Hi everyone! So my parents came last Tuesday and I've spend all my time with them = therefore not much blogging. I'll try and take more pics and stuff to show you what an awesume time we have haha. Tonight we are going our one and only favorite Italian restaurant here in London, I'll tell you more about it later and with pictures of the food to make you jealous.

I had the first week of term 3 this week so now I've meet all my new teachers and seen all new subjects, there is a lot of history and sociology but in fashion of course. Seems to be fun and good to understand everything, like why it is the way it is today.

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Leatherjacket/Pullandbear - Polo/Gina tricot - Jeans/Only - Belt/Tiger of sweden

Don't judge me,

I was born to be awesume,

not perfect

Don't be too serious, life is more fun when you relax

So today has been an awesume day so far, I had my exam this morning and it went great. The questions was exactly what I knew, the only thing that could have been better was my time management, I had way to little time in the end and barely finished all questions. After that I had an interview and I felt really comfortable and it went super good. So now I have an internship this summer and that is just amazing. I'll tell you more about that later. How has your day been?



LONDON, Thoughts and wonderings

I've now lived in London for over a year, except for the two months I was home this summer, and it is amazing to live my dream. I remember the first day I arrived, I was going to be an au pair for a family for 7 month and I was so excited. They gave me the best welcome you can wish for and made my move so much easier. I adapted quickly into my new routines and my new life, which was now in London. I had some amazing months with them, happy, angry, overwhelmed, relaxed and everything between. I learnt to take responsible for someone else, two boys which I miss a lot now in my empty silent flat haha.

I already new at the beginning of this time that I wanted to study Fashion Business, hell, I've known that I wanted to study fashion since I saw my first sex and the city movie, I can't even remember how old I was then? I know that I wanted to study fashion when I was in sixth grade, (we are 12 years old in sixth grade), so somewhere around that. My first plan was to go to New York to study, but then when I started to look at schools, I visited one in New York and one in London and the one in London litterally swept me away, I was hooked. So that's when I decided to go for London instead, (and also I knew my mom would be happier since it's closer to home).

When I finished my time as an au pair I went home for two months to work before school started. Then the first of october, me and the love of my life moved here together. I was so happy, living my dream, with my other half, but then a few months in he realized that this wasn't for him and moved back home. Which was tough in the beggining but I'm starting to handle it now, for everyday that passes it is easier.

So going form living with a family full of energy, to living with my other half, to now live alone. I must say that I was quite depressed in the beggining living alone, it is really lonely. But strong as I am, (haha), I've managed this. I am a way to stressful person who always need to plan my future and now what's coming, I have now realised that it is impossible to plan everything and that It's not going to turn out the way you want anyway, so it's better to just take it easy, have control over you life and take things as they come. So now I'm trying to relax, focus on my life now and be happy in the moment, don't think to much about my future because I can do that later. I'm trying not to stress over things that I cannot control anyway, and just live my life.

It is scary as f*ck to not have any safety net as you do home, I cannot go home to mom and dad when I feel sad, I cannot go to them If something happens with my apartment, I have to deal with everything by my self, every problem and every challenge. But this city bring me so much joy so I don't really care about all the other stuff, as long as I can life here and have a life that people back home can only dream of. The thought of that makes me very strong and makes me feel strong. It gives me strength to continue this jurney with my head high, not knowing what I will face in the future.

And then also of course waking up in London every morning is quite amazing, I shouldn't really complain should I?



Ecofriendly tips

Good morning everyone! I plan to give you one tip a week, on how you can easily chose a more ecofriendly choice. So as the heading says, why should you chose second hand?

First of all, it is so much better for the environment. Some people say, just stop buy new clothes when you don't really "need" it, well that's easier said than done. When you are a fashionista how can you possible stop buying new clothes? Then meet the environment and your needs 50/50, if you buy new produced clothing, you know that they need to make more of that piece because they need to fill up stock. If you instead go and buy something vintage or second hand, this item was probably arleady made years ago so you can be calm that you are not causing any more products to be made just because you bought that shirt. And that's really what it's all about, make the new production less or stop it from increasing, that's what a normal man/woman can do, really easily. So to everyone saying that you don't know what you can do, and that you don't have the energy, keep following my postings and you will know exactly what and how to do it, without extra energy needed. Because who wants to save the environment huh?

Secondly, as everyone probably knows, it is cheaper. So if you are struggling with money in the end of every month, go and shop second hand instead of new produced clothing. I am a student and on top of that I like to save money, so I mix second hand with high street shops. Partly because I love shoping second hand where they make you work for it, sometimes you need to look long to find something you like, but that's really the charm with it, then you know you might be the only one wearing that piece of clothing, how amazing isn't that? Everyone wants to be different today, so why not make it easier for you?

Thirdly, this is not only for clothing. When you need interior, second hand is the best and only way to go, there's where you find the best pieces to make your home unique. And with some creativity, you can make really cool stuff of what you find.

If you live in London, there is really no excuse, we have so much second hand in this town and you can find amazing things, I can give you a list of my favorite spot later on. I'm trying not to write to much because I know you will get tired of reading, so I'll give tips on places in another post.

I love this picture, it really explains it all. If you start to think like this, you are going to make an impact.

greenfashionista - ecofriendly
greenfashionista - ecofriendly
greenfashionista - ecofriendly