Hello everyone!

Since this blog primarily is meant to be a guidance blog for others who might consider studying abroad, I figured that it would be a good idea to show you guys my budget for the next two years. Because - let´s be real - studying is really expensive. In fact, student loans are topping the list of loans that people use the most time paying back. Back in Norway the criteria is that you shall have paid back your student loan by 65.

In order to manage doing so, it is important that you have a certain overview of your economy; how much goes in/out of your bank account. A perfect way of making sure that you don´t use more money than you have (or can pay back) is to make a budget and try and stick to it..

This is what my budget looks like

As you can see, I will only receive $ 33 002.03 in loan from the Norwegian Educational State Loan Fund (Lånekassen), but I get $ 1 689.58 in travel stipend. To cover my calculated total expenses on approximately $ 262 854.97, I will get $ 228 163.36 in scholarship.

My transportation costs are on $ 146.99 because I just bought a cute, vintage bike to that price, and that will have to do as my "uber" for these next two years. Yup. I am really looking forward to biking home from partys with drunk friends on my luggage carrier, though...

Well, that was all for this time! I hope that, now as you´ve read this blog post, you realise how much money we are actually talking about when it comes to getting an education. That being said, my financial support from Laanekassen is limited to only $ 33 002.03 because I am not paying for my tuition and etc myself. People who don´t receive scholarships, but have to pay for their tuition themselves, usually get much more money in loan. And when/if they finish their education, parts of their loans get turned into stipends. So in the end, they usually don´t have too much student loan to pay back either.

Now, thank you for being loyal readers of my blog, I truly appreciate it.

Lots and lots and lots of love <3

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Hello again, dear readers!

Today you will be joining me on a tour inside of my humble home!

When I first started considering taking a master´s degree at Harvard Business School, I decided that I wanted to live on campus. This obviously because on-campus housing is affordable, since I was not sure if I would receive the scholarship, or not, yet. But when I eventually got the message that I had been rewarded with a scholarship, and realized that all the expenses that the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund could not cover, would be covered by my scholarship, I started changing my mind.

I began looking for off-campus housing options, and eventually found a room available in a house located in Grant Street, approximately 0,5 miles away from Harvard Business School (9 minute walk). As all the houses in this street are owned by Harvard, everyone living there are students, mostly from Harvard. I figured that this scheme would suit me well, as I would like to live off-campus, but at the same time get to know other Harvard students.

The house I live in, is a three-level wood-framed house built in 2007. Each level is it´s own unit with three bedrooms - one master bedroom and two rather normal bedrooms. I am currently busy occupying the master bedroom in the "penthouse", as I like to call it.

The total cost of living there is $ 3,912 a month, but since we are three people living in the same unit, we split the price so that it ends up being “only” $ 1,304 on each. After two years I guess we are looking at a total of approximately $ 26,080 in accommodation expenses - which is expensive, but at the end of the day I am not the one paying for it.

Scroll down for room tour ;D

My humble home!

The living room

Our kitchen

My (master) bedroom. Gosh I am so in love with that bed.

One of our, in total, two bathrooms.

If anyone of you ever consider going to Harvard, or just want to study in Boston in general, I truly recommend that you check out these sites:



Thank you so much for checking upon my blog, it truly warms my heart!

Lots of love <3


Pictures: http://huhousing.harvard.edu/our-properties/3-grant-street



Hello everyone!

As you probably can tell, this is my very first blog post!

I figured that, since this blog is meant to be one of those cliché "My Student Life at a Prestige University"-journals, this specific blog post had to contain an introduction to exactly that.

Starting right off, my name is Guro Solem Bjørge and I originally come from Norway. I am 21 years old, and have a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Administration with focus on finance, from the Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen. Numbers and math is something that I have always found quite interesting, and I knew from a young age that I wanted to work with this when I got older. As the years passed by, I also became fascinated by (economic) value, or even more specific; how quickly this measure changes, depending on things happening in our society. When I graduated from High School at the age of 19, I therefore knew that Bergen and NHH would be my home for the next three years.

While I was putting the last finish to the masterpiece that was my bachelor´s thesis, I figured that I really wanted to continue studying for a master’s degree. Therefore, I started searching around for different options, and of course, NHH was on top on my list for practical reasons. But “let´s be real”, as they say - You have not really studied business until you have gone to Harvard. I just kept thinking about how awesome it would be to study at that legendary University. Suddenly, I stumbled over this scholarship that supported candidates aiming for Harvard. Eventually, I figured that the chances of being awarded with that scholarship would be 0%, If I did not apply for it. So, I did apply for it. And a couple of weeks later I could find myself tumbling around inside the great halls of Harvard Business School!

Here at HBS I will be taking on my MBA (Master of Business and Administration) studies. These are the courses included in the first term´s curriculum, meaning they are required:

Finance 1: This course examines the importance of finance when it comes to supporting the functional areas of a firm, and is also meant to give an understanding of how financial decisions can create value.

Financial Reporting and Control (FRC): Course that provides a broad view of how accounting contributes to an organization.

Leadership and Organizational Behavior (LEAD): Course that focuses on how managers become effective leaders by addressing the human side of enterprise.

Marketing: A course meant to demonstrate the importance marketing has to a company.

Technology and Operations Management (TOM): This course will help us students understand the complex process underlying the development and manufacture of a product as well as the creation and delivery of services.

FIELD Foundations: Course that engages us students in interactive workshops, that reshape the way we think, act and see ourselves etc.

Personally, I could not have been more excited! I have already been to two classes of each of them, and I must say that Harvard is on another level when it comes to lecturers! I feel so grateful to be able to wake up, go to school and learn from the best everyday! Truly blessed!

My next post will probably be a campus-/room tour in pictures. Either way, I will keep you guys updated!

Lots of love <3

- Have you ever thought about applying to a prestige University? If so, which one? Feel free to share your thoughts and comment below!


Picture: https://poetsandquants.com/2016/10/04/hbs-interview-invites-start-rolling/

Required courses: http://www.hbs.edu/mba/academic-experience/curriculum/Pages/required-curriculum.aspx