Happy New Years everyone and welcome to my blog!

I´ve had a few blogs before, and now I felt like starting one again. This time for writing about my experiences abroad, living and traveling, and also about my life back in Sweden. After finishing the first half (!) of my bachelor in Global Studies in Jönköping, Sweden, a couple of weeks ago, me and my fiance Robin went for some well needed vacation in Costa Rica during the holidays, before I´m off to start my exchange semester in Mexico City in just a few days! And wow, how I like Costa Rica! This has been a dream for a long time, and I´m so glad we made it here. Since a few years ago, a big piece of my heart belongs to the rainforest and it´s habitants and I find it incredibly important to conserve and protect it, both by the states, companies and individuals, etc.. So since Costa Rica are putting effort into protect areas and their wildlife and especially in maintaining and creating National Parks, it was extra interesting to visit the country. And I have to say, the Wildlife refuges and National Parks that we´ve visited seems to be well maintained and not exploited, even though there are a lot of tourists in these places, the park guards etc. are strict with the rules. At least that was our impression and I hope it´s the same for the other parks and centers/refuges. Of course, no country is perfect, and here keeping garbage from the streets and along the roads, and improving recycling is really needed, to really make sure that the nature, animals and people are healthy, not only in protected areas.

But Costa Rica has overall been a great experience, especially nature-vise, and there has also been more vegan/vegetarian food choices in restaurants that I thought it would be. So that´s a big plus!

So earlier today, me and Robin separated and went different directions, he to Bocas del Toro in Panama (he´s traveling by himself for another couple of weeks) and me to San Jose where I´m staying one night, and then my flight to Mexico City leaves tomorrow morning, the 2nd. We had a calm new years eve, cause Robin was sick yesterday and I didn´t feel great either so we stayed in our super nice room at our B&B instead, eating quesadillas, some sweet mango and chocolate, and just spent some time together.

I´m really looking forward to this semester to start, it´s so exciting that it´s finally here! Of course we´re also sad about leaving each other, but we actually gonna meet up in Las Vegas/Grand Canyon and California for a week around Easter, and that makes it all a whole lot easier when we now it´ll be barely 3 months until next time, instead of more than 5.

So as you notice I´m not good at keeping it short, but I will try to update not to rarely, and with a mix of long and short texts, pictures, tips, recipies and so on.

I hope you´ll join me in my experiences, and feel free to leave comments. Take care!