Shoes/VANS - Jeans/Only - Shirt/Second Hand - Belt/H&M(not a belt, a bag strap) - Jacket/Pull&Bear

I'm so weird.

So fancy with my hands lol.

Hello peeps, it's been quite here for a while and I truly apologise but I have a life. Haha jokes a side, I've been very busy and I still am, exam is coming closer and I turned in my essay today so life has been on full speed. I'm going to Sweden in a little more than a week and time flies, this term has literally been the fastest one ever, I can't believe that it is almost Christmas and time to go home for a couple of week, but I'm so excited! I've actually never been this excited, but it just feels really good to spend time home, I've missed a lot of people and my family of course, and the nature, I can't wait to go for a walk in the forest, I basically dream about it lol.

I can feel a cold creeping up on me, and I do not have time for this so I'm going to fight this as much as I can (drink litres of tea everyday), haha. Well well, I'm gonna get back to studying and hopefully you'll see me back here soon!

xx Maddie xx

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I love this door, so cool!

The weeks are passing by so quickly now, I barely have any time to think or to organise myself, but that's okay, I love it when I'm busy. The term is already halfway trough and the exams are coming closer, I'm working on my assignment and I am planning to do this the whole day tomorrow, with a gym break and of course many, many coffee breaks haha. This weekend I went to Harrods on Saturday to have a look at the brand I'm doing for the essay and after I went for coffee with my housemate who works in Harrods. Sunday was relaxing, only went outside in the afternoon for a coffebreak with Michelle, which basically means sitting in a caffee for hours just talking about life, a very good sunday.

"Så jäkla cool med Michans brillor"





So how is life? I have a normal monday, sitting and eating my lunch at Fashion Scout and using the time to entertain you guys! Later I'm going to school for a talk about branding and logos, a specialist is coming in so I hope it will be interesting, I think it will.

Yesterday I had the most amazing dinner with Michelle, we ate pizza, drank red wine and had some very interesting topics to talk about. The Pizza was amazing, the wine was amazing and Michelle was of course amazing.