be used at the bottom of your roof before you start working your way upwards with the rest of the shingles. They will give you a base to start from and help protect your roof from water.

6. Lay your shingles

Start at the starter shingles and do a row of shingles. Nail them in place and glue underneath them to keep them in place. Then, do another row above the last resting slightly over the first row. Make sure you lay them in a way that each shingle is laid halfway past the bottom row to keep the cracks as far away from each other as possible.

7. Seal it up

The last thing to do after you’ve wiped away all the debris is seal everything where there are exposed nails or anywhere that water might drip.

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Like everything in life, your roof may need more maintenance than you realize. Most people take extra good care of the inside of their homes without even realizing the outside of your home needs maintenance too. Your Spokane roof especially, after it takes a regular beating from the sun, wind, rain, and snow needs to have regular maintenance.

Inspect twice a year

It is recommended you inspect your roof at least once a year, though it is better to do it twice a year, once before the winter and once right after winter has ended. Spokane winters are definitely harsh, and you can expect the most damage to be done during that time of year. Inspecting before November or December ensures your roof will hold up to the storms. Inspections after will ensure any damage is repaired, so you don’t have any problems with it the rest of the year.

Visual inspection vs moisture inspection

Twice a year, you should do a visual inspection. If you don’t want to get a Spokane roofing expert to your place for these inspections, then at least take the time to look at your roof yourself. However, a moisture inspection needs to be done every few years as well. An expert will need to come to your home and use infrared scanners to ensure there aren’t any spots in your roof letting in water.

The moisture inspection is important because you may not notice a leaking roof until it is way too late, and you could end up with rotted wood or mold in your home you didn’t even know about. With the moisture inspection, you can be sure your roof isn’t leaking at all and that all potential spots that could be leaking have been patched up.

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It costs a lot of money to heat and cool your home throughout the year. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could save a little? If you are looking at options for replacing your roof or if you are building a new home, there are many different roofing options available to you. But picking the right one can help you save the environment and lower your bills.

Roofing that helps keep it cool and warm

One way to go eco-friendly with your roof is to get a tile roof. It is great for ventilation and will last for years. There are a lot of cool things you can do with a tile roof too like a living roof where you garden on the top of your home. Ventilation is also very important. The better your ventilation in the attic, the more you will be able to easily maintain a regular temperature in your home without spending too much cash. Spokane roofing experts can help you figure out the right tile roof for your home.

Solar panels

A big thing right now is to just get a solar panel roof. It is a really great backup in case the power goes out. You don’t ever have to rely on local utility companies to keep the lights up. Plus, it saves you a ton of money in electric bills. While it may be a big upfront cost, it is getting less expensive every day, and the options for solar panels are getting better.

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If first impressions are as important as we think they are, then having a beautiful home starts from the outside. When doing a big remodeling project on an older home, many people don’t even consider updating the roof shingles. A big part of this is that replacing a roof can get very expensive, even if it is cheaper to do before there is a problem then waiting until a problem has already infected the home due to roof problems. Plus, it can really affect the overall look of your home.

New types of roofing materials available

Another thing to consider is that there are so many new options available for roofing that weren’t around 30 years ago. You can really update the look of your home with some new roofing. For example, solar panels have been popular for a while and go on top of the current roofing on your home. However new solar panel shingles give the appearance of a more traditional roof while also giving you the benefit of solar panel energy for your house.

What is your budget?

Another thing to consider is budget, while some Spokane roofing materials work better for the area than others or last longer, you may not be able to afford them since they are the most expensive options available. And honestly, most people don’t stay in their house long enough to reap the benefits of a more expensive roof. Less expensive options, such as Slate, will work well for your needs even if they aren’t as durable as other materials, such as slate. You can only make a look for your home that you can truly afford.

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Though icicles might look nice, they’re trouble for your roof and rain gutters. When ice is damming up in your rain gutters, the weight can bend your gutters and even cause them to pull free from your house. Ice dams also force snowmelt to seep between the shingles where it can refreeze and create gaps leading to roof leaks and costly damage. One of the ways homeowners tackle this problem is heat cables which are basically hot electrical wires that zig zag across the area just above the rain gutters. But do they really wor

Sometimes they do but more often than not, they’re a waste of money. Here are a few reasons why.

They’re a temporary fix

Perhaps the biggest reason to avoid heat cables is that they don’t address the root cause of the problem and as such, they aren’t usually the most effective solution. Ice dams form when the snow on your roof is melting before the temperatures are high enough for it to do so naturally. If the snow is melting due to warm temperatures, it won’t refreeze in your gutters. But if warm air from your home is leaking into the attic space and causing the snow on your roof to melt, you’re going to get ice dams. Heat cables don’t fix this problem and in some cases, the snow can still reach your rain gutters and freeze there.

They’re expensive

While the upfront cost for having heat cables installed might not be too much, they’re a huge drain on your energy bills which are probably high enough if you’ve got warm air from your home leaking into your attic.

They’re ugly

Even if heat cables were cost effective and worked 100% of the time, they simply don’t look good on your roof.

If you have had problems with ice dams in the past, contact a Spokane roofing company to see about an inspection. Not only can a roofer spot damage from ice dams, the roofer can also inspect your entire roof system to make sure it’s up to the task of preventing ice dams in the future

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If your roof is going to spring a leak this year, chances are it’s going to be during the winter. Remember that even the smallest leaks can lead to major problems like mold, rot, and pest infestations. Here are five things you can do to decrease the likelihood of a roof leak this winter; some of them may surprise you.

Have your roof inspected and repaired

Of the five tips, this one should be the least surprising. If you want to prevent a roof leak you need to make sure your roof is in good shape before winter is underway. This starts with a professional roof inspection and ends with going ahead with any repairs the roofer recommends. There are Spokane roofing companies that will do the inspection for free and provide you with an estimate for any needed work.

Clean your rain gutters

This one may seem less obvious but your rain gutters have a lot to do with preventing roof leaks. They provide a way for water to get off your roof. If they’re clogged with leaves and other debris, water can pool up on the shingles and lead to roof leaks.

Clear debris off the roof

For the same reason you want to keep your rain gutters clean, you should keep the roof itself clean. Any debris that accumulates on your roof can impede water’s path off of your roof.

Trim tree branches

Trimming your trees will limit how often you need to clear debris out of your rain gutters and off of your roof, especially if you have a lot of taller trees that are near your home.

Replace attic insulation

What does attic insulation have to do with roof leaks? Proper insulation will keep the hot air in your home from melting snow and ice on your roof prematurely. When the ice and snow on your roof melt before it’s warm enough outside, it refreezes in the rain gutters leading to ice dams and roof leaks.

Source: portlandtribune.com/pt-insiders/329493-209263-keep-your-roof-leak-free-this-winter

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The technology behind solar roofing panels has really improved a lot in recent years making them more energy efficient, more affordable, and lot more popular. But before you jump on the solar roofing bandwagon, there are a few things you’ll want to consider first.

Your roof warranty

Your roof is warrantied in two ways. The shingles/tiles themselves come with a manufacturer’s warranty should they fail prematurely through no fault of your own. The roofing company who installed the roof (assuming you went with a professional) most likely insures their work so if the roof fails due to improper installation and the manufacturer doesn’t cover it, the roofing company will. When you install solar panels on top of an existing roof, there’s a good chance it can void either or both warranties. To be safe, put the solar panel installer in contact with the roofing company so you know where you’ll stand with your roof’s warranties after a solar panel installation.

Cost vs. savings

Though the cost of solar roofing has come down, it’s still expensive. Solar installers will tell you that the initial cost up front is worth it when you consider the savings but that’s not necessarily true. Depending on your climate and which way your roof faces, solar may not make good financial sense. Also don’t assume you’ll earn a tax credit since that incentive isn’t always being offered.


Though solar roofing is the only type of roof that generates electricity, there are roofing materials out there like clay tiles or metal that are much more energy efficient than asphalt shingles that can drastically lower your energy bills.

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When John Plaff of Pasco, Florida paid John Iacovino, owner of Ike’s roofing, $8,800 for the roof he installed, he thought everything was squared away. What he didn’t know was that Iacovino never paid the roofing material supplier for the roof materials. As a result, Plaff ended up with a $3,700 lien against his home for the cost of the roof shingles. Plaff wasn’t the only one burned by Ike’s roofing. At least 15 other clients of Iacovino are seeking extortion charges against him and the Pasco Sheriff’s office says that approximately 70 properties have liens against them because Iacovino didn’t pay for the roofing materials. In total, Ike’s roofing owes about $150,000 for building materials to various suppliers in the area.

Iacovino is now behind bars but that does nothing for Plaff and other victims of Ike’s roofing who are not stuck with liens against their properties. Since this can happen to any unsuspecting homeowner, it’s important for people to be very careful about who they hire to do roofing work.

Get several estimates

One of the most important things homeowners can do is get multiple estimates for roofing work. If you only get one estimate and hire the first roofer who agrees to do the job, you have nothing to compare that roofer’s price to. If you get at least 3-4 estimates, then you can spot bids that seem especially low. In the case of Ike’s roofing, Iacovino could afford to bid low since he had no intentions of paying for roofing materials he was going to use. Automatically going with the lowest bid, especially when it’s significantly lower is risky since it’s often a sign that the roofer is cutting corners.

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Source: wtsp.com/news/local/sheriff-roofing-contractor-skips-bills-leaves-70-victims/324806379



Winter tends to be the hardest time of the year for your roof. If your roof is going to fail and let water into your home, it’s most likely going to happen during the winter months. The other downside to the winter is that it’s the hardest time to get out and do roof repairs when it’s cold and wet. Roofing experts recommend that homeowners start now to get their roofs ready for winter so that they’re in top shape before the severe weather hits. Here are a few maintenance tasks you should complete before the weather turns cold.

Replace damaged shingles

Over the years, shingles will wear out and become brittle. Some of your shingles may crack, curl, or become warped. Some may even come loose and blow away with a strong wind. Wherever you have damaged or missing shingles, your roof is vulnerable and can let water in. Replace these shingles now rather than waiting until it’s too late.

Examine your roof’s flashing

At the most vulnerable areas of your roof, around the edge and around the chimney, vents, and skylights you’ll have a metal underlayer called flashing. If your flashings have rusted or cracked, water can get through those areas so it’s important to inspect your roof’s flashing before winter hits.

Check the varge and fascia boards

The trim boards at the end of the roof that run from the eaves to the peak are called varge boards. The trim boards behind the rain gutters are called fascia boards. These protect the roof’s edges and keep the roof’s frame protected from moisture. If these boards are pulling loose or rotting, your roof may be compromised.

Repair your rain gutter system

Your rain gutters allow water to get off of your roof after rain or snow. Keep them clear of debris and make sure they’re securely attached to your roof. Watch for any rust or cracks in your system.

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Source: thedailyworld.com/lifestyle/nailing-it-down-autumn-weather-inspires-household-winter-prep