Daily life

Now I'm back in London and everything is back to normal, tomorrow I finally have a day off and time to organise my studying etc. I'm also going to fix the gym tomorrow and go there, my body is screaming after a work out! Today it is Thursday and I've been at work as usual, it is soon time to me to go to school and I cant wait until I get back to my bed, I'm so tired I could fall as sleep in my chair.

My weeks are pretty intense, but then I have many days off, so I can't complain really can I? And I love my job, I'm learning so much and I have so much fun, but going to school now is not very appealing haha. My week consist of school Tuesday, Wednesday afternoon and Thursday evening, and then I work Thursday during daytime and the other days I'm free. I'm getting tired because we have really late classes so I basically have no evenings these days and no free time, but I have the longest weekend so that's good anyway.

These pictures are from Sweden when my love and I took a walk around town, you can literally walk around the entire thing in about an hour, crazy right?

Älskling ❤

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Food and Recepies

Hi everyone, So I'm back in Sweden for a couple of days to celebrate easter and meet my loved ones. In Sweden when we celebrate easter we eat loads of food, (surprice right?), we have the same food every holiday so this is basicaly a christmas dinner except the name of the "julmust" is now "påskmust". Jul= christmas, Påsk= easter, must=soda

The weather is crazy cold and it has been snowing, which never happens during easter so this is a bit weird. Anyway, today I'm going to cut my hair, finally! It's been a year, no kidding. Yesterday my fiancé came so waking up to him was amazing today, of course he is still sleeping now while I'm wide awake.



Ecofriendly tips, Thoughts and wonderings, Inspo

What is your life motto?

My motto in life is the Swedish word Lagom, Lagom means that it is not to much nor to little. For me this means that if you have a problem you shouldn't overthink it, but still give it a thought. But there's only so much you can do right? I apply this to everything, for example:

  • I still eat meat but not as much as before - not too much nor too little
  • I still eat candy and sweets but.. - Lagom
  • I work out - Lagom
  • I study - Lagom
  • I rest - Lagom
  • I shop - Lagom

So basically everything I do, I try not to overthink and just do, just be me and do the thinks I want to do but at a Lagom stage. It is about creating a balance that works for you. So I think about the environment but I know that there's only so much I can do, so therefore I chose to help on all the stages I want to and can, and I do it lagom. If you start to think about something too much, it is only going to be worse than it was before.

Like if you start a diet, if you start too much and hard, it is most likely not going to work out for you very long and you will end up where you were are the beggining. But if you instead start slow, like eat a healthy breakfast for a week, then start to give up sweets a few days a week and start building you diet up slowly, it can instead become you new lifestyle and you will end up way more healthier than you where before.

Now this doesn't mean that you shouldn't always try your best and aim for high goals, it just means that as long as you do your best, that is good enough. It means that you should never stop challenging yourself but not take on too much pressure, it means to have a balance between work/school and personal life, government make sure you are happy and have energy to always do your best.

I hope this can help someone who feels a lot of pressure and that life is hard, life IS hard, but you can make it easier and happier by choice.



Outfit inspo

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A colour you see almost as much as pink these days, is baby blue, I love this colour and could wear it everyday. Today I've had the day off, been doing some cleaning and organising home. It's nice to have some days to just fix everything, I've also done a planner now since my head is exploding with everything that I need to remember. I can show you this later! Basically I took a normall notepad and just draw a calendar in it, and left every other page blank for notes and to do lists. I think this will help me and make me a bit less stressed.




My parents left on Monday this week so now I've had a few days back in my routine, we biked and walked so much so I was exhausted when they left haha! One day we went to Kew gardens, it is a huge garden in west london. It was really nice and relaxing to walk around in, but it was very disapointing that we paid full price for the tickets, but none of the houses where open and the big greenhouse was under construction, which kind of is the main attraction.

After this we where so tired so we went back to my flat and order in food and had a nice evening home. Our feet hurt so much after this day of walking haha.