This studio update is all about celebrating the birth of the new studio and office.

We are excited to take this to a whole new level. 

In the end of this month we have our second photoshoot and we have big exciting news for all of you who are eagerly waiting for our artist releases.


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Alexander Kjaer

Well, my story with Peter and the Greyscale Label goes back a couple of years. It all started when me and Peter became good friends by sharing music to each other. We met in Sweden in Gothenburg for the first time and we made music together. The friendship was build some time before Greyscale came together, and I had the privilege to get involved.

I am a producer and have been for 4 years now. I have actually some releases through Greyscale soon under the alias NYON. Besides that I am also an A&R for this company. Basically what I do e.g. is to listen to demos and I really fancy that. Listen to other creative minds and how they have shown their creativity is fun and of course, we and I seek to give the best response and make people feel in touch with us so they can grow as a producer.

Just because you get a rejection the 1st time, or the 2nd, or the 3rd, doesn't mean you are loosing or should stop trying. It means you are being given the opportunity to grow as a person and as an artist - listen, learn and take it as positive criticism. I speak from personal experience.

As an artist I have dreams of course by getting some great releases out, make something that I am proud of and that make people happy, but with this label and this crew I don't only want to think about myself but also my colleagues, my friends, my small family - together we shall grow and bond through the magic of music. At Greyscale we are a family and we look out for each other and that's what I love about Greyscale and its members.




The studio is being rebuilt with a new glass wall, new acoustic treatment and oh yes, new gear!

I have been working on this for the last 3 weeks and finally i'm coming anywhere with the wall. The glass walls are from SVT studio here in Sweden and now i have them installed to have a 2 part studio for meetings, hangouts and to be able to use it as a recording room.

The tricky thing with installing glass walls behind the mixing spot like this is to calculate the angles and reduce as much as possible of the reflections. this will not do the trick for all reflections so i'm building 2 diffusors to install on arms from the roof, so you will be able to rise them all the way to the roof if you want to open up the glass walls and use the whole room.

For the bass killer's i have putt in high density building wool behind the textiles in each corner in front of the mixing spot and have rebuilt the 3 acoustic walls with the same high density wool.

Tomorrow we will gather all of us in the studio and paint the wall and celebrate.

Now i just have to wait for the new gear to be delivered and i'll have a new setup for the upcoming releases. 

/Peter KA 



Hi, My name is Bente.

I'm the agent and spokesperson for GREYSCALE Agency.
The best thing i know is to do makeup, hairstyling and painting.

With the help from my wonderful colleagues We can make sure the artists get's the perfect help and support.
As the Main agent for the Agency i'm responsible for making sure that everyone is active and have something new happening.

My goal is to work side by side with good energy and professional standards where we all can be ourselves.




Luca Blom

The crew at Greyscale is amazing. The work they put down for their artist is huge and that´s where I come in hand.
I work extra at Greyscale. They call me in for assignments that needs to be done.

My music career isn´t the biggest but it been 100% from the start. What young kid didn´t want to play gitarr?
So I started out with acoustics instruments, guitar, drums, bass, basically anything I could find. Later on it became more electronic music producing.

But I think I´ve found what Im suppose to do, help you guys out.

Nowadays I work with website designing, Graphical design and user interfaces as thats my main thing.

Dedication is the best thing in life. If you dedicate your time well to something you will achieve awesome results.

//Luca out!



I am Simon Nyman!

I do marketing, research and various analysis for Greyscale. I have studied both marketing and music, so me working for Greyscale is just a perfect fit.

I once read "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho, and the book touched on the subject of universal language, a language that every living creature can understand. I strongly believe that music is a part of that. Because, we all resonate with music and we all "feel" music in a way that nothing else can. Although music is very subjective, I would define it as sounds that resonate within the human body.

I am a singer.
I sing for atleast 3 hours a day. Sometimes, I sing to practice, and sometimes I sing simply for the pleisure of it. I actually just recovered from singing too much.

I also play instruments, I'm not just your average shower singer. I play guitar, keyboard, drums and violin aswell. Now that I have trained my voice enough, I mainly sing though.

Funny story:
I started playing guitar to charm the ladies (I was fairly young at this point), but I continued because of my love for music.

So that's a short introduction to who I am.

Wish you all a good day!

//Simon Nyman



Digital Audio Workstation or DAW as most call it
is the program/sequencer you work with during a music production, recording session, mixing and mastering.
There are manny DAW applications out there, some more advanced than others and some much simple then others.

When you start working with music you usually start with the program that you find simple to start using, then advancing in to other more complex programs.
Most producers now a days start with Fruity Loops, Reason or garageband because they have a simple layout and it's easy finding your ways in it, altho they have their limitations that you will want to change when you start advancing your productions.

I think the best way is to try and test until you find the workflow that you find most productive.

When you now are advancing you maybe want to look into more professional DAW's like Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Cubase, Ableton Live, Studion One, Reaper and Reason Record.
Some of these have features others have not, and thats what will shape some parts of your workflow.
If you are missing some features in the main daw most of them have support for a ReWire function that allows you to route a DAW together with other DAW's and have the functions you were missing.

There are no DAW better then other, it's only a tool you learn to work with.

Happy hunting for your perfect DAW.

//Peter KA




My name is Peter Jansson and I'm a Producer and audio consultant at Greyscale Label.
With degree's in music production, audio design and, digital art and illustrations i work side by side with All our artists, producers and musicians to get the best of result in our productions and releases.

I'm 25yo and have been working with music and audio design for 8 years professionally and before that i started as an 13yo with DJ'ing and smaller music productions for demo rappers in Gothenburg Sweden.

I believe that everyone have the possibility to follow their dream, and the achievement is just some motivation and dedication away.

Now i'm currently working on the music and recording's with our talented artists that will be announced this year.
Also i have my own productions coming this year here on GREYSCALE recordings.

I Will be posting on this blogg about music productions, tutorials, artworks, covers and artists.

// Peter KA








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I will introduce myself as Peter KA, CEO and founder of Greyscale label.

We started this in 2013, Me, Simon, Bente and Alexander, Now we have Luca and Alex with us, We will update this blog with news and tutorials for both our listeners and producers.


We are currently working on the next generation of Artists and Producers.
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