I would call myself an extremely uninspired person with an extremely uninteresting life. I have no hobbies whatsoever and I'm extremely tired of hobbies because my partner, who is the biggest nerd I know, has too many and spends more time on them than on me. I'm writing this while sitting on a local brunch place in the southern of Stockholm drinking a mimosa and complaining about a cold that seem to never end, just my luck!! I wouldn't even be starting this blog if it wasn't because I had to. I need a grade (literally any grade) in my english course and my teacher told me to write about how uninspired I actually am, so here I am, typing away

If you're unlucky enough to find my blog i'm so sorry, but welcome to a blog full of complaints, uninteresting and uninspiring posts. have good day or night or whatever time it is when you're reading this.

hope you enjoy bye.

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